MST3K Fanfic #001 Chapter 7

By Kasady Voorhees

A Shadow Of Evil Chapter 7

By Icy Brian

Sparks flew from the stone as Melchior hammered away at a red-hot metal object.

Mike: how'd we get here?

It took the shape of a sword, and he quickly turned his attention towards the tip and edges, making them

Crow: bloody as possible.

as sharp as he possible could. As the metal cooled, he stood back to admire his handiwork. While it was still soft, he walked over to a small chest. He lifted the lid and pulled out a small cloth.

Servo: I hope this is leading to something.

Crow: He's honna put a smaller sword in it.

Melchior walked back to the table, laid down the cloth, and unfolded it. Inside lay three large, red

Mike: peanut M&M's.

gems. He picked up the two larger ones and pressed them in place on either side of the sword, directly above the hilt. The old man pulled out the third gem, which was smaller than the other two, but

Crow: looked prettier!

came to a sharp point. He set it down on an anvil to his side and grabbed the largest hammer he had. Melchior lifted it above his head


and drove it down into the gem with all his might. He placed the hammer away and picked up the gem, which remained unharmed. Satisfied, he sharpened the tip until its point was as sharp as the tooth of some great beast. Once he was done, he

Mike: swallowed it.

put it on the tip of the sword, making it even deadlier than before. After the blade had finished

Crow: running laps.

cooling, Melchior laid it on a shelf above his workbench, and then covered it with a black cloth.

Melchior had just settled down in his favorite chair when a loud knock at the door startled him.

Servo (voice at door): would you like to buy a set of encyclopedias?

Mike (Melchior voice): would you like a sword in your throat?

After the second series of knocks, Melchior reluctantly gave up his comfortable seat and wearily walked to the door. He opened the door slowly at first, but then threw it open when he saw

Mike: a flaming bag.

who it was.

"Marle! Janus! What a surprise!" The old man cried with glee. "It's been such a long time!

Crow (Melchior voice): I need ointment applied, quickly!

Please, please, come in. How can I help you? Would you like something to drink? Perhaps some coffee or tea? I have some

Crow (Melchior voice): pot if you wanna smoke it.

splendid tea leaves straight from Porre.

Mike: yeah, tea leaves.

Absolutely marvelous. You must..." He stopped in mid-sentence when he saw the puzzled look on Magus' face.

Servo: only odd cause he usually has a Charles Manson expression.

"How did you recognize me? It's been over twenty years since I last saw you." Magus claimed. He looked at himself in a nearby mirror. "I've changed so much since then. I'm not even the same person that I once was."

Mike (Magus voice): after that Witness Relocation process, anywa... shouldn't have said it. Forget it.

Melchior looked at Magus and chuckled.

"Janus, there is much that I know which you are not aware of. Why, I knew who you were the second I saw your picture in the history books." Melchior laughed again. "Yours is not a face that is easily forgotten."

Servo: it's kinda hard to forget the face of Satan.

"Since you seem to know so much, I suppose you are aware that Omek is back, and he is trying to open

Crow: a chain of restaurants.

the Demon's Gate." Melchior's cheerful demeanor immediately turned to one of despair.

"No, I was not aware of this. Does he have the staffs yet?" Magus nodded his head and looked around the room.

"He has two of them, and he knows that you have the third." He paused for a moment. "You do still have the staff, don't you?"

Mike: uhh, wait....

"Yes, of course, but now I wish that I had

Servo: bought a TV instead.

rid myself of it long ago." He started to walk down the stairs to his basement. "Follow me."

Crow: No!

Once he was downstairs, he walked over to a corner. He moved the chest which sat there out of the way. Kneeling down, he pulled up a floorboard and tossed it to the side. Melchior reached down into the hole and pulled out

Crow: $50.

an object wrapped in an old red cloth.

Servo: what's with this guy wrapping everything in old cloths?

Mike: I bet he has a fridge full of food wrapped in old cloth.

After blowing off the layers of dust which encoated it, he tossed it to Magus.

"Is this it?" He asked. Melchior nodded and told him to open it. Magus slowly unfolded the cloth, revealing

Servo: a creature with 30 legs.

a staff which was slightly larger than the first two. Despite the small amount of light which lit the room, the rod seemed to glow brighter than the other two staffs ever had.

Mike: that would be a flashlight.

"I fastened these staffs to seal the gate. We never intended for it to be reopened. If your father opens the gate, it could spell doom for all of us."

Servo: oh, and that would be a bad thing?

He looked straight into the eyes of the two warriors. "Be very careful. Do everything within your power to keep it out of his grasp." Marle took the staff from Magus' hands.

"Why don't we just destroy it?"

Crow: cause the story would end.

She asked thoughtfully. "Without the staff, Omek can't open the portal. Then we won't have anything to worry about." Melchior shook his head glumly.

"It can't be destroyed. With all the magic we had to put into the staffs in order to close the gate, that was the price. It's too powerful to be destroyed.

Mike (Melchior voice): but it could be used to crack Omek's skull.

We knew this when we made them, but we were in such a hurry to seal the gate before anything else came through that we didn't have the time to allow for that precaution."

Servo: or even test them thoroughly.

Melchior grabbed the staff from Marle and slammed it into the corner of the anvil in front of him. The staff let off a bright flash of light, but remained unharmed. The anvil took the force of the blow, as a fairly large portion fell off and clattered to the floor.

Mike: then it hit a cartoon coyote.

"Had we taken the time to enable them to be destroyed in one way or another, it would have been too late. Something would have made its way through the gate and killed us all." He thought for a moment. "In fact, I remember Omek saying that he wanted there to be a way for us to dispose of the staffs once we had sealed the gate.

Servo: bulls-(Mike closes his mouth)

Mike: I warned Crow.

He reluctantly gave in when Gaspar informed him of how long it would take for us to find a way to do that." The old man chuckled and looked up at Marle. "I'm sure that your friend Lucca could have done it. She is certainly capable of something that complex, when you consider the power which the staffs hold."

Servo: oh, yeah, someone who can't make a simple robot.

Crow: she'd probably blow em up.

Mike: still, they'd be destroyed.

He looked around curiously, and then brought his attention back to Marle and Magus. "Speaking of Lucca, why isn't she here? The same with Crono, Glenn, and all of your companions. Surely you've told them about this predicament, haven't you?"

Mike (Magus voice): uhh, I was gonna tell em....

"I'm afraid that they know all too well about Omek's plan." Magus remarked. Melchior looked at him questionably. "Omek abducted them. Crono, Lucca, Glenn, Ayla, and Robo all fell prey to his power. None of them ever stood a chance."

Crow: well, that's obvious.

"I see." Melchior replied, disgruntled at the news. "So you two are the only ones who remain unharmed?"

"Not exactly." Marle spoke up. "Right now Tata is training with Spekkio at the End of Time. I hope that he is doing well enough to help us out." Melchior smiled.

"Don't worry. He's going to make quite a hero out of himself one day. In fact..."

Mike (Melchior voice): ...whoops, thinking of someone else.

Melchior's voice trailed off as he walked over to a shelf and pulled down the sword which he had made earlier that day. "Give this sword to him. He'll need the power which it contains if he is to stand a chance against Omek."

Crow: oh, give it to the loser kid.

He put the sword in the best sheathe he had and handed it to Magus, who tucked it under his cape.

"There is one more thing we need to discuss with you." Magus stated as he pulled out the scythe which had been found earlier that morning. He handed it to Melchior, who took it from him and smiled. "What do you make of it?"

Crow: ...well, I can make a hat, or a brooch, or a ptreodactyl.... Mike: good one.

"This is a weapon I made many years ago in Zeal. I thought it disappeared long ago." He looked up at the two. "Where did you get this? You haven't used it yet, have you?"

Mike (Magus voice): uhh, no. Why?

"We found it this morning after our battle with Omek." Marle told him. "Magus here somehow made the thing go insane! He read the inscription on the scythe and got fried by a bolt of lightning. He's lucky to be alive!"

"Quiet Princess!" Magus fired back. "You know naught of what you speak! That power has made me stronger, and right now that's all that matters!"

Servo: someone needs a time out.

"The scythe was meant to be used only as a last resort." Melchior told the two. He put it in the hole where the staff had been and replaced the floorboard and chest to their normal locations. "I'll keep this here for now. When the time comes, it will once more see the light of day. But now is not that time."

"Very well." Magus replied without emotion. "Come Princess. The time has come for Omek to face the Reaper."

"Hold on a second, Janus." Melchior intercepted him before he had reached the stairs. "Do you really plan on killing him?"

Crow: no, let him live. Let him destroy the planet. It'll be fun.

"Of course." Magus replied, slightly perplexed. "Why would I do differently after all that he has done?"

"You don't know the whole story behind his past, do you?"

"What story? Omek's always been an evil tyrant, has he not?"

"Have a seat, both of you. I'll explain the entire ordeal to you."

Mike: oh, no.

Crow: well, this is gonna be another hour we'll never get back.

Melchior led the two up the stairs and pointed towards a pair of chairs across from his. After they had sat down, Melchior took his seat and began.

"Omek actually used to be a great king. In fact, during most of his reign there was only peace and prosperity. He was the man responsible for raising Zeal. His subjects all loved him, and he cared and looked out for each one of them. Everything changed abruptly a few years before you were born. I believe that the exact year was 12,010 B.C....

Mike (old man voice): I was just a boy, and intelligence had just been created...


12,010 B.C. - Enhasa

"Sire!" The voice belonged to Gaspar. He was rushing into the throne room, a sheet of paper held tightly in his grip. "Your majesty, I have urgent news!" Omek stood from his seat on the throne and stepped down to the ground.

"Yes Gaspar?" Omek responded. "What seems to be the problem?"

Crow: we're out of toilet paper!

"Some of our scientists have just picked up on an object from space which is headed our way. It will collide with the land below within the hour!"


Gaspar handed him the paper, which showed the probable damage that would result. "We must warn them. If we do not evacuate the area, over 100 civilians will perish!"

"I can not allow that. Go get Melchior and Dalton. Hurry!"

Servo: that's the different between their government and ours. They care.

Omek quickly picked up his sword and threw on his cape. As he made his way to the door, he could see the figures of the two men running towards him. "Has Gaspar told you about the situation at hand?" The two nodded. "Good. Come, we must go below and evacuate." Omek began to cast a teleportation spell when he was interrupted by Dalton.

"Sire, why must we risk our lives for them? They are of no importance to us. We should let them die for their ignorance." Dalton insisted. "Those fools aren't worth the trouble." Omek slammed him into the wall, causing Melchior to jump back.

Servo: KILL HIM!

"I will hear nothing of that!" Omek boomed in Dalton's face. Dalton to break free of his grasp, but had no luck. "You are nothing but an aide, and have no right to make such a suggestion!

Servo: didn't I see a Transformers episode like this once?

If you wish to keep your royal status, you will come with me and help. I suggest that you not complain, or I will see to it that you are demoted to a position more fitting for one like yourself."

Crow: you know, mud taster.

He released his grip, and the young man slid to the floor. "Now, do you have any further objections?" Dalton shook his head. "Good." Omek looked over at Melchior, who was in a state of awe.

"Very well handled sir." He whispered. Omek smiled and adjusted his cape. Dalton mumbled something under his breath, and Omek glared down at him.

Mike: ARR!

"Time is running out. We must hurry." Omek said as he began to chant a series of words. A spherical blue light surrounded the three, and seconds later they were on the snow-covered ground of the land which they had left behind years before. Omek shivered, having forgotten how cold it had always been below the floating continent. He shrugged it off and trudged forward in the thick snow, Melchior and Dalton following close behind.


45 Minutes Later

all: thank you.

"Is that the last of them?" Omek called to Melchior, who was hurrying people into the safety of a nearby cave. After a quick count of those inside, Melchior turned back towards Omek.

"All accounted for but two, sire!" He shouted. Omek stomped his foot on the ground and looked around.

"Keep them inside!" Omek instructed him. "I'm going to go look for the last two." Before he could start into the field, Dalton ran over from behind the cave and called to him.

Servo (Dalton voice): WAIT! FOUND EM!

"Sir!" He shouted. "Look at the sky!" Omek turned his eyes upwards and nearly fell back at the sight. Hurtling towards them was a large, green fireball.

Mike: it's the "cause you to become a psycho murderer" meteor.

"Forget about them! Get yourself to safety!"

"Dalton, silence!"

Servo: man, Dalton is pushing it.

Omek shouted. "Melchior, how long until impact?" The guru looked to the sky and made a quick calculation.

Crow: 5 seconds, sir!

"Only three minutes, sire." He shouted back. "You don't have much time." Omek nodded and charged into the field. Dalton stood still for a moment and looked at Melchior, who had a disgusted look on his face. Dalton sighed and ran after the King.

Omek was running as fast as he could, frantically scanning the land. He figured he had a little over two minutes left. As he ran, he thought about his family at home on the island above, praying that he would see them again. He stopped abruptly when he heard the sound of laughter on the other side of a hill. He raced over to the other side, and found two young children playing in the snow.

"Both of you, get over here!"

Mike: you are both in BIG trouble!

He yelled sternly. Frightened, they obeyed and hurried over to him. He told them to sit on the ground, and after they had done so he cast a teleportation spell on the two, warping them back to the cave. Weakened, Omek knelt down and put his hand to his forehead.

"Sir!" Omek looked up at the top of the hill to see Dalton running towards him. "Your majesty, there is less than a minute left! We must go!" Omek tried to stand, but immediately fell down to one knee.

Crow: he's a pancake.

"I don't think I can make it. Something is draining my strength." He looked at the object heading towards them. "It must be that thing. It will likely land in that clearing." Omek declared, pointing to a small valley fifty yards away. "Leave me and get yourself to safety."

"As much as I'd like to, I can't in good faith leave you here to die." Dalton said as he helped Omek get to his feet. "Come on, let's get out of here while we still can." The two started to hobble back towards the cave. Omek turned around and looked at the sky.

"We're too late!" He shouted, as he hit the ground and pulled Dalton down with him. He covered the back of his neck with his hands as he prepared for impact...

Mike (Omek voice): Dalton, if I'm goin, you're goin with me.

* * *

"When Omek returned to the cave, he was an entirely different person. His eyes were a bloody red, and he had an evil aura surrounding him. He claimed that the object was nothing more than a small meteor, and Dalton said the same thing. I could sense that something was wrong,

Mike: yet did nothing.

so the next day I brought Belthasar with me and we went to the spot where the object landed. All we found was a crater filled with water.

Servo: those are called ponds.

That place is still at the bottom of the ocean, and we have yet to discover exactly what the object was." Melchior peered up at Magus, who had was listening intensely. "From that day forth, Omek was an evil man. He stopped caring for his subjects, and spent most of his time isolated in his chambers."

"After you were born, Omek ordered you to be killed. He didn't want for there to be anyone who could take his place as king one day. Your mother would not stand for it, and with the people's support she had him banished. He came back briefly, but he disappeared as quickly as he had returned." Melchior noticed a slight smile on Magus' face. "I take it that you already knew that."

Crow: well, DUH!

"Yes, the 'Prophet' disposed of him when he returned. You never told me that Omek was once a man who had feelings. I was under the impression that he was pure evil."

"Well, you were too young to understand." Melchior said as he stood up. "Whether he still has any good left in his heart is left to be seen, but if he's the same man now he was when he was banished..."

Servo: well, he'll be the same man he was when he was banished.

"It is of no consequence." Magus said as he walked to the door. "Omek will pay with his life for the pain he has inflicted. He must pay for the pain of my past." Magus walked out of the house towards the Epoch. Marle and Melchior exchanged skeptical glances.

"Be careful." He warned. "Omek is a dangerous man. He could kill all three of you by himself. Do not underestimate him, for if you do, you will be defeated. You are great warriors, and if you fight with your heads you can be successful. Know this, and be wary of his power. I wish you the best of luck." Melchior began to walk back down the stairs.

"What about Tata?" Marle asked. "Does he really stand a chance against Omek?"

Mike: not a chance in hell.

"He has great potential if he is given the chance he needs. He has the heart of a hero, and the spirit of a warrior. Allow him to fight alongside you."

"Thanks for your help!" Marle called as she left the old man's hut. Once Melchior saw them leave in the Epoch, he walked back down the stairs.

"I only wish I could do more." He mumbled as he lay down to rest.

* * *

"Hello?" A voice called into the dark. "Who's there?" Footsteps could be heard in the distance coming towards him. He could see the flicker of a light winding closer to him in the cavern. Weakly, he lifted his head as the light came closer. A tall figure appeared before him, and flashed the light in his face. He blinked his eyes to make out who it was.

"Hello Crono." The man said. "Has your stay here been as unpleasant as I had hoped?"

Mike: it's Magus.

"Omek, when I get my hands on you..." Crono stopped suddenly when he saw another person appear behind him. "No...It can't be..."

"It can't, and yet, it is." Dalton said as he stepped into the light.

"But you went down with the Blackbird. How are you still alive?"

Servo (Dalton voice): I refuse to answer anything without a lawyer present.

"It will take more than that to kill me." Dalton laughed. "I don't plan on dying until after I have seen you perish at my hand."

"So why haven't you killed me yet?" Crono retorted. "Are you so much of a coward that you have to wait until I sleep?"

Crow: my guess is, prety much.

"After you watch your friends die, you will follow them into eternal darkness!" Dalton yelled at him as he spun around away from him. "I will enjoy slicing your throat, you little worm." Dalton smirked as he exited the cave.

"Your days are numbered, Crono." Omek growled. He turned to leave, but before he took a step away he spun around and punched Crono in the face. He laughed as blood trickled down the boy's face and dropped to the floor. "Enjoy what little time you have left." Before he walked out, he kicked Ayla in the ribs to see if she was awake. She moaned softly, but otherwise didn't move.

Servo (singing): He's so hateful, oh so hateful...

Once Omek had left, Crono knelt down to check on Ayla. After seeing that she was all right, he gave a sigh of relief. He gave the chain which held him to the wall a few powerful tugs, but it didn't help. Crono gave up and sat down against the wall. He began to close his eyes, but they

Mike: were taped shut.

shot open when he heard more footsteps coming towards him. He stood up and listened carefully. The sound was muffled, but he could hear whispers and a metallic clanking. It was getting closer, but he could scarcely move to defend himself.

"Have you changed your mind?" Crono called into the dark. "Are you back to kill me now? If so, do it with honor you cowards!"

Servo: are you John Connor?

"Crono, be quiet!" The reply came from a female. "Do you want us to get caught?" A person stepped into the clearing, followed by two other figures.

"Lucca? Is it you?" Crono asked.

Mike (girl voice): no, it's your imagination.

"Of course it is! Were you expecting somebody else?" Lucca asked slyly. "Robo, can you get some light in here?" Almost instantly, the room was filled by a light coming from Robo's chest. He walked over to Crono and broke the chains. He then broke those which bound Ayla, and picked up her limp body.

"Thanks. I owe you one." Crono looked around the room for his sword. Glenn stepped out from behind Robo and handed Crono the Rainbow.

Servo: the Rainbow?

"I believe this is thine blade." He croaked.

"Thank you Glenn." Crono said. "Come on. We need to get to the End of Time and speak with Gaspar."

"How are we supposed to do that?" Lucca asked. "We followed Omek and Dalton through some kind of gate to get here. We don't have any way to travel through time without Epoch."

Servo: this is nice and convenient.

"Why don't we just use a gate too? If they can use them, why shoudn't we be able to as well?"

Crow: yeah?

"All the gates disappeared when Lavos was defeated. Omek somehow summoned this gate himself." Lucca looked over at Glenn. "Do you know where Marle and Magus are?" Glenn started to speak but was interrupted by Crono.

"Magus?! What does he have to do with all this?"

Mike: we think he planned it. His attitude has never been rosy.

"Omek is his father." Glenn informed him before turning back to Lucca. "They were to meet him at North Cape."

"Good." Lucca said. "Then we can just wait for them to show up with the Epoch."

"We may not have to." Crono declared. "Look!" Lucca followed Crono's stare to the corner of the cave. A blue gate had taken shape, and inside stood a lone figure with a sword by his side.

Mike: whatever.

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