The Great Monster Troupe Chapter 11

Melchior's Arrival

By Limited Moon

"Asori-hikto!" Cidolfas yelled, swinging his sword. A beam of light slashed at the leaf from under the ground, and sliced it in half. Cidolfas smiled and twirled his sword triumphantly.

"Well, Cidolfas," Cheryl said, "this sudden burst of confidence is scaring me, is it really you?"

"Yup, I feel like I can do anything right now!" Cidolfas said, twirling his sword.

"You're veird," MD said.

The group sat by the newly made campfire. This would be the last night they spend until they get to Gargory Castle, and Melchior has still not shown up.

"You complain too much Mr. Dead," Cheryl said.

"You did that on purpose didn't you?" MD replied. Cheryl only nodded, giggling.

"Look what I found!" Pesos yelled, running up to the camp holding an egg, "dinner!"

"Let me see that egg," Cidolfas said, swiping it from Pesos, he carefully examined it looking at every part of the purple spotted egg.

"It wouldn't be safe to eat this," he concluded, "it's a Chocobo egg."

"Vy vouldn't it be safe?!" MD wondered.

"Chocobo eggs have poison in them, to keep other monsters from stealing their eggs," Cidolfas said.

"WARK!" Boco said, running up to the egg frantically, everyone scratched their heads.

"What's Boco want?" Cheryl asked.

"'s reaction," Cidolfas said, nervously.

"Mothery? Boco's a male chocbo!" Pesos said.

"Well, lets put the egg down and...see...," Cidolfas said, slowly putting the egg down. Boco then sat on it, as if to warm it.

"How odd," Cheryl said, "Boco's...female."

"Vell, that's certainly not unusual here, vere a goblin can control a minotaur, and a ghoul can be more intelligent than said goblin, well, maybe thats not as unusual, but still," MD concluded.

"Boco's a GIRL?" Pesos said, his jaw dropping.

"You didn't know, Pesos?" Cheryl said, "you've lived with hi...her all your life."

"Well, I never really thought about it," Pesos said, "Ruv-e-lia thinks she's a he too..."

"Wark!" Boco said to comfort Pesos.

Just then, they heard some ruffling, everybody got ready to fight, until they saw Melchior burst through the bushes, his weapon drawn also. They all sheathed their weapons and sighed.

"I finally found you!" Melchior said, "i've been walking all over this area!"

"Sir Melchior!" Cidolfas said happily.

"Ah, Master Orlandu, has your skill improved?" Melchior said with a smile.

"You wouldn't believe it!" Cheryl said, "you simply wouldn't believe it."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Aso-gari-marlo-hikto! Aru-tar-oulo-figto!" chanted Forage to the crystal-like prison, inside was Princess Ruvelia, in a slumber. He continued his chant as the room flashed violently.

"Wow..," Almari said, "I wonder what he's trying to do?"

"He said 'Ragnarok'," Erik replied, "I wonder what that means?"

Almari put his helmet on, "we'll see soon enough, knowing Forage," he said.

Soon, the chanting ended, and Forage sighed. He turned toward the two knights, and walked toward them slowly.

"Ragnarok..," Forage said, "you wish to know what Ragnarok is?"

"Err..," Erik shuddered.

Behind Forage, slime began to pour from the wall that the crystal was attached to, when the slime almost covered the crystal, it solidified, and began to glow.

"She is Ragnarok, when she awakens, Ragnarok will acquire her body..," Forage said, then he turned around and looked at the solidified slime covering the crystal, "those humans and monsters you spoke of, Almari, are most likely coming to save the Princess...yes? Well, the irony is, the princess might just kill them...."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The next day, the group had a nice awakening, except Pesos, the fact that Boco was female still bothered him some, because he had thought Boco was male all his life. Cidolfas quickly put out the fire, and yawned some more.

"So, now we're going to Gargory castle..," Melchior said.

"Yes, we should make it there today," Cheryl said.

They began the final trip on the way to Gargory Castle, it was an extremely long walk, but they finally made it. Melchior noticed the heavy guard put onto Gargory, and sighed. They hid around the castle walls, and decided to make a plan to get inside.

"Lesath must've known we were coming," Melchior said.

"Lots of people keeping us from getting in," Pesos said.

"Wark!" Boco added.

"Yeah, how are we going to get in?!" Cidolfas said.

"Look, I see something!" Cheryl said, pointing at the forest, a large army began to emerge from the forest, led by two horses, on one, a dignified middle aged man rode, on the other rode a young common looking boy.

"Who are they?!" Cidolfas said.

"It's his majesty!" Melchior said, "he was notified of the situation, this is good!"

"Daddy!" Pesos said, jumping all around. Boco joined in.

"Don't worry," Melchior said, "Pesos was raised with Ruvelia, so it's only natural that he thinks of his majesty as his father, same with Boco.

"Let us pass," Alkarn demanded of the guards.

"No, I will not, Forage is king!" yelled the guards, charging the army. They were quickly dispatched, and the army marched in.

"Nows our chance!" Melchior said, "while his majesty is causing all this confusion, we can get inside!"

"Right!" Cidolfas said.

"This shall be our final battle for Princess Ruvelia! Let's go save her!" Cheryl yelled.

"Ruv-e-lia! I'm coming!" Pesos said, "come on, Moronotaur!"

"Uh...k," Moronotaur replied.

"Ve vill save Ruvlia, I have a lot of confidence in our ability," MD said.

"Wark!" Boco yelled.

"Kupoppo!" came a high pitched voice from behind them, the group turned around to see a moogle with a spear behind them, "uh, hi," he said.

"Kupu!" Pesos said, smiling.

"Vell, haven't been seeing you a lot," MD said.

"I've been following you all this time," Kupu said, "I...didn't know when to make myself known kupo."

"It's ok," Cheryl said, "uh, nice to have some help!"

So they began to enter Gargory Castle, which was in chaos with Alkarn's army causing confusion all over it. Inside, they would begin their final struggle....


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