The Great Monster Troupe Chapter 2

The Capture of Princess Ruvelia

By Limited Moon

Pesos, Ruvelia, and Boco looked out of her bedroom window. The view was extroadinary, with many mountains, rivers and streams of Ivalice all in their view. It was starting to get dark, and she hoped nobody would attack the castle. Then she heard a noise, she looked around. Nothing.

"What was that?" Pesos said.

"I don't know," she replied, "It sounded like it came from..."

The window shattered, and a man in black grabbed Ruvelia. Pesos and Boco were knocked away by the noise and glass. Pesos ran back to the shattered window and saw the man in black running into the forest. "Ruv-e-lia!" he yelled out the window.

Boco got up and shook his feathery head. He looked around and walked over by Pesos, "Wark!"

"Boco, we can't let that man take her!" Pesos said.


Just then, a maid and several guards ran into the room and looked around in terror.

"NO! Ruvelia!" the maid screamed.

"Black man take Ruv-e-lia!" Pesos said.

The maid looked around and told the guards, "put her majesty's pets in the animal compound, they'll be safe there," she kneeled in front of Pesos, "now, we're going to put you two away for a while so you are safe while we look for Princess Ruvelia."

She ran out as the guards grabbed Pesos and Boco...

* * * * * * * * * * * *

King Alkarn Atkascha was examining war plans, when he heard that awful sound again. The nerve wrending, ear bursting cry of his daughter's attendant. He walked out of the war room to see what was happening now. Already she's sneaked into the Guard House five times, what else can she do?! he thought quietly. However, the situation was more dire than he imagined. He felt his fear and anger rise when he heard the maid say, "Your majesty!! Ruvelia, she's been kidnapped!"

"Who could've kidnapped her?! The guards I sent were the best!" Alkarn yelled.

"I don't know, highness," the maid said fearfully, "you know I love her like she was my own, I would never lie about something like this!"

"Damnit, somehow I expected something like this, but my daughter?!"

"Majesty, should we send a search party?"

"If only there was no war going on at a time like this! I would search for her myself if I didn't have to command an entire country! DAMN IT ALL!"

"Well, what do we do, sire?"

"I'll have to find a bounty hunter, but until then," the king quietly took out a piece of paper and a quill, then wrote quickly on it, "take this note with my signature and order 25 men to form a search party for Ruvelia, tell them I will join them shortly," he ordered.

"Yes, your majesty!" the maid said, taking the note and hurrying to the Guard House.

"Ruvelia..." he said sadly to himself when she was gone.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"We didn't do anything!" Pesos yelled from inside the cage of the shelter.

"WARK!" Boco added.

Pesos sighed, and sat down, "why did miss attendant lock us up in here? She said we'd be safe, but we no in danger..."

"Wark, wark wark!" Boco answered.

Pesos walked over to the window, and looked outside of it, his eyes widened as he saw the man dressed in black walk over to a horse, carrying a struggling Ruvelia.

"RUV-E-LIA!" he yelled, but they were too far down to notice.

He saw the man in black set Ruvelia down, punch her in the stomach, throw Ruvelia over his shoulder, and get on the horse to ride off. He walked over to Boco.

"We not going to let that man get Ruv-e-lia!" he told Boco.

"Wark?" Boco said questioningly.

"What do you mean 'how?!'" Pesos said, "We'll....uh...err..."

"Wark," Boco said.

"We could break the wall down," Pesos said.

"Wark," Boco said, shaking his head.

"You're being negative, come on!" Pesos said, "help me out, together we can break it!"

"Wark!" Boco said as Pesos got on his back.

"Now, Boco, on my 3, 1...2...uh...I can't remember what Ruv-e-lia told me about numbers..."

"Wark," Boco said.

"Oh, 3 after 2? Ok, 3!!"

Boco charged the wall, and sure enough, it was fragile enough to bust open, but now they faced a new problem...

"Umm, that's a little far," Pesos said, "how're we gonna get down now?"


"Um...I know, try to float us down there, you got wings," Pesos said.

"WARK!" Boco said in fear.

"Now come on, Boco, we'll be down there before you can say, wark!"


"Don't push it. Come on Boco, jump and flap your wings!"

Boco ran towards the new opening and flapped like there was no tomorrow. Pesos urged him on, and sure enough, they got to the ground, but it was too bad that Boco's wings didn't slow their fall. They crashed into the ground, and it hurt. At least they weren't killed like they expected.

"Wark..." Boco said with his head spinning.

"Ow, that hurt, maybe I was wrong," Pesos said, rubbing his small back.

They looked around, wondering where the man who took Ruvelia was, but it was short lived. Someone heard them breaking the hole in the animal cell, and yelling was heard from the building....


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