The Great Revenge Part 2: The Cloud Wars Chapter 8

...Not General Chaos, Demented EMPORER Style Chaos...

By Limited Moon

"Where are we?" Rufus wondered, "why can't I just go home!"

"You know what? That Demented Emporer fellow earned a point for making an FF Reference," Vincent said, writing it in his notepad.

"AHAAHAHAHAHAAH!" came General Leo's laughter from the other side of the hall, "come before me, Cloud and company, I am waiting!"

Cloud looked down the hallway, then toward his group, "well?"

"Let's get this freak so we can go home!" Rufus said.

"Come on, Cloud," Aerith said, "I want to know what's wrong with Leo."

"Where the hell do you know that freak from?!" Cid exclaimed.

"We were good friends in the land of the dead," Aerith said, "I wondered why he wasn't there when we visited it during the Guardian Emblem incident."

"I, for one, have gone through enough, i'm sick of being a hostage to someone elses power simply because it is greater than our very own, let us go and demand that he send us home!" RedXIII declared.

"You know what? I didn't understand half of what he said, but I damn well agree wit' him!" Barret agreed.

"Then we'll go," Cloud said, "everyone, come on."

They walked slowly down the long hallway, looking around to see if they knew where they were. After a couple of minutes of walking, the throne and Leo sitting in it came into view. They drew closer to it until Leo stood up.

"That little nightmare was only a taste of my true power, why don't you all give up and just let me kill you all swiftly!" Leo said, laughing insanely.

"Leo, we were friends, why?! Why are you doing this?!" Aerith pleaded.

"Ha, ha, ha! Well, then, you have a right to know before you die!" Leo said, throwing his head back and laughing.

"Damn he laughs a lot," Barret said.

"I don't even wanna fight him!" Palmer said, "i'm just going to hide until you take care of him!" he proceeded to run behind a pillar and hide.

"It began when I first saw the TV sitcom, 'Donna Reed'...yes, I remember all too clearly! I saw the potential it had to give power to those who wielded it. Before then, I was tormented constantly by people posting 'Reviving General Leo' notes on their little message boards and spreading fake drove me INSANE....until I saw Donna Reed! I realized that I could make them PAY! I only needed to harness the power, and I could become powerful enough to take revenge on them all!" General Leo explained.

"I was tormented by those stupid rumors too, but I never did this!" Aerith argued.

"No, no, no! You would've done the same thing!" Leo countered, "I simply saw the light, and YOU DIDN'T! I needed I used my new faithful servant, Donna Reed, to possess you and use your skill to create my '60s Bomb!" Leo explained with a smile.

"Oh no, I didn't need to be reminded of this $##$@@$#!!!" Cid yelled.

"However, Cloud and you morons had to interfere! I lost a henchman, I got an incomplete 60s Bomb, my entire plan was set back countless months of work. You realize how annoying and stressful this was for me. So I wanted to TAKE YOU OUT!" Leo said, laughing, "when I found Squoud and that helmet, those were only bonuses....anyway, I have something you might recall as familiar."

Leo snapped his fingers, and behind him the wall began to open and reveal a room behind it. As it rose more, it revealed something even more devious, more heinous and so's scary. It was a large machine that looked awfully like the Guardian.

"Behold, my new 60s Bomb Mach II!" Leo yelled proudly, "not only is it a weapon of intense sitcom laughter, it can be a mobile attack unit, and the battle with it will be YOUR LAST! Uwahaahahahahahahah!" Leo said, laughing insanely. He jumped behind his throne into the 60s Bomb Mach II's opening, and closed it.

"This is fun," Rufus said, "We're fighting a fruitcake in a big machine powered by 60s sitcoms."

The 60s Bomb Mach II began to start up, and rise from it's dormant position. The group could hear Leo's insane laughter from inside it.

"Well, he's badly outnumbered, and he's in a large metal chicken," Cloud said, "I don't think we can lose."

"s...SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!" Palmer squeaked from his hiding place.

Everyone (except Palmer) drew their weapons as the 60s Bomb Mach II drew closer. The 60s Bomb Mach II shot a loud sound wave that was the theme to Dennis The Menace (1950 version), everyone fell to the ground, covering their ears.

"AHAHAAHAHAAHAH!" Leo cackled from inside the machine, "feel the unlimited power of DEMENTED EMPORER LEO!"

"Must...stop...Leo!" Aerith said, trying to ignore the evil noise around her, "!"

She slowly walked toward the 60 Bomb Mach II, and climbed it to the turret that was releasing the noise. She then took out her staff, and plugged the turret with it.

Inside, Leo was wondering what was going on. He wondered why the people weren't covering their ears in pain. He pushed the button a couple more times, but nothing was happening.

Cloud got up, and took out his Buster Sword, "Demented Emporer," he said, "that was the last straw."

A green light engulfed him, and he charged the Bomb performing Omnislash. His constant slashing, hacking and cutting down completely blew the 60s Bomb into oblivion. When he was finished, all that was left of the Bomb was a heap of rubble.

"Is it over that quick?" Barret said, "damnit, I wanted to beat on that thang like there was no tomorrow!"

"Let's find my $@#$@$@ Highwind and GO HOME!" Cid yelled.

"You're right," Tifa said, "well, Rufus, did you learn something from this experience?"

"I can't rehook the Deva System anyway, the Helmet's gone!" Rufus said, "so why does it matter?!"

Aerith shrugged.

"Hey Rufus," Cait said, "there's something ugly and yellow and spikey on your head, you should scrape it off right away!" Rufus growled and began chasing Cait around the room.

"So it's over at last," Tifa said, "there is no more Demented Emporer."

"We should go," Cloud said.

"Yes, let's," Tifa said with a smile.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Soon after they left, a bolt of lightning crahsed into the ground, and Ramuh appeared in it, he looked around.

"I wonder where that little rascal went," Ramuh said, "ooo, just WAIT till I get my hands on him!"

He left the room in a streak of lightning.

However, under the rubble...something moved. A hand came out of the rubble, and a faint evil laughter was heard...


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