Finally Married Part 5

By Krazy Sam

A week later, Marle and Lucca made the final preparations with Schala and Queen Leene. They went dress shopping, and arranged to have just the right flowers.

“How does this dress look?” Marle asked from outside the small fitting room. She had a very beautiful gown, with lace and satin, and the veil was made of the finest material. Schala was getting bored from waiting so long, so she was amusing herself by randomly levitating objects. She had just lifted a large desk when Marle walked out. Startled, her concentration was broken and the desk came crashing down from its altitude of three feet. The manager, whose back was turned at the time, whirled around. He looked around, and finding nobody near the desk, turned purple and went back to putting the dresses that Marle had turned down away. Schala giggled shyly, and looked at the dress.

“It’s perfect!” Lucca squealed. She grinned widely and gave Marle the thumbs-up signal. Queen Leene nodded in approval, and all three turned to Schala.

“It’s nice.” She finally whispered. “I like it a lot.” Marle looked in the mirror one last time, and shook her head.

“No, this won’t do at all…” Marle grumbled, and Schala, Lucca, and Queen Leene moaned in exasperation.


After another two hours, the four walked out of the bridal gown store and promptly made their way to another dress store, one that sold bridesmaids dresses. It was prearranged that Lucca was to be the Maid of Honor, and Schala and Ayla were to be bridesmaids. Queen Leene and Zeal insisted that they would be better off watching. Lucca grinned evilly and turned to Marle.

“Now it’s our turn to make you wait!” She laughed maniacally, and Schala rolled her eyes.

“Please say that you’re kidding!” Schala groaned. Lucca raised an eyebrow, and smiled.

“Okay, I’m kidding. How’s that?” She found a dress and ran off to the fitting room to try it on.


“Why didn’t Ayla want to come, again?” Marle asked Lucca when they had bought all they needed, and the four were back in the castle drinking tea.

“She didn’t want to see the dress she’d have to wear. She was afraid that she would faint at the sight of a dress.” Lucca laughed. At that moment, Ayla came barreling in the dining room where the other four women were.

“You talk about me?” She asked. “You buy dress yet?” Lucca pulled a deep jade dress out of a large cloth bag, and Ayla held it up in curiosity.

“This look strange…” Ayla held it up to see if it would fit her, and smiled. “It nice, though.”

“By the way…” Lucca cut in, “you won’t be able to take it back with you. Schala either. Taking it back might change history in ways you could not imagine!” Marle’s eyes went wide, and she swallowed the sip of tea she just took.

“Um, Lucca?” She started timidly, “Crono and I took the Epoch back in time a couple of days ago, and it turns out that they did take the dresses back.”

“What?” Lucca wasn’t sure she heard right.

“Apparently, Ayla put her dress in a large chest, and millions of years later, Schala did the same to the same chest. They both buried it in the spot where the Tyrano Lair used to be. Schala’s future self told me.” Lucca raised an eyebrow and sighed.

“Okay, you can take the dresses back.” She corrected herself. She gulped down the last of her tea and poured herself another glass, but before she drank it, dumped a lot of sugar in. Queen Leene’s eyes went wide, and she nearly choked on the glass of water she was drinking.

“You think you have enough sugar?” She asked sarcastically. Lucca took a sip, and made a face.

“Nope. Needs more sugar.” She reached for the sugar bowl, and emptied the last of the sugar. She took another sip and smiled. “Just right.”


Magus and Glenn were at Medina village as the women were shopping. Both men walked around the shoreline, not speaking. Finally, Magus broke the silence.

“How did you change yourself back?” He finally asked.

“My magic hath improved, Magus.” Glenn replied. He and Magus came to an open clearing.

“Let’s see how good you are.” Magus challenged. Glenn grinned, and nodded.

“We will not tear each other apart- no weapons. Just magic.” Magus and Glenn took a few steps away from each other and prepared to attack. Magus, being overconfident, struck first. His gloved hand took a red glow, and he shot a wave of fire to engulf Glenn. Glenn cast a protective bubble around him, and easily deflected the fire. He raised his arms and energy flowed into them. They whirled around like a tornado, and Magus could only watch in admiration and shock. Suddenly, a beam of light shot out of the vortex, and the tornado changed form. Glenn rose up into the air, and thrust his arms forward. A wave of water layered beneath fire, lightning, and some shadow magic rushed toward Magus, and swirled around him. Magus completely disappeared, and only the magic was visible. Glenn slowly descended, and as soon as he landed, the swirling stopped. The mass of matter dispersed, and Magus was left standing. He swayed for a little bit, and fell down dead. Glenn ran up to him and took a pulse.

“Oops.” He laughed. He put his hands on Magus’ heart and began to chant. Magus’ body glowed with a strange light, and he sat up.

“What did you just do? Can you teach me? How did you learn it?” Magus fired one question after another, and Glenn laughed again.

“I will tell you later, my friend.” He helped Magus up, and both continued on their walk. Magus still tried to learn the secret of the tornado, but Glenn only laughed at him.


“You know who I forgot to invite?” Crono suddenly gasped in the castle that evening. “Melchior, Gaspar, and Spekkio!” He slapped his hand against his forehead and dashed out the door. Marle, who was nearby, shook her head.

“How could I have forgotten them?” she moaned. She slumped down on her throne as she heard the Epoch returning. She ran to the large wooden doors and opened them. Crono walked in, with an aging Melchior and Gaspar, and a very energetic Spekkio, in the form of a Nu. Marle grinned and greeted her guests. She only wished that everyone else were here to meet them. Melchior, Gaspar, and Spekkio were invited to stay the night, and they did so happily. Spekkio promptly challenged Crono and Marle to a battle, but was declined. He reluctantly accepted their answer, and went off in search of Lucca, Robo, Ayla, Glenn, and Magus. Marle knew that Lucca and Vincent were coming over in a few minutes, and before she could cry out, she heard Spekkio’s gleeful cry.

“A newcomer!” Marle giggled and listened to the conversation taking place outside.

“I’m Vincent.” She heard Vincent say outside. “Who are you?”

“That’s Spekkio, the master of war.” Lucca replied. Crono raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“Your inner character is very interesting,” Crono said in a mimicking voice as Spekkio uttered those same words outside the door.

“You’re like Lucca…” Spekkio said outside, inspecting Vincent, “but it would be upsetting for her if her husband had the same magic…” Lucca looked up, and smiled.

“No I wouldn’t!” She cried. Spekkio shrugged his shoulders and chanted.

“Ipso Facto Meenie Mo!” Spekkio cried excitedly. A wall of fire surrounded Vincent at the moment Crono opened the doors. He gaped, openmouthed as Vincent’s eyes took on a red glow as Lucca’s had when she got her powers.

“Wanna try it out?” Spekkio challenged. Vincent turned to Lucca, and she smiled.

“Everyone for themselves!” She cried wickedly. Crono and Marle stepped out of the doors, intrigued.

“C’mon! Join us!” Lucca shouted when she spotted them.

“Okay!” Marle bounced out of the castle, forgetting what she said earlier. Crono also bobbed his head.

“We heard the rules- everyone for themselves, right?” Crono asked. Lucca got into a fighting stance and her hands took on a red glow.

“Go easy on me, okay?” Vincent pleaded. “Wait!” He suddenly called. “How do I use the magic?” His face darkened with worry.

“You’ll get it,” His wife said from beside him. Vincent grumbled to himself and also prepared to defend himself. Gaspar positioned himself out of reach of magic and motioned for the fight to start.

Spekkio attacked first, with an impressive array of ice rocks. Everyone ducked for cover as they were pelted with giant glaciers. Lucca’s eyes went wide, and she pointed at Vincent. All at once, a gold aura formed around him. He looked at himself in wonder as Crono scowled.

“No fair!” He cried out.

“He’s just a beginner!” She retorted, and everybody continued the fight.

Crono chanted, and a lightning bolt came from the clouds and struck Lucca. She shrieked, and managed to escape it. She retaliated with an improved flare attack. The sky gleamed red, and a wall of fire pushed outward from Lucca. It engulfed everyone, but Vincent was the one who was least damaged, due to the shield. He did his best to cast his newfound magic, and aimed for Marle. A tiny spark flew from his finger, and landed right in front of her, promptly bursting into flames. She screamed, and cast ice around her to absorb the brunt of the blow. Spekkio attacked next, with the basic dark bomb. It engulfed Vincent, and he fell to the ground, unconscious. Marle raised her arms, and motioned for Lucca to follow. Lucca did so, and fire and ice combined to form the ever-deadly Antipode. Improved over the years, it knocked Crono to the ground and wounded Spekkio. He grunted and cast a prism over Marle. It hovered above her for a second, and struck. It sucked all of the energy out of her, making it impossible for her to cast any more magic. Fuming, she stalked off to the side. Lucca tried to defend herself against the torrent of magic coming at her, and she finally attacked. Fire came from within Spekkio, and pushed outward, like it had on Death Peak nine years ago. Spekkio exploded, and Lucca pumped her fist.


Parts of Spekkio came back together as if drawn by some invisible magnet, and rearranged to form the Spekkio that was just exploded. He crossed his arms angrily and grimaced.

“I really wish you wouldn’t do that.” He raised his arms and a glow surrounded all four of the humans. Crono and Vincent stood up, and Marle cast a test ice cube to make sure that she still had her powers. Lucca danced around everyone, laughing about her triumph. Marle then ushered everyone inside for dinner.


“So, Lucca,” Spekkio said with his mouthful of bread and salad, “how did you grow so much? I thought that girls weren’t supposed to grow after…um…fifteen or sixteen.” Lucca glanced up, and her expression changed. Nobody except for herself and Vincent knew what really happened, and she was embarrassed about it.

“One of my inventions went crazy.” Lucca mumbled. Crono cocked an eyebrow and grinned.

“THE great Lucca? I never dreamed it possible!” He laughed so hard that he almost choked on the rice he was eating. Lucca glared at him.

“Actually, Vincent helped me.” She shot back. Vincent also looked up and frowned.

“Hey, don’t go dragging me into this one…” Marle stopped eating long enough to laugh.

“What was the invention?” She asked once she caught her breath.

Lucca drew in a breath. “Vincent and I were testing a formula to block pain four years ago, and it didn’t work. When we gave up after twelve injections, we went to sleep, and the next day, I was four inches taller.” She sighed, shaking her head. “It was so weird! It didn’t even damage my body or cause stretch marks- it just… made me grow…”

Spekkio sighed. “I hoped it would be an interesting story.” He belched loudly and grinned. “I’ve had enough. Anyone else stuffed?” A round of nods was the reply.

“Oh yeah!” Lucca exclaimed, “I’m pregnant!” Spekkio’s eyes widened, and Gaspar smiled.

“Congrats!” Gaspar cried, “I even know what’s going to happen! The baby will be a…”

“Shhh!” Lucca laughed, “we want to be surprised!”

“Pregnant?” Spekkio asked incredulously, “does that mean that you two…”

Lucca blushed and Vincent turned away. Crono put his hand over his mouth and snorted. Finally, he couldn’t contain it any longer and burst out laughing. When Lucca once again glared at him, he stopped, but a wide grin was still on his face.

“Sorry. It’s just that…” Lucca reached across the round table and slapped Crono across the face. Everyone else around the table burst out laughing.

“What a jerk,” she muttered.


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