The Great Revenge Part 1

A 60's Kind of World

By Limited Moon

(The setting is Cloud's villa in Costa Del Sol)

::typical 60's sitcom music::

::Cloud is watching TV when a knock comes to the door::

Cloud: Who is it.

Tifa: It's me, Cloud, I brought Cupcakes!

Cloud: ok.

::Tifa opens the door, clapping and cheering ensues::

Tifa: Look at this cup cake!

::She pulls out a cupcake and does that weird sitcom happy thing, crowd laughs....::

Cloud: Where is that laughing coming from?

Tifa: Oh, don't mind that!

Cloud: Why are you black and white?

::Laughing ensues::

Tifa: Oh, don't worry Cloud, i'm going to cook you some dinner!

Cloud: Tifa...somethings wrong...

::another knock comes at the door::

Tifa: (singing) I'll get it!

::laughing ensues::

Cloud: ....Where is that laughing coming from?

::Tifa opens the door, and Barret comes in::

Barret: need a bath, you got some Black and White junk all over ya.

Tifa: Oh, Barret, you charmer!

::laughing ensues::

Barret: Wha' the....where the %%*%$ did that laughing come from?!

Cloud: This didn't start until...well...i'm not sure if it's Tifa or not...came here.

Barret: She be lookin' like Donna Reed or somethin' Cloud....wha' the..!

::He sees Yuffie walk in, wearing 60's attire, she also is black and white::

Yuffie: Hi, Tifa!

Tifa: Hello, Yuffie, sit down for breakfast!

Cloud: Breakfast? It's 5 pm....

Barret: Wha' the?! Thas' all ya can think about! Somethins' wrong here!

::knocking and swearing are heard at the door and Tifa runs to get it::

Tifa: Cid!! Don't use such foul language in front of Yuffie!

Cid: AHHHHH!!! You're covered by that Black and white ^%$& too!!!

Tifa: Now, Cid, i'm gonna ask you to leave if you don't stop swearing.

::gasping ensues::

Cid: What the $^$&&$##$!! Where did that ^%^% gasping come from!

::cue gasping again::

Cid: Cloud, get out here, I have to talk to you about this....

Cloud: ok, Barret?

Barret: I think i'm scared of Tifa now....

Cid: Then it's unanimous, get out here!!!

(meanwhile in a dark room somewhere, a man in robes leans over a crystal ball)

Man: Hmm....I think my potion needs a little work, but so far so good, my subjects are now ready to begin the slow revenge I must extract over the city of Costa Del Sol.... ...yes...they will pay for ruining my career, and I will make sure of it! Mwahahaahaha!

(Outside Cloud's villa meanwhile)

Cid: This's happenin all over town!!!

Cloud: So, it's a spell of some kind.

Barret: I hope' I hope it's reversable. Seein' a Black an' White Ferris Wheel is really really scarin' the ^%$^ outta me right now....

Cid: Maybe Rufus knows something....

Barret: That's right! The damn Shinra! THEY musta done this!

Cloud: Look, a Black and White airplane....

(What will happen next?! Did Rufus do it? Who is that man in the dark room anyway?!! Tune in next time for....)

Cid: where is that %^%# voice coming from!! #^^$%^%$%$!!!!


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