The Great Revenge Part 3

The Plot Thickens Out Right About Now

By Limited Moon

::As we left our last chapter, Cloud, Cid and Barret had found where the man causing the 60's revival in Costa Del Sol and Midgar is hiding. Will they stop him before he unleashes his dreaded 60's Bomb?::

::The three near Costa Del Sol, and when they see it, their mouths drop wide open to see it completely changed into a typical 60's small town::

Cid: This' more $%$%$! serious than we thought!

Barret: Thought I was scared before....but NOW i'm REALLY scared.

Cloud: It's a small 60's suburbian small town.

::Cid and Barret look at him weird::

Cid: Gee, I thought ya didn't notice, it's kind of hard to see.

Barret: Do we REALLY have to go in there.

Cloud: Yup.

Barret: Damn.

::the scene turns into one of those Castlevania scenes where they stand outside Castlevania flexing their weapons only now it's Costa Del Sol::

::They walk around the odd 60's complex looking for an entrance to the sewer, they find a manhole and go inside it, into a dark and gritty sewer, but after seeing all that black and white, it was actually bright and colorful::

Cid: So, now where should we start.

Cloud: We split up.

Barret: That means one a us has ta go...alone?!

Cloud: Cid, come with me, Barret, stay with Scooby.

Scooby: Yiiiikes!

Barret: Scooby?! Who da hell is that?!!

Scooby: I runno. Ry am I in this rory?

Cloud: Barret, take the PHS and call us if anything happens.

::Hands over PHS::

Barret: Yeah.

::So they split up into the sewer, and begin their search for the man who began all this but who is that man anyway?!

::However, they don't notice that three dark shadows are following them....::

::3 hours later...::

Cloud: These sewers are big.

Cid: Bigger than the &^&% city.

Cloud: Just like RPGs....this place is built like a maze.

Cid: and don't forget the %$%%$ monsters.

::The lights in the sewer suddenly flare on and three people appear a distance in front of them, the Turks::

Reno: So, Cloud. We meet again.

Elena: Great idea Reno, we're now a BIG part of this fanfic!

Rude: ......You took our part away from us.

Reno: NOBODY takes our part away.

Cloud: It's the Turks.

Cid: JUST SHUT THE $%%$#% UP!!

Reno: Well it's the end of the line, and we're playing the cards, WE were supposed to stop that 60's maniac, but no. YOU had to take that away from us, so now you die!

Cloud: Let's mosey.

Cid: .....whaaaaaat?!

Reno: What was that supposed to mean?

Elena: I think he accepted our offer and decided to fight.

Rude: ......I can't fight on an empty stomach, Reno, hand me the booze.

::Reno hands him a bottle of Bud light and Rude drinks it, then slams it on a nearby TV and the TV starts playing drunken battle music::

Rude: ....never underestimate the power of beer, my friends.

::Meanwhile, Barret and Scooby are on the complete other side of the sewers lost::

Barret: Damn this, why do I always have to be stuck like this.

Scooby: I runno.


Scooby: ro ok.

Barret: AGH!

::suddenly, a ghost walks through a secret door in the wall and starts going towards them::

Scooby: ROINKS!

Barret: Oh, gimme a break.

::Barret punches the ghost and unmasks him, it is really Wedge, but Wedge proceeds to drift down the sewer, and down a waterfall that just then appeared::

Scooby: Roo, Rank you.

Barret: Oh well. Wait, a minute, a light in the wall, a SECRET DOOR! Hey, dis is so &&$R#$$% cool!

Scooby: Row, a recret roor.

::So they find a hidden door, but what is behind it? While Cloud and Cid fight the Turks, what will happen yet, and we still haven't found out who that $#$%^$ man is yet!::

Cid: A disembodied voice out of my own heart.


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