The Wrath of Anthos Chapter 4
Anthos' First Strike
By JWolf

Crono finished setting up the last tent and walked to the freshly setup commons.  Even though the commons were only a tarp mounted on several wooden polls and a few chairs and tables, it would still serve as a meeting place for everyone.  Crono sat down at the table and made himself a cup of coffee.  He noticed Marle sit next to him a few minutes later.

"Morning." Crono greeted her.  Marle only managed to nod and rub her eyes before getting some coffee for herself.

"Still tired, I guess?" Crono asked.  Again, Marle nodded.  Crono grinned and sipped more coffee.

Lucca sat down opposite of Crono minutes later as well.  Crono and Lucca exchanged "Good mornings" and she got some coffee.

"Sorry about what happened to your robot last night Lucca." Crono said.

"It's OK.  Nothing Lucca the Great can't fix!" she replied and smiled.  Crono laughed and sipped more coffee.

"Is the sound system device alright?" Crono asked.  Lucca nodded, "It's fine.  Why?  Did you like it?"

"Yeah, I--"  Crono was cut off by the Captain's shouting.

"Everyone!  Meeting in the commons right now!  Let's move!" he shouted.  Crono thought he sounded like the Knight Commander.


"OK everyone," the Captain was speaking, "we've landed off course, you all know.  My workmen have reported the damage to the ship can be repaired in approximately a week.  The King and I have decided to send out exploration parties to see if we can find any other civilization on this land.  Each will have at least two soldiers and one lieutenant in each party.  Any volunteers?"

Marle immediately raised her hand.  Crono and Lucca followed suit.

"Alright.  The three of you, Vicks, Alton, and Lt. Alexander will join you.  The six of you go pack up any supplies you think you may need and head on your way.  Be sure when you're traveling to leave a trail of something to find your way back to camp."

Each of them went to get their supplies.  Food, two tents, lamps, sleeping bags and the such.  After each of them finished packing, they headed into the forest.


Several hours had passed and Magus still was unsure what he would do.  It wasn't often he was thrown into a distant time from his own onto a remote island in the middle of nowhere.  He wondered when Anthos would make his move.

"That obsessed maniac," Magus said to himself, "struggling to defeat me for such a foolhardy cause."  Magus didn't have much right to talk about obsession, however.  His quest to find his sister Schala has went on every day for many years.  Too many years for him to remember.

Magus perked his ear up.  He heard footsteps.  Could it be Anthos?  Magus drew his scythe.  This could be his chance to end Anthos' foolish and worthless life.  Magus crept out of his hiding spot in the cave and hid behind some shrubbery.  It was a group of people.  Six, Magus counted.  It must not be Anthos Magus knew, but he kept his scythe drawn in case this people posed a threat.  Magus peered closer, attempting to get a glimpse of who these people were.  Crono!  It was Crono, wait...  and Lucca... and Princess Nadia!

Magus felt relieved.  He slung his scythe over his shoulder and approached them.

"Wait," Lt. Alexander said, making a motion with his hand for everyone to stop, "do you hear those footsteps?  Take cover!"

Lucca and Marle hid.  Vicks and Alton drew their swords and moved behind a few trees.  Crono and Lt. Alexander also drew their swords and faced the direction the footsteps were coming from.  Crono's eyes narrowed when he saw the man in front of him.

"Magus!" Crono said and slowly lowered his sword.

"You know this man?" Lt. Alexander asked.  Crono nodded, "yes."

Lucca, Marle, Vicks, and Alton walked out of their hiding spots and withdrew their weapons.

"Quickly," Magus said, "we must go somewhere so I can tell you all of my situation.  There's a mage named Anthos here, and he--" Magus was cut off by a man's voice.

"I am Anthos!" the voice shouted, "I've found you Magus, and it looks as though my pet has gained a bonus with your six friends here!"

Anthos appeared.  He was standing on a large rock and started to chant something.

Crono shouted, "Everyone!  Take cover until we know what we're facing!"

Anthos finished his chant.  A deafening roar came from very near.  A large shadow covered everyone, a Tyrano appeared behind Anthos, and it let out another roar.  Everyone except Crono, Magus and Alton hid.  Crono drew his Rainbow sword, Magus drew his scythe, and Alton drew his sword.  The Tyrano lifted it's head and fire flew from it's mouth straight into the air.  They could feel the heat, and this made Crono and Magus smarten up.  Alton was frozen in fear.

"Magus c'mon, take cover!" Crono shouted over the horrible roar the Tyrano possessed.  Crono and Magus sought cover behind a large rock.  Alton stayed where he was and dropped his sword.  Alton was quivering with fear and the Tyrano lowered it's head level with Alton.  In an instant, the Tyrano spat fire out of it's mouth.  The flames engulfed Alton and he died immediately.  Marle turned her head from the horrible sight of Alton's charred corpse.

Marle drew her crossbow.  She quickly fired an arrow at the huge Tyrano.  It didn't pierce the reptile's hard scales.  Lucca decided she'd try her luck.  Reaching down to her holster, she drew her Wondershot gun, took aim, and fired.  The shot didn't seem to damage the Tyrano and only made it more angry.

"Kill them my pet!  Kill them ALL!" Anthos shouted to the Tyrano and let out an evil laugh.

Vicks' courage rose to his throat.  He leapt out of his hiding place and charged the Tyrano.

"For Guardia!" Vicks shouted.

"NO!  Vicks get back here, that's an order!"  Lt. Alexander shouted.

"You fool!" Magus shouted then turned to Crono, "That man must have a death wish."

Vicks ran up to the Tyrano's leg and swung his sword.  It pierced the Tyrano's scales and a dark red blood slowly seeped from the wound.  The Tyrano let out an enormous roar.  Vicks was about to take another swing at the reptile, but was kicked down by the Tyrano.  The monster's claws flew down at Vicks and dug all the way through his armor.  The Tyrano raised it's arm and a single claw was rammed through his body.  Vicks was dead.  The Tyrano gave a single swing of it's arm and the body of Vicks went flying several yards away.

"Enough is enough..." Magus said to Crono, "the monster dies NOW!"  Crono nodded and gritted his teeth.

"Stun it, I'll distract it, then you drive the fatal blow into it's heart.  GO!" Magus commanded.

Crono stood up and summoned a bolt of lightning from the heavens, striking the Tyrano in the head.  The bolt successfully stunned it and Magus saw his chance.  Magus levitated off the ground and flew towards the Tyrano with his scythe drawn.  Anthos was beginning to look worried.  Magus landed on the Tyrano's nose, and drove the end of his scythe into the lizard's eye, and followed up with by making a clean slice across the monster's scalp.  Dark blood gushed from the cuts and eye of the Tyrano.

The Tyrano threw it's head back in pain, sending Magus flying into a tree.  The impact knocked Magus unconscious.  The Tyrano angrily approached the unconscious Magus.  Crono saw his two choices:  save Magus, or kill the Tyrano, in which Magus would already be dead.  Crono ran towards Magus and quickly pulled him into cover.

Lucca and Marle shot consecutive shots at the Tyrano with their weapons.  The Tyrano shook off the blows and decided it was finished with these humans.  The Tyrano quickly retreated and ran deep into the rain forest.  Anthos saw he was defeated and retreated as well, making himself disappear in a shadow.

"I lost two good men in this fight.  Quickly, let us return to the camp to get Magus medical attention." Lt. Alexander commanded.

"The Tyrano retreated in the direction of camp." Crono said.  The group feel silent.  Finally, Marle spoke.

"Oh no...  FATHER!"

Lt. Alexander threw Magus over his shoulder and the group ran back to camp to the sounds of horrific roars.


Continued in Chapter 5

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