The Wrath of Anthos Chapter 2
The Uncharted Island
By JWolf

Time:  1000 AD

"The ocean looks so beautiful." Marle commented.

Crono nodded and leaned over the side of the boat.  He was seasick.

"Awww.." Marle said, "poor seasick Crono...  c'mon, let's take you back to your quarters."

Marle hit Crono's back.  Crono jerked and gave her a mean look, then put his head over the railing before he got sick on the deck.

It took a good while for Marle and Lucca to assist Crono to the inside of the boat.  Once they made it in, Crono slowly laid himself down on his cot.  Lucca was sitting next to Marle, working on a little trinket she brought on the trip.  Marle sat next to Crono's cot, gently running her hand through Crono's spiky red hair.

"Poor Crono." she said.

Crono moaned and replied, "I'm never traveling on a boat or ferry again...  once this trip is over, my feet are staying on solid ground!"

Marle giggled and turned her chair to face Lucca.

"So Lucca, what're you working on over there?"

"Well, it's only a prototype.  It's a model of how I'll build this robot.  Watch." Lucca replied, and set the foot tall robot on the ground.  It looked very similar to Robo.  Lucca flipped a small switch on it's back.  All three watched the little robot walk across the floor.  Little lights on it's arms and chest flashed on and off.

"Neat!" Marle said excitedly and smiled, "It looks alot like Robo, too."

"Yeah, I'll admit it," Lucca began, "I miss Robo.  He was a really great friend."

"Well, how about after this trip we use the Epoch to visit him?  We can see Doan, too." Marle said reassuringly.

Lucca smiled, "Sounds like a plan.  I'd like that."


Night time had come, and a violent storm erupted across the sea.  Deep fog blurred the crew's sight, completely disorienting them.  The Captain walked through the rain to the King's quarters.

"Your Majesty, the storm has caused heavy fog.  I'm afraid we won't be able to stay on course." the Captain reported.

The King growled and hit his fist on the table, "Do you have any idea when the storm will let up?"

"No sir.  I'm sorry."

"Very well.  Do what you can to try and keep us on course."

"Yes sir."

The Captain left King Guardia's quarters and gave the crew orders.  The King blew out the lamp on his table and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, Crono, Marle and Lucca were still in Crono's quarters.  Crono was feeling better now.  Lucca was still messing with her robot.  Crono was on his cot, leaning his back against the wall.  Marle was laying down on Crono's cot with her head on his lap.  Crono pulled his blanket over Marle.

"Oh, you guys," Lucca said, "I made this new invention I wanted to show you."

Crono drew his attention away from Marle to see Lucca's invention.  Marle shifted herself to see Lucca.

"It's a sound system," Lucca pulled a little box out of her pocket, "flip this switch and you can hear music out of this little speaker here."  Lucca turned it on, and soft piano music started to play.  Crono and Marle smiled.

"Crono," Marle said, "wanna dance?"

Crono smiled at her, "Sure."

Lucca left the sound system playing at went back to tinkering with her robot.  Crono and Marle got off the cot and walked to the center of the room.

"I gotta warn you Marle...  I'm not a good dancer."

"That's OK," she smiled, "I'll lead."

Marle put her arms around Crono's neck, Crono put his hands around Marle's waist, and the two started to slow dance.  Crono looked into Marle's eyes.  He was lost in her beauty and never wanted to find his way back to reality.  Marle, too, was looking into Crono's eyes.  She saw the most caring, considerate, and handsome young man before her.  She also thought he lied about being a bad dancer.

The two continued to slow dance in the dimly lit room.

"Marle, I... I..." Crono whispered.

"Shhhh..." Marle hushed him and slowly pulled his lips down to hers.

Before their lips could touch, there was a loud crash and they were thrown to the ground.  Lucca was thrown off her seat and her robot fell onto the floor and shattered.  Marle held onto Crono.

"What was that?!" Marle asked in a worried tone.

"I don't know.  I'll go find out...  stay here." Crono said.

"But, but--"

"Don't worry, I'll be back in a second," Crono smiled to reassure Marle, "Lucca, stay here with Marle until I get back."  Lucca nodded.

Crono quickly headed out the door and found the Captain.

"What was that?" Crono asked.

The Captain frowned, "We've struck land.  We must be far off course.  I've sent some men to inspect the hull for any leaks and to quickly repair them."

Just then, one of the crew members shouted to the Captain, "Sir!  There's a large hole in the hull.  It may take up to a week to repair.  Your orders, sir?"

"Move the food storage somewhere dry.  We'll have to set up a camp on land tomorrow.  Let's just pray the storm is over soon."

Crono went back to his quarters and explained the situation to Marle and Lucca.  Crono said that the Captain advised to go to sleep and hope the storm lets up soon.  The three of them went to sleep.  Crono on the floor, Marle on the cot, and Lucca leaned against the wall with a pillow.


The next morning, Crono woke up before Marle and Lucca.  He walked onto the deck of the ship.  The storm had stopped and it was a bright and sunny day.  Crono climbed down the ladder leaning against the ship, and walked onto a beach.  The ship had crashed into a tropical island, it seemed.  There were huge mountains in the middle of the forest, and the sun was rising behind them.  "What a beautiful sight." Crono said aloud.  He saw the ship's crew setting up tents and shelters not too deep in the forest and went to work helping set up tents.  "This is gonna be a long day..." he thought to himself.


Continued in Chapter 3

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