A Melting Of A Heart Chapter 1


By Key Mima

Sunev Drakaster applied another coat of nailpolish idly on her perfect oval nails and laid back in bed. School was out, summer was here, and yet there was absolutely nothing to do whatsoever. All of her friends had gone to Dinseyland and Europe, but her family was broke since her father had been laid off. She wished she could do something for fun...

Then, a thought came to her. She didn't really play video games anymore, considering that she was sixteen and would be riduculed by all of her *cool* friends, but now that they weren't around... Ohhh yeahh... There it was. She had gone down into her basement and pulled out her old Super NES. And there was her favorite game in the whole universe with a layer of dust on it. Chrono Trigger. She smiled sardonically at the fact that she was busting out a kid's game, but hey! She could do whatever the hell she wanted. She planted the game into the slot and took her place on the smelly old basement rug.

As she started to play, beginning at 65 million BC after she had kicked some Magus ass, the doorbell rang. "Sunev, sweetie, could you get that?" her mom called, breaking her concentration. She paused the game so she could keep her record time.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," she muttered. She swung open the front door. There was no one there. She looked out and around. "Funny!" she yelled at whoever the prankster was, and slammed the door. "Ya little punks."

"Who was it?" her mother asked, coming out into the hall.

"Probably one of Jason's little friends. He needs to get back at me somehow, and he decided that ringing my doorbell and running away would be his safest bet." Her mother shook her head sadly and went back to washing the dishes.

Sunev scrambled down the stairs and plopped happily back into her place, and began again. She giggled at Ayla's asking if Magus tasted better than Frog. "I'd wanna test that theory out," she said with an impish grin. Blushing at her own immaturity, she quickly went back to playing the game, knowing that soon she'd be at Zeal, her favorite place. She liked coming up with insults for the various pompous characters that lined the walls of the "evil empire". And besides, she got to see Magus as a wittle kid. She smiled.

The doorbell rang again. Sunev wasted no time charging up the stairs and flinging open the door. But this time, something was there. A small orb of a purplish color floated three feet in the air before her, and it opened up. Sunev let out a choked cry, and it took her in.


"Ohhh..." Sunev moaned and coughed up a mouthful of water. She heard voices around her, but they seem warped and unreal. She opened her eyes and a blazing light startled her and she cried out. The air seemed... Well, she couldn't tell. It was clean, to say the least.

"Are you alright?" a high voice asked. Sunev shook her head and she felt a pair of strong arms lift her out of whatever she was in. She thought it might be a fountain. They took her to a building, and there she was able to open her eyes. When they focused, she shrieked.

There before her, stood, in succession, Crono, Marle, and Robo. They looked exactly like a big cartoon, and she would have brooded further on this if it weren't for the pounding in her head. It was a keen pain that beat like a heart in her brain. She felt a tear fall down her cheek and wiped it away.

"Where am I?" she asked pitifully.

"You're in Porre," Marle replied, somewhat cheerfully. Sunev looked at her with distaste. She smiled prettily, but rather emptily, as if she were missing most of her intelligence. Robo blinked twice, and handed her a towel he had retreived from wherever they were. Probably the inn.

"You had quite a fall, and quite a shock," he said.

"Yeah I know. I'm freaked just to be here," Sunev replied.

"No," Robo shook his head negatively, "An actual shock. You had sparks flying around you like a lightning storm. We didn't think you'd survive."

Marle giggled. "But now you're okay, so I don't need to worry anymore." Sunev frowned once again.

"I bet you Frog would ask if she were one of Magus's troops, so I'll do that now. Are you?" Crono asked. Sunev marveled at the sound of his voice. She had never seen him speak before.

"I... No! No, I don't even think I'm from this planet! Damn, this has to be a dream..."

"It's no dream," Marle said, pinching her arm and grinning. Sunev flinched.

"It's obvious that you need some rest, young lady," Robo said, and with that he picked her up and laid her down on one of the beds with care. He made as if to smile and chuckle, and they all turned away after promising to check up on her later.


Magus tapped his gloved fingers on the arm of his chair anxiously. The power that had just come into sensing range was enormous, and not even at its highest level. He had no idea whether or not it was magic, but it was strong. Not as strong as his, of course, but would almost be there if it were at its peak. It had arrived a couple days ago, and there was really nothing else to do, so he took the form of himself as a child and teleported to just outside of Porre.

He snuck into the inn where the power was residing and managed to keep out of sight of anyone who might think that a blue-haired child was somewhat different. He rather liked being back in this form, it made him remember better times...

The power was in the form of a black-haired, thin young girl, barely over the age of sixteen, who was sitting at the window and painting on a canvas. She looked different than anyone he had ever seen. Her clothes were odd, a pair black denim shorts hung on her hips, and a dark blue tank top hung on her smooth shoulders. She had eyes of navy blue, and wore a shiny substance on her lips that he found to make them interestingly surreal. The picture was good for an amature, so he finally spoke up.

"That's a nice picture you're got there, miss." She started, and turned to find the source of the voice. The paintbrush made a muted click as it hit the floor, and she sat there gaping at him. Did she know who he was? A look of confusion crossed his face. Were those clothes Zealean? No, they couldn't be. And now that he was so close to her, he knew that the power wasn't magic. "What's wrong?" he asked, trying to sound innocent.

"You're not supposed to be here," she said, looking at him as though he were the Messiah. "You're supposed to be in Zeal!" Magus gasped. No, if she could recognize him, there was no use hiding. He took on his normal form and she looked at him in even more amazement. People behind him screamed and ran, but he only focused on the girl before him.

"How did you know?" he asked, his voice low this time, not childish. She just opened her mouth as if to say something, but no words came.

He grabbed her around her waist and teleported. Now he was in his own gloomy castle, looking down at the girl with a puzzled expression. "How did you have any idea that that was me? Do I know you?" He couldn't help but smile as the idea came to him that he had just killed two birds with one stone. He had found the source of the power, and kidnapped her easily. Now he could use this energy for his own. Hell, maybe this girl could replace that moron Ozzie as general of his army.

"Speak of the devil..." he muttered as Ozzie walked into the dining room with a plate of cookies.

"Ooh!" he cried, putting the plate down and rushing over to them as fast as his fat body could take him. "What a cute little girl!"

"Don't touch her, Ozzie. The girl is stronger than you."

"Huh?" she asked, looking up at Magus with wide eyes.

"Huh?" Ozzie asked, pouting slightly.

"She has an amazing power... You didn't know?" He gazed at her with curiosity, a smile playing over one end of his lips.

"I do *not* have any sort of amazing power! Let me outta this place!"

"No," Magus replied simply. She lashed out and smacked him across the face, and it was apparent that the panic lying within her and finally set in. He grabbed a tuft of her short ebony hair and she winced. He held her face up to his. "I own you now," he said with a smirk. She pushed him away and burst into a run from the room.

"How cute!" Ozzie exclaimed, clapping his hands. Magus teleported to the entrance of the castle and waited. The girl peeked inside the room and closed the door behind her. He heard her curse at the sound of her own footsteps, asking them to be more quiet. It was pitch black in the room save for a few candles on the wall, and the moment that the girl noticed him there was the moment that she walked straight into his chest.

"Shit!" she gasped and turned to run the other way. Ozzie stood in that doorway.

"Let's play a game!" Magus cried, enjoying the feel of being mean to someone so innocent. "You have a choice! You can either go to Ozzie, who'll probably take you out back and rape you, or you can come to me and I'll train you to use that power so you can protect yourself from him." She looked frightened and angry and sad all in one, but at last, she stood behind him, taking his hand. He was startled by the touch, and pulled away.

"Oops," she said, winking.


Sunev had gotten used to living with Magus now that it had been two or so months. She had had no contact with the outside world except for traveling through the magic caves. Magus had figured out her "power" which was really neat. She wished she had had it in her world so she could beat up Jason from a distance. Now that she knew what the power was, she was able to name it. Psychokinesis. Well... A version of psychokinesis. It was much stronger than what she had seen on Sightings and Unsolved Mysteries. She could melt things and throw them with enough force to tear a hole in a wall. Her mentor was very pleased with her, and she was very pleased with herself.

Magus was actually a pleasure to live with, if one could phrase it that way. They both had the same sort of sarcastic, cynical way of seeing things, and often joked with each other about Ozzie and Flea. Flea had become a good friend to her as well. She was like any other girl, if not more vain, but she was okay. Ozzie was a sick little bastard that Sunev wanted to crush like a bug. He took every chance he could to grab her bottom or snap her bra. Slash hadn't really been anything. He was gone most of the day, leading attacks on small towns that Ozzie didn't want to bother with. She had seen him and spoken to him, but nothing really had impressed her.

Magus held out a silver bowl and smiled. "Do your magic," he said. She focused her attention on it, and in a moment, Magus gasped and dropped it, blowing on his fingers. The bowl splashed like liquid on the floor and he jumped to avoid it.

"Now we need to improve on your time. I need you to be able to look at it and *BAM*! It should be gone."

"I don't think I can do that," Sunev moaned unhappily.

"You will do it! You can't just say 'no' and expect me to go on my merry way!" His red eyes narrowed at her and she kicked at the floor.

"You push me too hard, Magus," she said.

"No. You'll appreciate what I've done once you see how it can work for you." Sunev didn't reply. "Look, if you do this for me, I'll give you money and let you go on a shopping spree, okay?"

"You *would*?!" Sunev cried, basking in her instant happiness. She looked up at Magus worshipfully and he let a smile slip.

"I would. But that's *if* you manage to complete this task."


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