Finally Married Part 1

By Krazy Sam

It was a beautiful day in Truce, and it was unusually warm for spring. It was the year 1009, and things had changed quite a bit. On this particular day, a twenty-six year old Crono was walking to Marle’s castle to make wedding preparations. He inhaled deeply, becoming lost in the scent of blooming flowers.

“Crono, wait up!” Crono whirled around, hearing a familiar voice. It was Lucca. Also at twenty-six, she had become a very beautiful woman. Her short hair had grown out to form a purple waterfall that ended just below her knees. She no longer wore glasses- she had invented implants that let her see better without glasses. The only drawback was that in the night, you could see her eyes blinking a dim red in the darkness. She wore a short blue dress that matched her eyes, and a pair of shiny black boots. She had grown in the past nine years, which was unusual for girls her age, so she was now five foot ten. She panted as she approached Crono.

“Lucca!” Crono exclaimed, happy to see his oldest and best friend. His spiky red hair was the same as ever, but his face showed signs of maturity. He had grown, but he was a full inch shorter than Lucca was. He wore his favorite outfit from childhood, but it was a new outfit, one that was larger to accommodate his larger body size. He waited for Lucca to catch up, and gave her a large hug. “What’s up?”

Lucca smiled. “Vincent and I are going to see festival- you know, the ninth anniversary?” She was referring to the ninth anniversary of Lavos’ death and the world returning to normal.

“Vincent?” Crono asked, bewildered. He paused, thinking about who Vincent was. “Your husband, right?”

“Yeah.” Lucca confirmed. She thought about how things went when she announced that she and Vincent were getting married. She was twenty-three, and she had just learned to loosen up. She met Vincent at a science convention, and it was love at first sight. When she announced the wedding plans to Crono, he was a bit disappointed, but when reminded that he was engaged to Marle, he wasn’t upset any more. Lucca guessed that he never would’ve thought that his best friend was getting married to someone he didn’t even know. Her thoughts were interrupted when Crono loudly cleared his throat. “Oh yeah!” She exclaimed when she realized that she was going to ask Crono a question. “Do you and Marle want to go with us?”

Crono smiled and nodded. “See you when it starts?” When Lucca bobbed her head, Crono grinned. “See you at seven.”


“He’s late!” Marle exclaimed. She was waiting for Crono to arrive so that they could make wedding preparations. She couldn’t believe that they had been engaged for three years, and they haven’t gotten married yet. She posed in front of her large mirror. She saw her golden hair cut to chin length and carefully curled under. She smiled when she looked at her appearance. Her emerald eyes sparkled as she did so. She smoothed the front of her white outfit, similar to the one she owned nine years ago, and walked down to the throne room.

“Afternoon, daddy!” She called.

“Nadia, you look beautiful,” her father approved. “Is Crono coming over?” Her smile was enough for him. He could read his daughter like a book, and knew when the love of her life was coming over.

“Did you do anything kingly yet?” Marle asked. Her father was King Guardia XXXII, and he never seemed to do anything because there was no problems in the kingdom.

“No, Nadia.” He laughed.

“Daddy, please call me Marle!” She exclaimed. She liked Nadia enough, but now everyone knew her as Marle, and she wanted her father to call her that also.

“Sorry, Marle.” Her father said with a note of resignation.

“It’s okay, daddy.”

They both stared at each other in silence, when a loud knocking cut through the air, making Marle jump. She quickly got over her surprise and answered the door.


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