Finally Married Part 7

By Krazy Sam

“Oh, MAN!” Marle cried, exasperated. Today was the day she had been waiting for her entire life. Her life was about to change forever and she was not sure she was ready to face it. She grimaced as her white satin glove fell off her hand. “You were supposed to behave!”

“Who, me?” Lucca poked her head inside Marle’s bedroom and smiled. She found out what Marle was talking to and laughed. “Aren’t you a little old to talk to inanimate objects?” Marle glared at Lucca and sniffed.

“Do you have any inventions to help me?” She asked sarcastically.

“Believe it or not, I do,” Lucca replied. She pulled a small tube from out of her black handbag. “It’s a kind of glue that goes on skin. It sounds painful, but it isn’t.” She handed it to Marle and she eyed it suspiciously.

“Glue?” Marle rolled her eyes, but tried the glue anyway. She shook her arm and smiled. “It WORKS? I can’t believe it!”

“Shut up,” Lucca retorted good-naturedly. She looked at Marle’s hair, which was hanging in wet strings around her face. “Let me do your hair! It would look so pretty!”

“Sure, go ahead,” Marle muttered, “it’s not like I have any idea what to do with it anyway.” Lucca grinned widely and proceeded to twist Marle’s hair in different ways.


“Two hours ‘till show time,” Robo told Crono, who was reading a book on a knight’s bed in the Square Table Quarters.

“Show…Time?” Crono asked, bewildered.

“It’s an expression in my time. It refers to the time before an actor goes on stage,” Robo explained.

“Um, Robo?” Crono started, “I’m not an actor, nor am I performing. I’m really getting married to the woman I love.”

“I know that!” Robo said indignantly, “It’s an expression for any time one has to appear.” Crono accepted this and heaved a sigh.

“Should I start getting ready?” He finally queried.

“You will be done and bored in a half hour,” came the reply.



“A half hour is left!” Marle whispered nervously. “How…how do I look?” She was already done preparing herself for the wedding, and all that remained was the matter of getting Lucca ready.

“Great! Now, help me get into this dress!” Lucca pulled a gorgeous satin dress that matched her hair perfectly from a cloth bag. It had short flared sleeves, and the skirt part went down to Lucca’s ankles. She also removed a pair of matching high-heeled shoes.

“Ooh, your dress is so pretty!” Marle squealed. Lucca removed her shorts and shirt and put the dress on. Marle saw that it had a low neckline. Lucca turned around and motioned for Marle to help her button it up at the bottom.

“Thanks! Wow, this is tighter than I thought.” Lucca cried out. Marle giggled and grasped Lucca’s shoulders.

“Darling, you’re with child. I’m surprised that you’re not ballooning out by now. Lucca gasped and her eyes went wide.

“Don’t mention that, please!”

“I won’t,” Marle promised. She decided to change the subject. “How should we do your hair?”


“You want me to WHAT?” Crono screamed.

“Pull your hair back! It would make you look more…refined,” Robo implored. He handed Crono a small band. “You will be pleased with the results.”

Crono grumbled and reluctantly pulled his long hair back. “I look like a dork.”

“No you don’t,” Robo disagreed. “Now, go on out to the throne room where everyone’s waiting.”


Crono waited apprehensively at the altar while listening to a choir sing Truce’s national anthem. He felt ready to throw up, and he still had a ways to go before he could be done with the wedding. He stared at his black tux and bow tie, and his carnation pinned to his vest. The young priest standing in front of him gave him a reassuring look and smiled.

“Don’t worry, this won’t take long at all.” He said in a low voice. Crono managed a weak smile and sucked in a breath.

The choir stopped, and began to sing a different tune. Crono turned around and stared at the people watching. Queen Zeal was in the center seat in the first row, and she looked lovely, with her kind eyes shining, and her long blue hair braided back. Queen Leene and King Guardia XIX sat next to her. Crono looked further and saw his oldest friends behind them, and most of the town with them, to witness Princess Nadia’s wedding. His attention was focused away from them when Zala emerged from the entrance. She wore a short pink dress, and pretty white shoes. She wore a ring of flowers on her head and she was smiling. She carried a basket of flower petals, and was gently tossing them out of the basket. Next to follow was Schala, her dress teal, like Ayla’s, and her arm was linked with Magus’. Magus left his hair flowing, and it seemed out of place with his black suit and tie. Kino and Ayla were next to follow. Each were wearing the same outfits as Schala and Magus. Lucca and Vincent came last. Lucca’s hair was neatly pulled back in a barrette, and the rest of her hair flowed gracefully down past her knees. Vincent wore a black suit and a white bow tie. The women went off to the right, while the men went off to the left. Crono gaped in awe. This whole thing was new to him, and he wasn’t sure what to expect next.

The choir changed pace to a wedding march, and the guests rose. Crono’s eyes darted to the entrance to see Marle emerge, her face gently glowing. Her gown was made of silk and lace, and trailed behind her in an exquisite manner. Her golden hair was piled on top of her head, with the lace veil holding it up. Ringlets framed her lovely face, and her emerald eyes sparkled. Her bouquet was of lilies and roses. She smiled as she walked down the aisle. Murmured comments were audible from each side of the room, and Crono himself was speechless with awe. He felt that he could get lost in her beauty forever and never want to find a way out.

She finally reached the altar where Crono was standing, and the multitude politely sat down. Crono sighed and stared at his wife-to-be, and Marle giggled.

“This is it,” Marle uttered.

“We are gathered here today to witness…” The priest’s voice droned on for what Crono felt was an eternity. He thought about the happy life waiting for him. His wife, the children, and his new family were what he was prepared for. Driven into his thoughts intermittently was the problems, and the threat of a loss of love in the future.

“Crono?” The priest asked, snapping his fingers in Crono’s face.

“Wha…?” Crono asked dumbly, coming to his senses.

“Do you take Nadia Guardia to be your wife?”

“I do,” Crono replied bravely.

“Pay attention next time!” Marle hissed. Crono smiled and crossed his eyes at her, causing her to giggle softly.

“Do you, Nadia Guardia, take Crono to be your husband?” Marle turned to Crono, her eyes glimmering brightly.

“I…” She faltered and began to panic. Suddenly, thoughts of Crono doing nothing and an unhappy marriage burned holes in her mind. “I…” She wanted to cry. How could she do this? She loved him with all her heart…

“I do!” She finally said in a rush. She and Crono each heaved a sigh of relief and grinned.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife,” The minister said gleefully, “you may now kiss the bride!”

Marle wrapped her arms around Crono’s neck as she had many times in the past, and the two shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

“Yeah! YEAH!! Way to go, Crono!” Spekkio shouted from the back of the room.

“Shut up, Spekkio!” Gaspar hissed. The crowd laughed merrily and Crono and Marle ran down the aisle, to go to the horse drawn carriage waiting for them.

“I just love happy endings!” Lucca exclaimed, wiping away tears.


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