The Great Monster Troupe Chapter 14

The Power Within Her

By Limited Moon

The wall glowed with a bright intensity, the room seemed to disappear within the cloud of spirits that swept over the room. Cidolfas, Cheryl, Pesos, Moronotaur, MD, Boco and Zero gathered in front of it, soon followed by a wounded Melchior. Soon, Pesos saw a familiar figure emerge from the spirits. It poked out of the wall, and looked at Pesos with sad eyes, he then knew...

"RUV-E-LIA!" Pesos yelled.

"Princess?" Cidolfas said, looking at the spirit.

Just then, Alkarn knocked the door down and ran in, he saw the wall and the princesses spirit, and his mouth dropped open, "Ruvelia?"

Soon, Gerid followed, the spirit began to exude an aura of shame, and disappeared into the wall.

"No, don't leave me, Ruv-e-lia!" Pesos yelled.

"What on...?" he said.

"So, it's happened," Melchior said, "I never thought I would see the legendary Ragnarok."

"You know what's going on, Sir Melchior?" Cheryl said.

"I scribed some scrolls a while back, I read them, and found some very interesting things about the Zodiac Brave Story. It's all a lie, it's only a guise for powerful monsters known as Lucavi to rule over this world. Ragnarok, is the mother being of these "Lucavi", and Ruvelia has become the embodiment of Ragnarok," Melchior explained.

"That is right," came a female voice from within the spirits, the wall began to dissipate to reveal Ruvelia, laughing.

"Sir Melchior, I couldn't have explained it better myself, I am Ragnarok," Ruvelia said.

"Ruv...e...lia?" Pesos said.

"No, Pesos, it's not her!" Cidolfas yelled, "Ruvelia's..."

"Ruvelia is no more, I shall now take revenge for my slain child, I grieve for his death, and I will release my anger and sadness upon you!" Ruvelia yelled, stretching her arms out.

Ruvelia's body began to twist and grow, the dress tore off as her body changed drastically, her skin was turning pale green, and tentacles grew from her midsection. Her features disappeared, leaving only a featureless face with two eyes. Her ears grew pointed, and demonic wings sprouted from her back.

"Everyone, draw your weapons!" Melchior said.

"!" Ragnarok said, tentacles outstretched.

Tentacles flew at the group, one after the other. Pesos shook his head in disbelief, the shock of the situation still in affect, as Moronotaur charged Ragnarok. Cidolfas tried to dodge the tentacles, but was having difficulty, Cheryl was pinned by the tentacles, and sucked in her breath as one rammed her stomach. MD, being ethereal at will, tried to cast magic as the tentacles dived through him. Boco ran into the corner, confused as to what she should do, after all, this WAS Ruvelia, right? Melchior ran out of the tentacles reach and yelled, "We can't kill Ragnarok, or we'll kill Ruvelia!"

Alkarn was surprised by a tentacle, he was rammed into the wall, as tentacles surrounded him, they began to choke him, Gerid and Zero ran toward Alkarn and hacked at the tentacles, but they wouldn't release their grip....and soon, King Alkarn fell limp.

"Your majesty!" Melchior yelled, he then took his sword, and hacked a tentacle to pieces in rage.

"You monster!" Gerid yelled, "I will destroy you, and free Ruvelia!"

"There is nothing you can do, I can regenerate very fast, all damage you do to me is healed within SECONDS!" Ragnarok said, laughing.

"We need to get rid of Ragnarok!" Zero said.

"but how do we get rid of Ragnarok without killing Ruvelia?!" Cidolfas said as a tentacle grabbed his leg, tripping him.

"Help, Cidolfas!" Cheryl yelled as one tentacle opened to reveal a sharp set of teeth and began to close in on her face.

"I'm coming Cheryl!" Cidolfas yelled, trying to free his leg.

"Moronotaur, save Cheryl!" Pesos ordered, and the Sacred quickly obeyed, hacking away at the tentacles that pinned Cheryl. Melchior summoned all his strength to try to put Ragnarok to sleep, but couldn't, she was far too powerful, he quickly tried to come up with a strategy.

"Ruv-e-lia!" Pesos yelled, hoping she would respond, and, to his surprise, she paused her attack and looked toward Pesos, "Pesos....?" she said.

"Ruvelia's still conscious!" Melchior said to himself, "it's not too late!"

"KUPOPPO!" Kupu said, ramming into one tentacle.

Melchior ran over to the new Zodiac stone, and picked it up. Maybe, because this is not a lucavi she bore, it might have an opposite aura, and maybe it conflicts with Ragnarok's, he thought.

"Cidolfas, over here!" Melchior yelled.

Cidolfas kicked away a tentacle and quickly ran over to Melchior.

"Cidolfas," Melchior said, holding the Serpentarius stone "take this, and try to get it in contact with her!"

Cidolfas took the stone, and called Boco over, "Melchior, try not to exert yourself, the wound is still big," he said, turning to Boco, "Boco, try to heal Melchior some more."

Melchior nodded, and Cidolfas ran towards Ragnarok. Ragnarok's eyes narrowed, and tentacles shot out to surround Cidolfas. Cidolfas jumped over and tried to dodge every tentacle, but they were too numerous.

"Moronotaur! Help him!" Cidolfas heard Pesos' order, and soon the large Sacred was slashing at all the tentacles in his way. MD chanted a vast Ice spell and was able to freeze most of the tentacles. Zero slashed through more tentacles, clearing a way for Cidolfas to go through, and Cidolfas had his chance, he rammed the stone into Ragnarok's chest area, the stone began to resonate violently, and Ragnarok let out a scream.

" this!" Ragnarok screamed, "None of my children have such a painful'm being....seper...a...t."

Ragnarok began to glow brightly, and Ruvelia flew out of the glow, hitting the floor unconscious, Ragnarok then began to laugh, to everyone's surprise.

"This is unexpected!" she said in pure astonishment, the aura faded to reveal the creature Ruvelia was changed into only ten minutes ago, "I..have absorbed it! This new power, is amazing! I no longer even need Ruvelia to live!"

"You..MONSTER!" Gerid yelled, surprising Ragnarok and impaling her upon his short sword, blood began to pour out onto the sword, and Ragnarok's eyes narrowed, "such things cannot kill me," she said. She threw Gerid off her and a tentacle pulled the sword out of her chest.

"Ruv-e-lia!" Pesos yelled, running to the princesses side, Boco soon followed.

"This is for Ruvelia!" Melchior yelled, charging Ragnarok, Ragnarok immediately responded by stretching all her tentacles at him, the tentacles slammed straight through his body, but he continued as if it didn't phase him, he shoved his sword into her head, "this is for his majesty!!" he yelled.

"How...can...a human..," Ragnarok said, as she began to melt, "that's...well, i'll take you with me, you annoying human!"

Ragnarok used the last of her strength to explode in front of Melchior, the light from the explosion was blinding to the others in the group, and when it dimmed, all that was left of Ragnarok and Melchior was the Serpentarius Stone.

"MELCHIOR!" Cidolfas yelled, running to where Ragnarok was, " could've lived..."

Everyone looked in silence as Cidolfas punched the wall in rage, Cheryl shook her head.

"Melchior...he sacrificed his life to kill Ragnarok, had it not been for him, we..," she said.


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