The Wrath of Anthos Chapter 10
A Kingdom Without a Ruler & The Bait Set
By JWolf

Time:  600 AD

"Are you ready yet?" Anthos shouted to Ozzie who was somewhere wandering in his fort.

"Uhhhh... yeah!  Hold on a sec!"  Ozzie shouted from somewhere in his maze of hallways.

Anthos stood at the front gate and impatiently tapped his foot.  Ozzie finally came waddling out of one of the corridors.

"What took you so long?" Anthos asked angrily.

"I was armoring myself for battle."

"I figured your lard alone could shield you from any attack."

Ozzie growled at him.

"My lard only protects my colon and my-- what am I saying?!  C'MON!  Let's go thrash some humans!"  Ozzie waved his hand and several Omnicrones appeared behind him, "My best men."  Anthos smiled and started a chant which instantly transported them back to 1000 AD.


Time:  12,000 BC

Schala and Jakob slowly walked through the not so cluttered streets of Sha'quela.  Schala stopped to look at the goods of many of the markets and other pawn shops.  Most of these shops were held inside tents, huts, and tarps.

"I know it's not much Schala," Jakob began, "but it's nearly all that's left.  What do you think?"

"At the rate things are going now, this town could have prosperity and high potential in a matter of months.  But I am enjoying myself."  Schala smiled at Jakob and he returned it.

"I'm glad to hear it.  Say, there's a man down the street I know that runs a very fine eatery business.  Some of the best dishes in town.  Would you like to take a stroll there?"

"I'd love to Jakob." Schala replied and the two headed down the street holding hands.


Time:  1000 AD

The citizens of the Guardia Kingdom heard of the King's death.  Some people mourned the loss.  Some people rejoiced, claiming the King was a tyrant.  A Royal meeting was held at Castle Guardia to debate the new ruler of the Kingdom.  At the meeting table sat Crono, Marle, Lucca, the Chancellor, several lawyers and Royal Advisors, soldiers, and other Royal Assistants carrying scribes which the laws of Kingdom Guardia were written on.  Surrounding the table were other onlookers including Magus.

"It is clear that I, the Chancellor of Guardia, should be the King!  Princess Nadia is married to no one and has no suitor, therefore, she cannot go on to rule the Kingdom.  And to add to that, she will not be 18, the legal age for being a queen, for another two weeks!  The Kingdom needs order and morale restored immediately!"

"Yes Chancellor," one of the Royal Advisors holding a scribe responded, "however, it says clear as day in these scribes.  The clear written law of Guardia states that in the event of the death of the current King and Queen, their descendant, being Princess Nadia, has three weeks to find a suitor or marry.  Now Princess Nadia, do you have anyone to marry in three weeks?"

"No, she does not!" the Chancellor shouted in protest.

"Chancellor, I addressed the Princess, not you.  If you wouldn't mind, please silence yourself."  the Royal Advisor insisted with a stern voice.  The Chancellor looked shocked.

"Princess Nadia, do you have a suitor or another to marry?  You must be wed in three weeks or by law the Kingdom falls into the hands of the Chancellor, making him the new King."

"You sound as though having myself rule the Kingdom would be bad." the Chancellor said.

"It would be!" Marle shouted, "I have someone to wed me right now!  He is the legal wedding age and he's right there!"  Marle pointed her finger to the figure sitting across from her.  The onlookers gasped.

She was pointing at Crono.


Later that day, somewhere in Castle Guardia...

"Marle, what on Earth were you thinking?!  ME?!  As the KING?!"  Crono shouted so loud the entire continent could hear him.

"Crono, it makes perfect sense!" Marle responded and started listing the reasons, "You're a hero in the people's eyes because you defeated Lavos and saved all of time!  You're responsible and care about everyone around you!  And it's not only because you'd make a very good King..." she paused.  Crono impatiently awaited her to finish her sentence.

"It's also because I love you...  and I want to marry you..."  Marle turned away from him and stood at the window.  Crono got up from his seat and walked up behind her.  Wrapping his arms around her, Crono began to speak.

"I love you too, Marle...  and I want to spend the rest of my life with you."  He paused for a long while, just holding and caressing Marle.

"Alight," Crono finally spoke again.

"Alright what?"  Marle asked, leaning her back against Crono.

"Alright...  I accept.  I'll marry you, but I want you to know something..."


"I'm marrying you not because I'd be King, but because I love you."

Marle turned to him with a huge smile.  She pulled his head down to hers and they kissed.


Magus stood and watched Lucca and Taban work.  They were standing in Lucca's backyard, which wasn't very large as a small forest tree line bordered her house, with the Black Epoch.

"Alright!  Finished!" Lucca exclaimed.

"Lucca, now that we're finished I'm going to talk to your mother and make a run to the market." Taban said and walked into the back door of their house.

"OK Magus, now that's it's finished you can use it whenever you want."

"Thank you Lucca.  How could I repay you?"

"You already did.  When you danced with me."  Lucca responded and smiled.  Magus couldn't help but return the smile to her.

"It was my pleasure Lucca.  However, finding Anthos is our first concern at the moment and saving your leaderless Kingdom."

Lucca nodded and turned her head, "Hey look..  it's Crono and Marle."

Magus turned his head and observed the two running towards them, "And they look surprisingly happy.  Maybe they've come to a decision."

"About Crono and Marle getting married?!  That ain't gonna happen!"

"There's always a possibility, Lucca." Magus said and smiled.

Crono and Marle ran up to their side.

"Lucca, Magus, guess what?!" Marle shouted happily, "Crono and I are getting married!"

Magus glanced at Lucca, "Told you."


The portal opened.  Anthos, Ozzie, and a dozen Omnicrones materialized and fell into something with an unpleasant aroma.  The Omnicrones all muttered to themselves as they struggled to get up.

"What did we land in?," Ozzie asked, "It smells like home!"

Anthos looked around, "It smells like you and..." he paused and his nose wrinkled, "we landed in a barge...  A GARBAGE BARGE!!"

Anthos got back to his feet and approached the ferry's captain whom was sailing the boat.  Ozzie sat where he was.

"Where is this barge going?!" Anthos demanded and grabbed the collar of the man, "TELL ME!"

"It's umm..  going to.. Garbage Island," the man replied in fright.

"From where?"

"Guardia Kingdom," the man gulped and replied.

"Then turn us around because we're heading back.  Unless you want to forfeit your life..."  Anthos commanded and smiled.  The man nodded and took the helm.

"How long will it take to reach Guardia Kingdom?" Anthos demanded from the man.

"Less than thirty minutes."

"Good man."

Ozzie was busy wallowing in the trash surrounding him.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Anthos asked.

"Much!" Ozzie replied happily.

Anthos muttered to himself, "Sloppy, disgusting, grotesque pig..."




"We'll be there in thirty minutes."  Anthos announced to Ozzie and the Omnicrones then stood at the front of the barge and overlooked the sea.


"What do you mean you're getting married?  You've only known each other a little over a year.."  Lucca asked.  Crono and Marle didn't respond and only sat there holding hands and looking at each others eyes.

"They're in their own little world Lucca."  Magus said bluntly.

Crono finally spoke up, "We're getting married because we love each other.  It's as simple as that."

Lucca sighed.

The group talked for a while over many different subjects.  Mainly the wedding that was soon to come and Anthos.

"We don't know when Anthos will strike next.  But being that he's an obsessive maniac I can make a fair assumption it will be soon."  Magus said.

"Sooner than you think," a voice said, "How about now?"  The figure stepped out of the shadows.  It was Anthos.  Magus noticed more figures standing behind Anthos.

"I want you to meet my new friend."  Anthos said and made a motion for a second figure to join him.  A large figure stepped out of the shadows and stood beside Anthos.

"Ozzie." Magus said through gritted teeth.

"How observant sorcerer."  Anthos said sarcastically.

"Magus!  Long time no see!"  Ozzie said with a grin.

Magus, Crono, Marle, and Lucca each drew their weapons and prepared for a fight.

"Don't think for one second we came unprepared, Magus."  Anthos said and made a second motion.  Twelve Omnicrones surrounded the group.

"Crono, we're outnumbered!" Lucca shouted.

"I see the genius is observant as well.  Now, Magus, I have something to show you."  Anthos started to chant and make motions with his hand.  The orb appeared, floating inches above Anthos' palm.

Magus observed the figures in the orb.  Schala!  It was Schala!  She was with a man...  and they were sitting at a table eating.  Magus instantly recognized the restaurant.

"Of course!" Magus muttered, "She's in Sha'quela!"

"What Magus?" Lucca asked.

Magus turned to face the Black Epoch.  An Omnicrone stood in his way.  With a snap of Magus' fingers the Omnicrone found himself unable to breathe.  He died within seconds.  Magus levitated and boarded the Black Epoch.

"Magus, what're you doing?!" Marle yelled.  Magus paid no attention.  They watched the Black Epoch take off and disappear into the time stream.

"He betrayed us!" Marle screamed.

"No, Marle, he didn't...  he realized that could be his only opportunity to see his sister again.  Wouldn't you have done the same?"  Lucca said.  Marle didn't respond.

"This isn't good." Crono said and the battle ensued.


Continued in Chapter 11

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