The Wrath of Anthos Chapter 6
The Lone Survivor
By JWolf

Time:  12,000 BC

Schala slowly trudged through the thick snow.  She wasn't sure where she was going.  More accurately, she didn't care where she was going, as long as it were someplace warm.  She hadn't eaten in days and was becoming very unhealthy.  She never tried to stop and rest, always traveling.  The sooner she reached civilization, or what was left of it, she'd have all she'd need to survive.  Her will was the only thing left that kept her going.  She didn't know why.  Her home, Zeal, perished, falling from the very heavens.  The Gurus and poor Janus were pulled into the mysterious time gate that opened when Lavos awakened.  And Crono.  Poor Crono.  He'd died, in part, thanks to herself.  She gave in all throughout her life.  Being used as a puppet by her mother, Queen Zeal.

Schala held the amulet dangling from around her neck, remembering Janus, and a tear came to her eye.  No more, she thought, no more will I be used.  If I can survive this...  No...  I won't...  I've been doomed by my mothe--... Queen Zeal and Lavos, to die in the cold, freezing snow.

Her strength gave out.  She simply couldn't go on.  Schala fell to the ground.  Snow layered itself on her tattered, purple robe.

"Hey!" she heard a voice, "What is that?"

"I don't know...  be careful, Jakob!" another voice said.

Schala managed to look up.  Two figures were approaching her.  As the figures came into view, she saw two men, at least the age of 25.  One of them knelt beside her.

"It's a woman...  Miss, are you alright?"

That's all Schala remembered before she fell unconscious from exhaustion.


"Hey, the girl is coming around.." one of the voices said.  Schala blinked and tried to open her eyes.

"Miss?  Miss?  Are you alright?" the voice asked in a soothing tone.

"Jakob!" a voice called from somewhere else in the cabin, "Ask her if she wants some stew.. it's almost ready!"

Schala slowly opened her eyes and observed her surroundings.  There was a man sitting next to her, looking at her.  He was clean cut and nicely trimmed.  Short, neck length brown hair, and wonderful blue eyes, Schala saw.  He wore a tunic vest, white shirt, and green pants.  Finished off with a pair of leather hiking boots.

"Good afternoon, Miss.  Would you like some stew?  You look like you haven't eaten in weeks..."

Schala nodded and the man left to the kitchen.  She looked around the room she was in.  She was wrapped in a blanket and a damp, warm clothe was on her forehead.  She brushed a few strands of her long white hair out of her face.  The room was pleasant.  It was obvious she was in a cabin of sorts.  Torches were mounted on the walls and candles sat on a few hand crafted stands, providing the only illumination in the room.  A bookcase was opposite her on the other side of the room and a large table sat in the middle of the room.  She was laying on a couch and there were two other wooden chairs beside the table.  The man walked back in with a bowl in his hand.

"Here's your stew, Miss.  Oh yes, and by the way, my name is Jakob.  My humble companion in the kitchen is Johan.  He'll be in here soon."

"My name is Schala." she said with a smile, "Thank you for saving me..."

"Quite welcome."  Jakob's voice was so caring and soothing, Schala thought.

"Where... where am I?"

"This is one of the Last Villages.  There's plenty of villages like our own out there, but well spread out.  The actual name of our village is Sha'quela.  Johan and I came here and built this cabin after we heard of the Ocean Palace disaster.  We've been helping other people build their own cabins as well, after all, we have to start from scratch, and we can't live in tents forever."  Jakob smiled.

"This may sound strange," Schala began, "but has anyone come looking for me?"

"Not strange at all.  There's alot of people that wander into our village looking for friends and family.  And yes, actually, someone did come here in search of you.  I can't remember his name, but I remember his appearance, clear as day.  Eyes like that of an eagle... almost an evil red.  Long blue hair to his shoulders.  He wore a cape, I believe, and a dark armor.  Brown gloves, and he always carried around a scythe with him.  Oh yes!  Now I remember his name!  He said he was Janus, the Prophet."

Schala gasped, and fainted.


Continued in Chapter 7

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