The Wrath of Anthos Chapter 3
The Arrival of the Mages
By JWolf

Time:  1000 AD

Magus was thrown out of the gate and landed hard on a rock, knocking him unconscious.  He woke up after an hour or so and stood up to observe the terrain.  He was in a rain forest.  Perhaps in a tropical island.  He wasn't sure what time period he landed in but he was sure Anthos had landed here, too.


Anthos walked through the forest.  He was sure Magus came here looking for him.  Anthos was determined to find him and finish what they'd started.

Anthos heard footsteps and voices.  He crawled towards the sounds and peeked through a bush.  "Guardia troops.  Lots of them," he thought to himself, "King Guardia!  But.. it's a different King than the one I know.  Where am I?  What year is this?"  These questions would have to wait.  Anthos ran away from the campsite and deeper into the forest so not to get caught.


Magus trudged through the muddy rain forest trying to find some kind of life form but more importantly, to find Anthos.  If he found an animal, he would have food.  If he found a person, he would get them to tell him where exactly he was, or, he'd kill them.

Magus heard footsteps and voices.  Civilization.  He didn't bother to hide.  He observed the territory.  There were tents, meaning a campsite.  Soldiers wearing armor with the Guardia Royal Crest.  And...  Crono!

"It's Crono," Magus said to himself, "that means I'm in 1000 A.D."

Even though Magus fought alongside Crono in the destruction of Lavos, he believed being allies with Crono was only temporary.  He didn't want to risk being discovered if he wasn't sure if the soldiers would attack or not.  After all, if the soldiers did attack when they saw him, Magus didn't feel like being responsible for so many deaths in one day.

Magus quickly snuck away from the Guardia campsite and trudged back into the hot and sticky rain forest.

After a few hours of searching, Magus stumbled across a cave in the base of a mountain.  He decided this is where he would stay until he thought of a further plan.


Anthos, too, was searching for shelter, but that was not his first concern.  His first concern was finding and killing Magus.  Perhaps not an easy task, he thought to himself, but if Magus performed as well as he did back in the castle, it would be an easy fight.  Anthos then got ahead of himself and pondered how he would kill Magus.  Entrapment in a fireball?  Or a block of ice?  Perhaps banishing him into a black hole?  No...  not pleasing enough for Anthos.  Perhaps a simple beheading, executed by the summoning of a large beast?  A Tyrano perhaps?  Yes!

Anthos found a small foxhole beneath some bushes and decided to use it to get some rest.  He crawled in and went to sleep.  He'd have a long day in front of him.  The destruction of Magus is close at hand.


Continued in Chapter 4

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