MST3K Fanfic #001 Prologue

By Kasady Voorhees


Mike is eating a hot pocket. The bots are nowhere to be seen. Suddeny, an explosion rocks the ship. The bots walk out.

Mike: What was that?

Servo: What was what? Ohhh, that....

Crow: We were playing with a chemistry set, and, well..

Mike: Wonderful.... what have I told you...

suddenly, the mads light flashes

Mike: Pearl's calling. I'll deal with you 2 later

(Castle Forrester)

Pearl: Hi, Mike. I see you're having a "blast" up there. Anyway, your movie(fanfic) today is called 'A Shadow of Evil'. It's based on the game "Chrono Trigger". Brain Guy!

Brain Guy: Here you go, Pearl!

Brain Guy uses his mind powers





A Shadow Of Evil Prologue

Mike: so this isn't the real start, is it?

By Icy Brian

Crow: he's the reason we're watching this. Thank You, Mr. Brian!

1,001 A.D.

Crow: the same year Mr. Burns was born..

A cold wind blew throughout all of Guardia. The residents quickly fled

Servo: the local K-Mart for the big spring blowout sale!

inside their houses to escape the icy billows. Thunder rumbled in the distance, and white hot bolts filled the sky. The lightning struck

Servo: Beck?

Mike: please say Beck.

down trees, and fire spread rapidly throughout the fields. A downpour of rain washed it out, and a thick smoke spread throughout the land. A bright flash of lightning revealed a menacing

Crow: ... OJ Simpson defense team!

Mike: vacuum cleaner salesman

figure standing on the outskirts of Truce. With a motion of his hand,

Servo: this had better not be another Pee-Wee Herman movie

Mike: Ok, that's a warning.

Servo: sorry.

the smoke parted, the storm died down, and he stepped forth into the town

servo: to peddle encyclopedias no one wants

. People slowly stepped outside

Mike: Why, were their houses 'slowly' on fire?

to catch a glimpse of the stranger, who was now

Servo: pulling live mice out of his pants!

walking towards the house of a young man who was

Crow: luckily at a friend's house

hailed as a hero. As he stepped to the door, he turned to see many eyes staring at him

Mike: all belonging to the same face

, some in awe, but many more in pure terror.

Crow: yeah, well he IS a salesman

He disappeared from sight, and a loud scream was heard echoing through the kingdom. He reappeared in the center of town, and let out a long, loud, laugh

Servo: caused by the laughing gas spill earlier that day

as he slowly vanished from sight...

Crow: sadly, sadly, he would soon be back to peddle junk again


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