The Great Monster Troupe Chapter 10

An Unlikely Happening

By Limited Moon

"Now I am king," Forage said, sipping on his glass of wine, "you will not worry about Lesath, i've arranged for a 'burial', and he will be remembered."

"Chancellor Forage, you're not a member of the royal bloodline!" the first general said.

"I'm no longer 'chancellor' Forage general Almari, i'm your king, and I shall be addressed likewise," Forage said, taking another sip of his wine.

"I demand you tell us what happened to his majesty, Forage. You ARE NOT king, by law," the second general commanded of Forage.

"Oh, really? What if I said there was no law?" Forage calmly said.

"Blasphemy! He's gone mad!" the third general said.

"No, not mad, generals, I had hoped you would be a little more cooperative, but now the only choice, is death," Forage said, snapping his fingers. The ninja appeared beside the throne instantly, scaring the three generals, they backed up in fear.

"Yesss....?" the ninja said.

"Wait, Forage, we can make a deal can't we?!" the first general bellowed.

"Deal? Why should I be interested in your 'deal'?" Forage said.

"I can help you continue Lesath's coup de'tat! I can get the princess back!" the general said.

"Hmm....yes, she is pure...she would be perfect to...fine, but I want results, living results, generals, or you three DIE," Forage said.

The three generals sighed in relief, the first general kneeled in front of Forage and looked up to him, "we WILL NOT fail....Fora...your majesty," he said.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Cidolfas, where are we according to the map?" Cheryl said, eagerly.

"Stop being so impatient, we're going to be at Gargory soon enough!" Cidolfas said.

"Yeah, and when we get to castle, we can save Ruv-e-lia!" Pesos chimed in.

"I wish Melchior was here with us, i'd feel so much less lonely," Cheryl said.

"Lonely?" Cidolfas said, then something caught his eye ahead, he widened his eyes in fear, it was three people, clad in armor, riding...flaming horses?! They were right in the horses' way too.

"What?" Cheryl said, then she caught sight of it too, "AH!! Everyone, out of their way!"

"Horses don't go this fast, they're not human!" Cidolfas said.

The fiery horses and their riders came closer and closer, at an incredible speed! The group was in a large panic, and the riders began to notice the group...

" about we have some fun?" one said.

"Fine, but we must make this quick, or Forage wont be happy," another said.

The horses stopped near them, and their riders dismounted. Cidolfas looked at the three, their armor was each a differen't color. One was red, another's was blue and the last was green. They sheathed swords and began advancing.

"They want to fight us!" Cidolfas said, "Quickly, everyone, at the ready!"

"Cidolfas!" Cheryl said, "what if you're jumping to conclusions!"

Cheryl was shut up by a large arrow sailing by her, she took out her "Faith Rod", "Ok, ok!"

"Vy do they vant to fight us?!" MD said.

"Wark!!" Boco said, flapping his wings, he then charged the knights.

"Moronotaur! CHARGE!" Pesos yelled, and to the knights surprise, from behind the small goblin, came a huge Sacred Minotaur, he charged the red knight, and began to slash at him madly.

"Now this is vat I like!" MD said, chanting a magic spell.

"Asu-mari-ko-ha!" Cidolfas said, swinging his sword towards the knights, but nothing happened. The green knight swung a sword at him, but Cidolfas dodged it.

"Ar-geo-ko!" Cheryl yelled, casting Ice on the blue knight. The blue knight was frozen in a block of ice, but was breaking out quickly, "they're too strong, Cidolfas, do something!"

"I'm trying!" Cidolfas yelled, dodging another swing from the knight.

"Arg-en-ook!" Pesos yelled buring the green knight with fire. The green knight was stunned for a second, and Cidolfas tried again, "Asu-mari-ko-ha!" he yelled, swinging his sword. Blocks of ice rained on the green knight completely breaking through his armor and killing him.

"Lorimar!" the red knight yelled, "everyone, retreat!"

The remaining two knights got on their fiery horses, and charged past the group. The green knights' horse completely dissipated, as did the green knight, all that was left of him was an odd etch in the ground in the shape of the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

"Cidolfas!" Cheryl said, "you did it!!"

"I...I actually...I was able to use Stasis Sword, at last," Cidolfas said.

"Maybe all you needed vas a little determination," MD said.

"Uh....where da knights go?" Moronotaur said looking around frantically.

"His brain turned on 5 minutes after they vere gone, vat an idiot," MD remarked.

"Wark!" Boco said.

"Ouch," Pesos said, everyone's attention turned to him, there was an arrow stuck in his leg.

"Oh Pesos!" Cheryl said, "Cidolfas, get Boco over here!"

"My leg hurts," Pesos said, wincing in pain, "It wont move..."

"WARK!" Boco squawked, flapping his wings frantically. He flapped a wing towards Pesos and a healing shower rained on him.

"After a couple of Choco Cures, your leg will be alright," Cheryl said, smiling.

"Yeah, i'll just need to carry you until it heals up," Cidolfas said.

Pesos simply smiled in response, Cheryl slowly took the arrow out, so as to not give Pesos any more pain than he has.

"What WERE those knights?" Cheryl said.

"I don't know," Cidolfas said, "I only hope they don't try to fight us again."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Gerid was alerted to a galloping noise in the distance, they had fallen asleep in the cave. He realized that it could be Lesath's men coming for her. He quickly got up and woke Ruvelia.

"Whats...going on?" said Ruvelia with a yawn.

"I hear horses, this could mean Lesath's men are here, we gotta get going!" Gerid said.

Gerid helped Ruvelia get up, and pointed outside, "follow me, princess!"

They ran outside as quickly as the could, but the minute the got outside, the riders were alerted to them. Gerid ran as quickly as he could, jumping through some bushes, but when he turned his head he stopped. Ruvelia wasn't there. He ran back to the bushes and looked through them, the knights had caught Ruvelia in a net. The horses stopped by the struggling Ruvelia. Gerid saw that the horses...were on fire, and gasped. What are these guys? he thought.

"So, the little princess who got away is now defenseless like a fish," the knight in red said as if to mock her.

"Forage is going to be happy with us," the blue knight said, "too bad Lorimar isnt here..."

"i'll get those damn people for Lorimar!" the red knight said, "If I ever see them...i'll.."

"Calm down, Almari!" the green knight said, "Forage gave us immortality, we'll meet them again."

"Heh, to think I didn't want this," the red knight said, hoisting Ruvelia on his shoulder.

"Help me!" Ruvelia yelled, "Gerid!!"

"Your little boyfriend left without ya princess, oh, the ride might hurt a little, but I promise you'll only have light burns when we get back," the red knight cackled.

"Ruvelia," Gerid said, "I....failed you...."

He saw the knights mount their fiery steeds and ride off...that sight gave Gerid a fiery determination he had never seen inside himself before, "I...I must save Ruvelia! Now that I know where she is being held, I must alert King Alkarn to this, Ruvelia, I WILL SAVE YOU!" he yelled.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Some time later, two of the three generals entered Gargory. They approached Forage in the throne room, with Princess Ruvelia in hand.

"Good, where's general Lorimar?" Forage said.

"We were having fun with some travelers, we never expected such power to come from two humans and three monsters!" Almari complained, taking off his red helmet

"'s a new threat," Forage said in deep thought.

"Your majesty, we HAVE, however, obtained Ruvelia as you can see," Erik said, removing his green helmet and looking at Forage.

"Good," Forage said, "let me see the princess."

Forage got up, walked over to the entangled princess, he removed the net from her. Ruvelia simply looked up at him, paralysed by his odd aura of death. He placed his hand on her head, and waited for a couple of minutes. His hand began to glow an odd color, and he smiled.

"You are not the one to revive 'Bloody Angel', but you are something even more important," Forage said.

"Bloody wha?" Almari said.

"It doesen't matter," Forage said with a smile, "I will seal her in Crystallite, then I shall perform the ceremony...yes....'Ragnarok'..."


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