The Wrath of Anthos Chapter 5
Death of a King
By JWolf

Screams filled the air as the camp was slowly being slaughtered by the wild Tyrano.  All of the soldiers were trying to fight the raging beast off.  Even the crew were throwing spears at the reptile.  The Tyrano let out a mighty roar and sent an inferno of fire blazing from it's mouth, frying the entire front line of soldiers.  They could feel their skin boiling in their armor before they died.  King Guardia was seeking cover from the Tyrano behind a tree.  He kept his own sword drawn as well, even though he knew deep down he was far to old to engage a human, let alone a 45 foot tall reptile that breathes fire.

Crono and the rest of his party were very close now and he was able to barely see the Tyrano's huge head over the tree line.  Magus began to wake up.

"Put me down." Magus ordered.  Lt. Alexander unhanded Magus without hesitation.  Mostly out of fear.

After a large majority of soldiers fell to the power of the Tyrano, most of the ship's crew retreated into the ship's internal chambers.  One by one each soldier was killed by fire, claws, teeth, or being trampled.  The King watched on in horror as over half of his best soldiers were being demolished at the hands of a single foe.

Crono and his party finally reached the camp.  Immediately Crono and Magus charged into battle, their weapons drawn.  As they were charging at the Tyrano, Magus barked out orders to Crono which were barely audible due to the horrid sounds of the chaos around them.

"The belly!  The scales on the Tyrano are too strong for weapons and magic alike...  we have to strike it at it's heart.  Be careful!  One mistake could mean the taking of your life!"

"Enough is enough," King Guardia thought to himself, "too many good men have died for me and my kingdom.  I must avenge those felled at the hands of this monster!"  He charged at the Tyrano with weapon drawn.

Lucca, Marle, and Lt. Alexander stayed out of harm's way by remaining at the tree line as Crono and Magus rushed in.  Marle saw her father charging at the dinosaur.

"Daddy, NO!!" Marle screamed but couldn't be heard over the roars and cries of pain coming from the battle.

The Tyrano saw King Guardia coming several feet away and turned to face him.  King Guardia gasped and fell backwards in utter terror.  He could've swore he'd seen a grin on the lizard's face.  Unfortunately, that was the last thing he saw.  The Tyrano swept it massive jaws to the ground, heaving the King's lower torso into it's mouth.  King Guardia screamed as the Tyrano bit into his waist before he blacked out and fell off his mortal coil.

"King Guardia!  No!!" Crono shouted and ran faster in a fit of rage towards the monster.  Magus remained beside him.

The Tyrano didn't see Crono and Magus run under it until it was much too late.  Crono plunged his sword; Magus plunged his scythe into the beast's heart.  It let out one final, massive roar before it toppled to the ground.  It's head and the corpse of the King in it's mouth landed in the water of the shoreline, washing a mixture of blood into the waters.

Crono and Magus stood next to the monster they'd slain.  After they ripped their weapons out of the Tyrano corpse Crono ran to join Marle, Lucca, and Lt. Alexander.  Magus stood vigil at the side of the slain beast in deep thought.

Marle was on her knees in tears.  Crono immediately ran to her side and held her.  Lt. Alexander boarded the ship to check on the crew and injured men.  Lucca slowly walked towards Magus and stood beside him, staring at the Tyrano.  Lucca didn't think Magus knew she was there.

Magus finally spoke, "I must find Anthos."  Lucca now stood corrected.

Magus continued, "I must kill him.  It ends here."

"We'll help you." Lucca finally chimed in, "He's killed King Guardia.  Guardia no longer has a ruler, and Marle no longer has a father..."

"He's too powerful.  You're toy weapons aren't enough to stop him."

"No one can be that strong."

"Lucca," Magus paused, "I believe he may be stronger then myself."

They both fell silent.  Magus put his hand on the amulet hanging around his neck.

He mumbled the name, "Schala..."

"Schala?  Your sister?" Lucca queried.  Magus nodded.

"I may have an easier way for you to find her..." Lucca suggested, "I've built a prototype of the original Epoch.  With slight modifications such as wingspan, steadier maneuverability, you get the idea.  I stored it in the ship.  I can let you use it to find her..."

"You'd do that for me?" Magus asked, a bit surprised.

"I know how much you want her back and I'm willing to help."

"Thank you, Lucca.  You don't know how much she means to me..."  Lucca smiled.

"Let's go back to Marle and Crono." Lucca said.  Magus nodded.

This is going to be a long, hard battle, Magus thought to himself.


Continued in Chapter 6

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