Finally Married Part 2

By Krazy Sam

“Who should we invite?” Marle and Crono had been discussing wedding preparations for two hours, and they only needed to figure out whom to invite.

“Definitely Ayla and Kino…” Crono started, “Glenn and any family he has or a guest, Magus, Robo and a friend or two, Queen Leene and King Guardia XIX, Doan…” With each guest he named, Marle nodded her head.

“Is the Epoch still in good shape?” Marle asked.

“Yeah, Lucca said that she could go and get everybody. She doesn’t want us to see them until our wedding day; I guess that she wants us to be surprised. She said that as soon as she gets the list, she’ll go invite everybody and tell us how many are coming.” Crono replied.

“One…two, three…” Marle went over the list to figure how many were expected. “We should have about ten or so right about there.” She stood up. “I’m going to give the guest list to Lucca.”

“Wait a minute!” Crono cried. “How are we gonna figure out what time to set the Epoch to?”

“Lucca will figure that out.” Marle said, not entirely sure herself. She walked out the large wooden doors, leaving Crono alone in the castle with her father, who was in the next room.



“Yes, Lucca. Could you go and get them as soon as possible? I don’t care what you say, I want to see them before I get married.” Marle requested back at Lucca’s new house. Lucca frowned, but she nodded.

“Well, it’s about two months away…” Lucca started, “you want all of them to stay for two months before the wedding? I mean, it would be one thing if it were two weeks away, but two months? That seems a bit ridiculous to me. I’ll get them exactly two weeks before the wedding. I’m going to invite them right as soon as Vincent gets back.”

“Why is Vincent coming?” Marle asked. “They don’t know Vincent!”

“He’s helping me with the Epoch.” Lucca replied.

“Fine. Thanks a lot! Crono told me about the festival. See you and Vincent tonight!” Marle called as she left the house.


The sky was a deep blue in 65,000,000 BCE, and Zala was enjoying every minute of the beautiful day. At eight, she already looked like her parents, Ayla and Kino. Her long blond hair shimmered in the light, and she giggled with glee as she caught a large bug.

“Mommy!” She called. She turned back to her hut, and her mother stepped out. Clad in a purple robe, Ayla looked the same as she always did.

“Yes? What wrong?” Ayla shouted back.

“Look what I caught!” Zala cried. She held up the bug and her mother laughed.

“Only strong can catch that kind of bug! Mother proud!” Ayla leaned against the door to her hut, and watched her young daughter. Named after the reptite leader, Azala, but changed into a girl’s name, Zala was every bit as strong as Ayla and her husband, Kino. Ayla looked up at the blue sky, and suddenly shouted with joy.

“Kino! Come quick!” She screamed. Zala let go of the bug she was holding, and looked up, also. She cringed, but since her mother was so happy, she decided to see what would happen.

A silver vehicle descended from the sky and landed gracefully next to their hut. The large dome on top of it opened up, and two figures emerged from it. One was a female, and her long purple hair looked strange to Zala. What was even stranger to her was the woman’s clothes. She figured that that person must have been a Laruba villager. The other had dark hair and large brown eyes. He was very handsome, and was about six inches taller than the woman. Zala didn’t even know who these people were, and apparently, neither did her mother.

“Who you?” Ayla asked, “you not friend. Where Crono, Lucca, Marle and other people?” The woman laughed, and approached Ayla.

“I am Lucca!” The woman laughed.

“Who the man?” Ayla asked. The man stepped forward.

“I’m Vincent, Lucca’s husband.” He had a deep voice, and smiled as he said those words. Ayla accepted this, and relaxed.

“What?” Kino emerged from the hut, looking quite a bit older than he used to. Lucca smiled when she saw him.

“Hi, Kino!” She called.

“Lucca?” He asked. His face brightened. “Good to see! You okay?”

“Listen, Ayla and Kino,” Lucca began, “Crono and Marle are getting married in two months, and I was wondering if you could come. I will come and pick you guys up if you could make it.

“Good! We come.” Kino replied. “Zala too?”

“Yes, she can come. I bet that she would like to see the future.” She turned to Zala, who was staring at her and her husband. “Would you like to come, too?” She asked gently.

“Go? When?” Zala returned eagerly.

“We have to go now, but we will see you in about a month and a half!” Lucca said as she walked back to the Epoch with Vincent. As the dome closed, she waved and shouted a final good-bye. The Epoch rose into the air, and disappeared.


“Excuse me?” Magus wasn’t sure he heard correctly, but the old man in front of him seemed to be telling him that some strangers were here to see him. He stood up and walked out into the now grassy area of the earthbound village in 12,000 BCE. “Who did you say was here to see me?”

“Strangers, Sir Janus!” The old man cried fearfully. “Came out of a silver ship and asked for you! They looked really strange, so I came to you!” Magus scratched his head and thought. He stood for a while, and then, his face changed to a bright smile.

“Show them in! They are friends of mine.” He tossed his long blue hair behind him and walked to the door of his house to greet his guests.

“Who are your friends?” A feminine voice asked behind him. She stepped forward, and looked up to Magus.

“I don’t know who is here, Schala,” He started, “but if they came in the Epoch, which I think is the case, they must be friends of mine.” As soon as he finished his sentence, two figures appeared in front of him.

“Lucca…?” Magus asked hesitantly. He could hardly recognize her. The only signs that allowed him to think it was indeed Lucca was her purple hair, but how she looked, the man she was with…

“I see you remember me, Magus.” Lucca replied. She looked in the direction of the woman beside Magus, and did a double take.

“Schala?” She questioned, stunned. When the woman smiled and nodded, Lucca grinned. “It’s good to see that you haven’t gone down with the ocean palace!” She paused. “Does this mean that Queen Zeal is still alive?”

“She is alive and well.” Schala replied, her deep green eyes shining. Her features were much like her brother’s, but her face was kinder, and her build was slighter. “Mother is working with the villagers at the moment.”

Magus’ eyes drifted to the man standing next to Lucca. “Who is he?”

“I’m Vincent, Lucca’s husband.” He answered. Magus smiled softly.

“What brings you here?”

“Crono and Marle are getting married, and we were going to invite just you,” she said to Magus, “but since I found out that your sister and mother are alive, they are invited, also.” She stopped to catch a breath. “We have to go soon, but the wedding is two months away, and we need to know if you will be able to come.”

“Splendid. We will all be able to attend.” Magus returned politely. Vincent nodded, and he and Lucca walked back to the Epoch.

“See you then!” Lucca shouted. “We will be back to pick you up!” She and Vincent climbed into the Epoch, and disappeared to 609 AD.


“Sir Glenn, some strangers are here to see you.” Glenn’s servant was standing by the doorway of Glenn’s castle. Lucca and Vincent were standing by the servant, so they couldn’t see into the darkened room lit only by a single candle. Lucca laughed to herself. If she heard the words “Some strangers are here to see you” again, she would most definitely scream. There was a long pause, and then a deep voice boomed through the stone room.

“Show them in.” Lucca hadn’t expected a deep voice, but the croak of a frog- after all, Glenn was a frog. Lucca and Vincent tentatively stepped into the dim room, and almost immediately, a faint red flashing was seen in Lucca’s eyes.

“What the…” Glenn had spotted the flashing, and didn’t recognize who it was standing before him.

“Glenn, it’s me, Lucca.” Lucca said softly. She heard some rapid footsteps going away from her, and suddenly found the room bathed in light. She nearly fainted when she saw Glenn.

Glenn was no longer a frog. He was a tall, muscular man with chin length brown hair and flashing green eyes. He was very handsome, Lucca noted, and she wondered how he changed himself back into a human.

“How did you change back…?” Lucca whispered. Glenn laughed, a hearty, booming laugh that

Lucca thought was a little too loud.

“You might’eth say that I’ve been practicing my magic skills.” He explained. “I’ve become so respected, that I now live in my own castle. What brings thee here, Lucca and…?” He trailed off, not knowing whom the strange man was standing beside her.

“I’m Vincent, Lucca’s husband.” He said in a tired voice.

“Time grows short, so I’ll be brief.” Lucca voiced. “Crono and Marle are getting married, and they want you to come to the wedding. Do you have any family?”

“No,” was the response.

“It’s in two months, but Marle wants to see you two weeks before the wedding day. Is it okay with you if I pick you up then?” When Glenn nodded, Lucca smiled.

They quickly said their good-byes, and Lucca and Vincent went off to invite the king and queen.


Slow down, Edward! I cannot understand a word you are saying. Did you just say that an old friend is here to see me? Robo was just informed that he had visitors, and he was hoping that it was his dear friend, Lucca.

“Yes, Prometheus. Two people. A man and a woman! Said that they needed to speak with you.” The young man said in a rush.

“By all means, bring them in!” Robo exclaimed. Edward disappeared for a while, and returned with Lucca and Vincent.

“Lucca!” Robo cried. His green glass eyes flashed in an unusual pattern, and he ran toward Lucca. She gave a startled cry as he hugged her.

“I thought you didn’t have emotions!” She exclaimed. Robo gave a little laugh.

“For some reason, I had developed emotions shortly after the gates closed.” Robo returned.

“Nice to meet you, Robo.” Vincent decided to introduce himself before he was questioned for the millionth time that day. “I’m Vincent, Lucca’s husband.” Robo nodded, and then his expression changed.

“I am detecting implants in your eyes…” he began, “and another life form within you! It is two weeks old…”

“Oh my god…” Lucca uttered.

“I believe you’re pregnant, Lucca.” Robo exclaimed gleefully. Vincent began to look sick, and Lucca fainted into his arms.


“Hello? You awake?” Lucca finally came to, and Vincent was kneeling above her. She blushed, and quickly got to her feet.

“Umm…sorry.” Lucca said, embarrassed. “What a shock!”

“It shocked me, too, honey.” Vincent murmured. Robo pulled Lucca to her feet, and she promptly brushed dust off her clothes.

“We were here to ask you something. Crono and Marle are getting married in two months, and we want to know if you can attend.” Lucca went through the routine for what seemed to be the umpteenth. “We would pick you up two weeks before the wedding starts, so we can all catch up on stuff.”

“Sure. I would love to go! Unfortunately, I have no family to bring.”

“Fine.” Vincent cut in. “Lucca, we have to go if we want to make it to the festival on time.”

“Okay.” Lucca answered. “We gotta go, Robo. We’ll see you in a while!”

They ran out and boarded the Epoch. With their last guest taken care of, they could finally go back to their own time to prepare for the festival.


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