Finally Married Part 3

By Krazy Sam

“Wow…” Marle breathed. “What a lovely night.” She held on to Crono’s arm, and they both walked around Leene Square with Lucca and Vincent.

“Yeah.” Lucca agreed. “Did you know that I’m…”

“Shhh.” Vincent shushed Lucca. “Remember, it’s a surprise.” Lucca clamped her hand over her mouth, and nodded. Her eyes blinked red, and Vincent laughed and kissed her on the forehead, making Lucca giggle. Soon, both had dissolved into helpless laughter, and Crono and Marle stopped walking.

“What is with you two?” Crono asked with a smile on his face. Lucca and Vincent abruptly stopped and went back to walking.

“Look! It’s them!” A little girl screamed from one of the tables. No sooner had the words escaped from her lips, a whole crowd of children surrounded Crono, Marle and Lucca. They totally ignored Vincent.

“Whoa…!” Crono screamed. He was attacked by a group of high-school girls with pencil and paper in hand. He carefully signed his name on as many as he could, and the children immediately ran to Lucca, where she repeated the procedure. Last, people surrounded Marle, and she tried her best to autograph pads coming at her from all sides. She was soon overwhelmed, and Vincent nodded to Lucca.

“By the way, Crono,” Lucca called over the din; “I’m pregnant!”

A hush fell over the crowd, and Crono nearly choked on a drumstick he was eating. All of the faces in the mob turned toward Lucca, and Marle heaved a sigh of relief.

“Say WHAT?” Crono finally screamed.

“I’m pregnant.” Lucca said happily, giving Vincent a little hug.

“Wow…this is big…” Marle gasped. The masses got their final autographs, and ran away, shrieking and giggling. Lucca’s eyes flashed rythmically, and the two couples walked in silence for a while.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Crono finally asked.

“We just found out when Robo told us!” Lucca cried.

“You couldn’t tell?” Marle questioned.

“No!” Vincent answered.

Four hours later, everyone decided to call it a night. Lucca and Vincent walked toward their house, while Crono and Marle strode toward Guardia Castle. They turned in for the night, either ecstatically happy, or confused and taken off guard.


The next morning, Lucca and Vincent awoke to a sunny day. They quickly got ready to face the day, and walked through the large fields and rows of houses to Leene Square. Lucca was due to unveil her original version of her telepod at the festival that afternoon. Lucca pulled her long hair back in a high ponytail, and quickly braided it before it was time for her to show the same invention that started the whole adventure that she had. Fifteen minutes before the unveiling was scheduled to occur, Lucca ran to the nearest food booth.

“Give me two drumsticks, and some corn.” She demanded.

“Miss, if you knew the heroes, Crono, Lucca, and Marle, you get a fifty percent discount on all food items!” The merchant said energetically.

“What if you are one of them?” She asked, impatient to get her food.

“Are you Lucca?” The man questioned excitedly.

“Yes. I would really like my food now.” Lucca sighed.

“In that case, you get all the food you can eat, free! By the way, I heard about the baby. Have our special bread- it is the best bread in Truce!” The man seemed to have all the energy in the world, and Lucca finally escaped with all of her food. When she returned, Vincent balked.

“You’re gonna eat all that?” He asked incredulously.

“No, I got some for you.” She handed him a drumstick and some of the bread, and the pair ate in silence.

“Do you want a girl or a boy?” Lucca finally asked.

“Definitely a boy.” Vincent quickly answered.

“I want a girl…”

“I guess we’re going to be busy inventing things for the baby, aren’t we?” Lucca looked up from her eating, and smiled.

“This baby might not be so bad,” she laughed.

Vincent laughed also, causing himself to spray the bread he had in his mouth all over Lucca.

“Ewww! Gross!” She shrieked, giggling madly. She frantically brushed off the food, and then gasped.

“Oh no! I can’t go in the telepod!” She cried, “I don’t know what it could do to the baby…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Vincent said in a soothing voice, “I’ll go.” Lucca relaxed, and put her empty plates in the nearest garbage can, and smoothed her outfit. The sun reached its peak, and instantly, crowds filled the north end of the square.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” Lucca shouted, “nine years ago, you saw my first unveiling of my telepod, and now, here it is again!” She whipped the draping off the large machine, and the crowd gasped in awe.

The telepod was cleaned up for the presentation, and it was shining in the bright sunlight. It was a remarkable work of art, and its blue platform seemed like an ocean of metal. Lucca, herself, was awed, but she quickly got over it and spoke once again.

“My dear husband, Vincent, is going to test this remarkable device to show everybody what it can do.” Lucca cried, bursting with energy. The crowd applauded when Vincent stepped up, and Lucca started up the machine.

“Sure that this isn’t going to send me to another era?” Vincent joked. Lucca hesitated, and began the energy transfer. Vincent disappeared in a shower of blue sparks, and the masses held their breath in suspense. The sparks flew around for a while, and finally headed toward the other telepod. The sparks rearranged, and Vincent suddenly reappeared. The people let out their breaths in relief, and Lucca wiped sweat off her brow. Vincent stepped off the platform and gave Lucca a hug while the masses roared their approval.

“How about if the people can see the first two humans to actually test the telepod?” A male voice suddenly shouted from the center of the large group. Everybody stopped their cheering to look at the owner of the voice, and Crono and Marle stepped in front of everybody.

Lucca smiled, and Crono stepped up.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the first person to test the telepod will now test it again!” Lucca cried. The crowd cheered, and Crono stepped up. Lucca activated the telepod with Vincent’s help, and Crono reappeared on the next platform seconds later. Crono whispered something into Lucca’s ear, and she grinned. Marle stepped up and held her hands up in a victorious gesture. The crowd laughed, and Marle handed Crono her pendant- the same pendant that got her sent to another era. Lucca and Vincent activated the telepod, and a huge gate suddenly appeared. Vincent gasped and turned pale. Marle disappeared, and the sparks left behind flew into the gate. It closed, and someone in the crowd of people screamed. A minute of silence passed, and Lucca and Crono also began to look worried. Abruptly, another gate appeared at the steps leading to the north end of the square, and Marle stepped out. She waved to Crono, and everybody relaxed.

“Just kidding!” Marle screamed happily.

“How did you do that?” Vincent asked in amazement to Lucca. She beamed and shook her head, not wanting to reveal her secrets. The group slowly applauded, and disbanded to explore the rest of the fair.

“That was cool!” Marle cried.

“What happened, anyway?” Vincent asked Lucca.

“I tinkered with the telepod when Marle stepped on. We had this all prearranged, and what was to happen was going to be something to scare everybody. Marle would be teleported behind everybody in a matter of seconds. Apparently, I miscalculated, and she was gone for a minute instead of a few seconds.” Vincent cocked an eyebrow, and tilted his head to one side to ponder what had just been said.

“Why don’t you come back to the castle to make preparations?” Marle asked.

After muttered agreements, the four walked to Guardia Castle.


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