Coping With Grief Chapter 1

By Kefkarjp

As Crono laid in his bed, he was overcome by nightmares. They came, one after the other, a seemingly never-ending stream of terror. It happened every night. A nightmare of him, being completely disintegrated, and suddenly finding himself on the summit of a cold mountain. A nightmare of a huge spiked monster with one eyeball, emitting a blood-curdling scream. He awoke, and sat upright instantly. The nightmares had always been there, ever since he and his friends had defeated Lavos, but, lately, they had been coming on with more force than ever before. He knew why...

He got up, crept over to the door, (being careful not to awaken his mother), descended the staircase, and went out the door. Shutting the door behind him, he went over to the dock. He shot a small spark of lightning out of his hand and into the water, splashing it with brilliant light. Normally, he would have smiled, but tonight, he was thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow he would attend Marle’s funeral...

It had happened without warning. She had been overcome with a deadly disease, and passed away in just two weeks. He hadn’t been able to bring himself to visit her, and he hated himself for that. He was having a hard time coping with himself, but he had made a promise. He may not have been there for her, but he made a promise to himself that he would be there to say goodbye.

"... and a great person. We shall forever hold her in our hearts." With this, the priest finished up his speech. He closed his book and walked away from the altar. There was silence for a moment, and then a slow chant started as the coffin was pushed down the aisle. Crono stood and started to follow, but Lucca held him back.

" Crono, I’d like to talk to you. " A few moments went by, and soon they were alone in the cathedral, "I’m very sorry... I just don’t know what to say."

"Then don’t say anything," replied Crono, his face suddenly stone-like, "I’m fine. " He stood abruptly, turned, and walked away.

" Crono!" Lucca called after him. Crono whirled around.

" What?!" he replied angrily.

" She was a great person..." said Lucca sadly. Crono turned and went out the door, barely holding back the tears in his eyes.

An hour later, he stood on the edge of the west cape, near Chorus. He kicked a small stone and it went straight off the cliff. Down and down it went, before striking the water, creating small ripples. Crono watched them for a moment, before sitting down on the soft grass, his legs dangling over the edge. For a long time, he sat there, just thinking. He thought about the last time he had seen Marle alive. He thought about all the times he and Marle had shared, good and bad. He thought about the sunset, now glowing beautifully over the ocean. Having made up his mind, he closed his eyes, and said, " I will see you soon," and jumped.

Or, at least, tried to. No sooner then he had stood, he was knocked back down with considerable force and hit his head on a rock. As he turned slowly to see who it was, he saw that it was Lucca. "Lucca? " was the last word he said before slipping into unconsciousness.

Chapter 2

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