Crono And Marle Get Married Chapter 1

The Nightmares

By Lavos Core

It was 3:00AM Crono is now 18 years old he lies awake in his bed thinking about his wedding tomorrow, but before he knows it he is alseep once again


Crono: Yawn, what time is it

Sabastian(the cat): it is 8:00AM

Crono: How in the carnations are you talking?

Sabastian: Im talking because this is a dream you dummy head

Crono: But but it seems so real

Sabastian: God yur stupid Crono you are still alseep NOW WAKE UP

Crono wakes up and screams like he saw a ghost

Cronos mom: whats wrong honey?

Crono: Im having cold feet about this wedding with Marle

Cronos mom: dont worry it will be alright now get dressed the wedding is in 2 hours

Crono: hmm what to wear what to wear I think I will wear this black tuxedo

Crono hears a voice call him


Crono: Who's there?

Someone: Its me Crono here to haunt you

Crono draws his sword again i ask whos there?

Someone: muwahaha You will find out soon enough

Someone chants "El Jeniros Pueblo El Firesi"

Crono is sucked into a Black Hole


Crono: OOF ohh what happend

Someone: muwahaha yur in my world now and there is no escape!

Crono: Err you've messed with the wrong guy!!

Someone: oh have I?

A shadowy figure steps out of the shadows

Crono: Sabas.. Sabastian!?!?

Sabastian: muwahaha die Crono die Im stopping the wedding on all costs

Crono draws his sword but is shocked by it and drops it immediatly

Sabastian: bad Crono you should learn by now dont play with sharp objects

Sabastian all the sudden changes into her real form

Crono: Mar.. Marl.. Maa. Marle?!?!

Marle: yes Marle Crono i hate your guts and now i must dispose of you

Crono gets up off the ground

Crono: but why Marle?

Marle: because I dont want to Marry you Magus is the one i Love

Marle chants "El Jiniros Cakala"

Crono is struck by a shimmering IceBolt and instantly falls to the ground

Marle: I will finish you off later but first i must talk with Magus

Marle disappears with a flash


Crono lies there dead stiff


To be continued


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