The Great Monster Troupe Chapter 1

The Other Side of War

By Limited Moon

"Look, Pesos, those knights are getting ready to go to war," the 12 year old Ruvelia told her Black Goblin.

The three were hiding in the soldiers barracks, mostly out of curiosity for what the soldiers do in there.

"War?" Pesos replied, "What's a 'war'?"

"Two kingdoms don't like each other, so they fight. That's a war. I wonder what happens out here though, father told me that War is a bad thing, yet it's necessary for humans to survive. I don't understand, if it's necessary, how can it be so bad?" Ruvelia quietly replied.

"I don't understand either Ruv-e-lia. How can thing be bad AND good...?" Pesos replied.

"Wark!" Boco warked quietly.

"PRINCESS RUVELIA! I DEMAND TO KNOW WHY YOU ARE IN HERE!" a maid shouted from behind her.

Ruvelia turned around, and looked at the maid, "um...i'm watching the soldiers get equipped?"

"I want you to come with me, I was frightened when I had found that you sneaked out again!" she looked at Pesos and Boco, "Come on, you two."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, in Gargory Castle, one of Ivalice's far provinces, the ruler, Count Lesath addresses his Chancellor in the meeting room. Count Lesath was a thin man, of very delicate features. However, as you observe his behavior, you would think that he has something hidden, and powerful, that gives him infinite confidence and power over all people. the young Chancellor sat at the long meeting table, waiting for Lesath to begin.

"Well, as you know, this war has lasted thrity years, Forage," he began, his voice was stern.

"Yes, majesty, the conditions as of now are perfect for your coup d'etat" replied the meek chancellor.

"Yes, and for this coup, I will need the princess, you must get me the princess, Forage."

"Yes, your excellency. I will assign someone I know will capture her."

"Who might this be?!"

"The Phantom Thief Zero, a powerful mercenary thief, assassin, bounty hunter, you name it, he'll do it. Just pay him and you've got his loyalty!"

"Sounds promising, Forage. I can't wait to see the results."

"Yes, excellency, you will have favorable results, indefinetely!"

* * * * * * * * * *

Chancellor Forage walked across a dark alley in Lesath's Town. He looked to the left and right, as if in fear. You could almost tell from his small appearance that it's dangerous for him to be here. However, the meek and loyal Forage had another side to him, this side was created in his childhood. He was much stronger and smarter than his appearance let you believe. Not to mention the meek personality was a lie in itself. A dark shadow approached him, and he simply stayed put.

"So, you're here," he told the shadow.

"Still being Lesath's lacky eh, Aleck," the shadow replied.

"That's precisely why I wanted to meet you here, Zero," 'Aleck' said with a straight face.

"What does HE want?! Zero asked.

"He's planning a coup d'etat of Ivalice, to do this he will need to blackmail king Alkarn. I want you to capture and deliver his daughter Ruvelia."

"Ah, so he DOES have the criminal mind in him, it must've been your influence."

"Oh shut up, Zero, I want you to name your price."

"Well, since we spent our childhood together, i'll give you a discount, how does 2500 gil sound?"

"That's pocket change, but i'll accept."

"I'll be off, then, goodbye Aleck," Zero said, he waved, then returned to the shadows.


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