Finally Married Part 6

By Krazy Sam

“Did I make the right choice?” Crono asked himself in his house at that moment. “Of course I did. Why else did I ask Marle to marry me?” He rolled over and gave it no more thought.


“Did I make the right choice?” Lucca asked aloud to no one. Vincent was asleep, and Lucca helped herself to another brownie. “Should I have had the last one with whipped cream?” She shrugged and put whipped cream on the brownie she was about to eat. “No problem!” She polished off the brownie and smiled.

“Lucca, are you down there eating AGAIN?” Vincent called, rushing down the stairs of the large, two-story dome.

“No,” Lucca lied.

“Let’s see,” Vincent said, becoming fully visible. Clad only in baggy pants that barely stayed on his torso, Vincent was trying his best to keep them up.

“I didn’t eat any.” Lucca lied once more, her eyes dimly blinking.

“Crumbs all over the table, whipped cream, and,” Vincent paused to kiss his wife, and then smiled triumphantly, “brownie on the breath. Classic signs of brownie theft!” Lucca put her head on the table, laughing softly.

“I was hungry,” she whined.

“You came down here nine times in the past four hours!”

“So?” Lucca smoothed the front of her old olive-green shirt and her eyes went wide. “Oh lord…”

“What?” Vincent asked, alarmed. Lucca pulled up the shirt enough to reveal her belly and a pair of shorts.

“Look!” she insisted. Vincent leaned closer and gasped.

“Oh no! It’s the dreaded baby!” Lucca glowered at him and pulled her shirt back down.

“You don’t see the bulge? It’s bigger, isn’t it?” She asked doubtfully.

“Only that from all of the food you have been eating lately.”

With an angry yelp, Lucca stormed upstairs, her hair flying behind her like a flag. Vincent followed her upstairs, leaving the mess to be cleaned at a later date.


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