Black and White Prologue

By Kefkarjp

The knights of the Guardia Special Forces Legion were all gathered in the knight's quarters, making a war strategy.

" We will divide into two groups," said the general, clothed in shining gold armor, " Crono, Ronnie, Parry, you will be part of group A, along with James, Mike, and Ginger. Glenn, Zachary, Rose, Michelle, Rachel and I will be part of the other. Group A will attack from the east, and group B will attack from the west. At the same time, the main army will attack from the north. We WILL conquer General Sten's army." The knights all nodded silently, and waited for the general's OK. A couple seconds went by before the General said:" We leave at approximately 900 hours. Get some rest." The meeting was adjourned...

Chapter 1

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