Crono And Marle Get Married Chapter 2

The Nightmares Continue

By Lavos Core

A boy whispers to crono are you alright?

Crono: ughhh who are you?

boy: my name is not important now, what is important is that we get you fixed up

Crono tries to stand up but cant

Crono: I.. think my leg is broken

boy chants a magic spell

boy: there you should be able to walk on it now

Crono tries to stand up again but fails

Crono: whats happening? its its.. like my life is slowly being sucked out of me

boy: i can cure you but only with the 2 crystal rocks you have one and Marle has the other

Crono: but shes grown powerful and is with Magus right now

boy: I guess it is time i reveal myself

boy: I am really Gordan your long lost brother

Crono: Gordan... its really you?

Gordan steps out of his hiding spot and reveals himself to Crono

Gordan: take a good look at me! im your twin!

Crono: wait you cant be because i met my twin in the Ocean Palace

Gordan: that was a mere illusion by Lavos, Marle and Magus are working on a spell. It is supposed to restore time in 1999 and everyone knows what will happen if 1999 is restored

Crono: Lavos will haunt our world again right?

Gordan: correct, but they need the 2 crystal rocks. That is why they are coming after you

Crono takes out his Crystal Rock, it is much safer with you Gordan

Gordan: no no keep it but hide it in a good spot

Crono chants the spell for invisibility and the crystal rock turns invisible

Crono: there it should well hidden for awhile

Magus and Marle all the sudden appear

Magus: hahaha hello Crono and who are you?

Gordan: I am Gordan here to help my twin

Magus: so you are twins eh? hahaha Marle dispose of Crono I will take care of Gordan

Magus throws a bolt of lightning at Gordan but it is reflected back at Magus

Gordan casts Freeze time and everyone is frozen

Crono: How come i didn't take the effects of the spell?

Gordan: because we are twins and we share the same blood we are immune to the same things

Crono: Holy Momma!!! Behind you Gordan LOOK OUT!!

Someone sends a lightning bolt at Gordan

Gordan: EGHHH!!!! im being shocked to death help!!!!

Gordan: aaahhhhhhh!!11

Someone: its your turn now Crono

Crono disappears into the shadows


Someone enters a portal with Magus and Marle and disappears.

Gordan whispers in a low voice Crono (cough) help me

Crono comes out of his hiding spot and kneels by Gordan

Gordan: (cough) im almost dead now and there (cough cough) is something i'd like to tell you The Crystal Rocks are magical Rocks (wheeze) When combined they make a force greater than any human has ever seen. If Magus and Marle get their hands on your rock The world is doomed forever. whatever you do dont let them have your roock

Gordan: (cough cough cough) Goodbye Crono Make me proud by defeating Magus and Marle

Gordan slowly passes away

Crono: No dont leave me Gordan please dont leave me... I dont want to be alone in this world.

Crono: My own flesh and blood died my immunities are weaker my strength is weaker almost like a part of my body was torn out


Crono: Magus, Marle, and whoever the hell killed Gordan YOU ARE GONNA DIE

To be continued


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