Crono And Marle Get Married Chapter 3

The Nightmare Ends

By Lavos Core

After watching Gordan die Crono is determined to kill Magus Marle and that other person

Crono picks up Gordan and takes him to his shelter that he made

Crono: you will have a proper burial in 2 days (sniff) i miss you bro

Crono walks out of his shelter and sees a shimmering portal, he enters it and appears outside of Magus Castle

Magus: Ha you walked right into my trap Crono guards take him into the dungeon

Guards: yes sir magus come along with us puny wimp

Crono refuses to follow and lightning bolts both of the guards

Magus: yur not very smart Crono you know you have already lost

Marle appears behind Crono and backstabs him hahah you are a wimp Crono and to think i was about to marry you

Crono: why Marle, must you do this to me?

Marle: I told you before that i am in love with Magus, now hand over the crystal rock or you will be executed

Crono: I hid it and im not telling where

Magus lifts Crono up from the ground and puts a knife to his throat, You tell me where it is and you tell me now you puny little fart Crono spits on Magus Ohhhhh wise guy eh? Magus slices Crono's left hand off

Crono: egh!!!

Magus drops Crono to the ground and wipes his sweat off Now you little fart are you gonna tell me or do i have to slice your other hand off

Crono spits at Magus again

Magus: GRRRRRRR Ok i asked nicely where it was hidden now you must pay

Magus slices his right hand, left foot, and right foot off

Crono screams with pain and yells for help

Magus: now if you dont tell me where its hidden i will kill you

Someone: back off Magus lemme handle it

Magus: yes sir

Someone: so Crono muwahaha what a fine young lad too bad you have to = live such a short life

Crono: Who the Hell are you?

Someone: I am a force greater than Marle, Magus, Lavos, and you combined

Someone: Gordan was the only person who actually stood a chance against me but hes dead now

Magus: Sire reveal yourself now

Someone: shut up Magus i will when its time

Someone: Marle go get the crystal rock inside Magus Castle, Magus go with Marle i want to talk to Crono Alone

Magus+Marle: Yes sire

Crono: Who the hell is this? are you some kinda syscho?

Someone: no im not a syscho

Crono: then who are you??

Someone: Well maybe this will help you find out

Someone takes off his helmet

Crono: Gordan????

Gordan: yes Gordan

Crono: but i saw you die!

Gordan: looks like a got alot of explaining to do, Ok when i was with you that was my real form but when Magus and Marle appeared i projected a Holographic form and hid in the shadows. I then came out and killed the Holograph pretending to be on Magus and Marles side.

Crono: but what about yur body?

Gordan: its gone now

Magus and Marle come outta the castle

Magus and Marle: Gordan?? but where is Samol?

Gordan: I am Samol

Gordan chants the spell BANISH

Magus and Marle disappear into a dark black hole

Gordan: they are gone now hehe easy battle

Crono: I guess i can go home now but get the crystal rock we need to heal my feet and hands

Gordan grabs the rock and asks crono for the other

Crono: here it is

Gordan combines the rocks and a shimmering light glows around them!

Gordan: here take this Crystal Orb now and heal yourself

Crono uses the Orb and heals himself

Gordan: now you must wake up into the concious world!

Crono: But this is concious world

Gordan: no its not now you will wake up when i yell some words

Gordan yells ELHHIA JELISK crono stops him from chanting it

Crono: then you aren't real?

Gordan: No im real but im in another part of the world alseep too

Crono: ok i understand it now chant the spell


Crono: Goodbye brother i hope we meet in the concious world

Gordan: oh we will dont worry

Crono wakes up

to be continued


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