The Great Revenge Part 2

A 60's Kind of ShinRa

By Limited Moon

::It turns out that the ShinRa building was just as bad as Costa Del Sol.... Cloud, Cid, and Barret find that a lot of ShinRa's forces have been affected by the sitcom bug that's going around, except Rufus::

::They finally reach Rufus' office and go inside, Rufus just stands beside his desk and stares out the window....::

Barret: Hey, Rufus!! Get yo' &^%&%$ ova hea! Ya have some explainin' to do!

Rufus: Cussing?! Normal talking! Thank you! Someone's actually normal here!!

::Rufus turns around to see Cloud, Cid and Barret::

Rufus: Just the people I wanted to see too....

Cloud: People are acting like 60's sitcoms. What do you know about this.

Rufus: As you saw on the way up, everyone except me is acting like some 60's sitcom or whatever other show, so I have nothing to do with it.

Cid: Then who the $^^$^$%$# did it!

::A black and white maid comes in and clapping ensues::

Cid: ARGH!! Not again!! Stop the $^#@^ clapping!!

Maid: Watch that mouth!

Rufus: uh....go away.

Maid: yes sir.

::laughing ensues::

Cid: This is some weird $%$#^^$#^#$!!

::Maid leaves::

Cloud: Well, anyone have ideas?

Rufus: Well, I have already put Reno, Rude and Elena out to search for the source, shall we see what their progress is?

::All of a sudden, Cait Sith, covered in Black and White paint, jumps in through the window with his moogle!::


Cait Sith: Ha ha! Gotcha!

Cloud: It's Cait Sith.

Cait Sith: Hey Rufus, mind if I paint you black and white?

::takes out a can of paint::

Rufus: NO! Go over there and shut up!

Cait Sith: I wont so ::raspberry::

Barret: What about the $^^#^^ progress!!!

Cloud: i'll do it.

::Cloud sneaks by Rufus as he argues with Cait Sith, got a walkie talkie and walked back over to Cid and Barret::

Cloud: Who wants the honor?

Cait Sith: Your hair looks like it's been in a toaster oven for a week!


Cait Sith: The Turks aren't even here, so I can make fun of your hair all I want!

::Rufus takes out his Shotgun and immediately begins to shoot Cait with it, Cait bounces across the room with glee as Rufus tries to shoot him::

Cloud: No volunteers?

Cid: Nope, not me.

Cloud: Then i'll do it.

Cloud: Turks, do you hear me?

::Scene switches to the Turks sneaking across town in Black and White paint trying to blend in::

Reno: This is Reno, you don't sound like Rufus...

Cloud: It's Cloud.

Rude: ..............

Reno: We're not letting you get in our way.

Elena: Yea! We wont even tell you that the culprit is in the Costa Del Sol sewer!

Reno: Shut up idiot!

Cloud: I've got all the information I need. Thank you.

Reno: Grrrrr......

Elena: Well, the plot's gotta progress somehow, right.

Rude: .......lets go get some booze, our parts over now.

Reno: I'll find some way to get us in the fanfic me...

::Back in the ShinRa building, Cloud replaces the Walkie Talkie ignoring the shooting and walks out with Cid and Barret::

Cid: So, what'd ya find out?

Cloud: He's in the sewer.

Barret: Who?! Damn it! Who?!

Cloud: The culprit.

Cid: ^&?#& just talk normal!!

Cloud: The guy who did this ::points to a secretary who looks like Lucille Ball:: is in the Costa Del Sol sewers....ok?! Happy?

Barret: Geez....wait a minute...WHAT ABOUT MARLENE!!!

Cid: What about Marlene?!

Cloud: She has nothing to do with this fanfic, so what's your point.

Barret: .......fine jes wait and see, i'll have a valid point when I say that someday, you jes see then!

::Who is that man in the sewers?! Is it the Turks? Rufus?! MARLENE?!!::


::Meanwhile, in the dark room in the sewer, the hooded man is now working on a weapon of sorts::

Man: Heh, almost finished with my 60's bomb!!! Soon, the world will feel the wrath of my 60's virus! And they too will relive the 60's!!! Just as the people of Costa Del Sol and ShinRa did! MWAHAHAAHAHAAHAAAA!

::Will this man ruin the world with his 60's bomb?! Who IS that man anyway? Barret?! Cloud?! CAIT SITH?!::

Man: Who said that?!


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