Finally Married Part 4

By Krazy Sam

Two Weeks Before The Wedding


“When are you going to go get the guests, Lucca?” Marle asked for the fifth time in the past hour.

“In just a minute!” Lucca sighed. She was getting sick and tired of hearing Marle ask that question. She pulled her boots on, and brushed her wet hair back. She searched for a ribbon, and, finding one, pulled her hair back in a ponytail. She straightened her green shirt and stood up. Marle’s eyes were full of anticipation, and she was practically leaping out of her castle with excitement.

“I wonder how everybody has changed…” She thought softly. Lucca laughed and walked to the Epoch. She fiddled with the controls to set it to the exact date, and hopped in. She pressed the ignition button, and the Epoch lifted off the ground, blending in perfectly with the clouds hanging over Truce. She pulled the lever that activated the time shifts, and was gone.


Lucca landed the Epoch a few feet from Ayla’s hut. Like in 1000 AD, it was very cloudy. She almost stepped out, when Ayla and Zala stepped out, ready to go. Zala was in her best skins, and her long hair was pulled back. Ayla was dressed similarly, and her wild blond hair was down as usual. Lucca let down the steps, and Ayla and Zala walked inside. Zala’s eyes lit up, and she looked out the windows excitedly. They took off and seconds later in 65,000,000 BCE, the Epoch reappeared only with Lucca in it to pick up Kino.


In ten minutes, everybody was in Guardia Castle, laughing and talking as if they hadn’t been separated for nine years. Crono and Vincent had come back from work and joined in the conversations taking place around them.

“What an adorable little girl,” Vincent was saying to Kino.

“She very strong.” Kino replied proudly.

“Oh, really?” Vincent said, with eyebrow raised. Kino nodded, and Zala stepped forward.

“Arm wrestle?” She asked in a small voice. Vincent laughed and took the challenge. Marle, who was nearby, set up a table for them, and they were ready to go in no time. Lucca, deep in conversation with Robo, didn’t even notice what was taking place until Robo pointed it out to her. She whirled around just in time to see Crono release their hands, thus starting the match.

“Oh brother…” Lucca groaned while rolling her eyes. She watched as Zala easily defeated Vincent, and couldn’t stop herself from laughing. Vincent, on the other hand, was very embarrassed. He turned bright red, and didn’t say another word. Crono challenged Zala, and that match lasted much longer than either one expected.

In three minutes, everybody was crowded around the table, cheering either one on. The match ended five minutes later with Crono finally pinning Zala’s arm to the table.

“You strong!” Zala said with admiration. Everybody cheered, and Crono jumped up on the table, doing a victory dance. Marle laughed, and served refreshments to everybody, but first was giving a cookie to Zala.

“What this?” Zala asked suspiciously.

“It’s a cookie.” Marle replied sweetly. “Try it, you’ll love it!” Zala cautiously took a bite, and her eyes lit up for the millionth time that day.

“This good! Thank you!” Zala stuffed the rest of the cookie in her mouth and grinned.

“Lucca, why wasn’t I invited to your wedding?” Robo asked.

“The Epoch was broken down. I really wanted you to be there but…” She trailed off. Robo accepted this and suddenly brightened.

“Would you like to hear some music from when I was first created? It was the same from when the day of Lavos was supposed to have occurred.” Lucca hesitantly nodded, and a rhythmic tune blasted out of Robo a second later. Everybody stopped to look at him, and Lucca tried her best to listen to the song without covering her ears. When it ended, she giggled.

“Nice…” She grimaced, and Robo noticed this.

“Want to hear something better?” Lucca shook her head, but Robo ignored her. Another tune was played, and she rather liked this one.

“It’s a group called the Alley Rats.” Robo explained. Lucca smiled, and began to dance with the rhythm. Queen Zeal, who was at the other side of the room, tossed her long blue hair behind her shoulder and laughed. She pulled her son to the middle of the room, and started to dance, also. Magus blushed a deep scarlet, and tried his best to resist, but soon found himself dancing, also. Schala giggled and watched the scene. Lucca had already pulled a still embarrassed Vincent to the center, and in no time, everybody was dancing.

“This is strange!” Queen Leene shouted over the din, her hands clasped in her husband’s. Her golden hair was pulled back in her usual fashion, and looked the same as always. Doan was dancing with Schala, and he looked a lot nicer than he did in the future Crono, Lucca, and Marle knew. Robo played many songs from his memory banks, and soon, everyone was at the food tables. Kino would take a bite of one food, wolf it down, and go right to another. Servants scurried back and forth from the kitchen to the conference room where the party was being held. Laughter and merriment rang out from the castle for hours until everyone was drooping from exhaustion.

When the reunion ended, everybody except for Robo, Vincent, and Lucca remained in the castle for the night. Lucca had arranged for Robo to stay in her home the time he was there, and she knew that they had a lot of catching up to do.


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