The Great Monster Troupe Chapter 6

Training with Orlandu and Sister

By Limited Moon

The next day, Cidolfas woke up early. His vision was still blurred from just opening his eyes, and began to feel around for the side of the bed. His hand then came upon something...feathery? His eyes widened in surprise and he looked to the right, there was Boco, sleeping beside the bed.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

A maid was walking by Cidolfas' room when she heard an unfamiliar noise. She turned to the door, it was the mixture of yelling and a Chocobo's 'Wark', along with crashing. Soon, the door flew open and Boco charged out of it, warking frantically. Cidolfas followed, still in his night clothing, he looked at the maid, brushed some dust off of his night clothes, and walked back into the room.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Cheryl met Pesos in the courtyard, as they agreed, it was time to begin the training with magic. She handed Pesos a Black Mage's hat, "put it on," she said.

"Why?" Pesos asked.

"You're my official Black Mage today, I want you to look like one," Cheryl said.

Pesos lifted the gigantic pointed hat over his head, it was too big for him. He lifted it off of his head, "it's too big," he said.

"Oh, well, it's not a big deal," she replied.

"So, how do I use Magick?" Pesos asked.

"It's 'Magic' and it's not very hard to do," Cheryl said, "just simply concentrate and say the incantation."

"Incanton?" Pesos asked.

"'INCANTATION!'" Cheryl said, frustrated, "an INCANTATION, is a series of phrases you say when you charge or concentrate for, a magic spell. Such as Arg-en-ok for Fire, or Arg-eo-ko for Ice. You can add another phrase to make is stronger, such as Arg-en-okto-ma for Fire 2."

" I say Arg-en-ok for Fire?" Pesos asked.

"Exactly," Cheryl replied, smiling, "now try it."

Pesos closed his eyes for a couple of minutes, trying to concentrate hard, then said, "ARG-EN-OOK!" When he said it, a bunch of leaves fell on Cheryl.

"You're getting the idea right," Cheryl said, spitting out leaves, "but the spell WRONG."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"I don't vant to learn such trivial things!" MD said to Melchior in another area of the courtyard.

"You want to learn something? Then listen to me, concentrate hard Mr. Death or whatever," Melchior said, frustrated.

"Do not ever call me by any name similar to that blasted name!" MD said, "fine, i'll try your stupid magical phrases or whatnot!"

MD closed his eyes and concentrated, he waited a couple of minutes, then said, "ARG-EO-KO!"

He froze a tree with the Ice that followed, he laughed and turned to Melchior.

"Vell, vat do you know? I have a knack for this thing," he said.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Cidolfas stood in the training room of Bervenia Hall with Boco, he had two other Chocobos in there also, one Red, one Black.

"Ok, Boco, you have to learn these attacks, all Chocobos know them, now it's your turn," he said.

"WARK!" Boco said.

"Alright, now your first is 'Choco Cure' and....hey! Where's Coco?!" he said, looking around.

"Wark!" Boco said.

"Wark..." Coco warked from the far corner of the room, it was a yellow chocobo.

"Coco, get over here," Cidolfas ordered.

The Chocobo quickly obeyed.

Why do I have to be the Bird Keeper, Cidolfas thought.

"Ok, Coco, use Choco Cure so Boco can see," he ordered.

"Wark!" Coco replied, and started to flap her wings, Boco began to mimic this, she flapped towards Boco and a shower of healing covered him.

"Ok, now Boco," Cidolfas began before a shower of healing enveloped him, Boco had completely mimicked Coco's spell.

"That's...good...Boco," Cidolfas said, drying himself off.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

They trained for two days, Boco, Pesos and MD learned a lot of attacks that were beneficial to the outcome of their quest. Soon, Melchior also found the results of Ruvelia's location, and assembled a meeting between Cheryl, Cidolfas, Pesos, Boco, MD, and himself. They all entered the meeting room of Bervenia Hall, and Melchior threw the map out across the table, it was a map of Ivalice.

"I have been investigating in my free time, and I was able to estimate where Ruvelia would be around this time," Melchior said.

"How were you able to get this information, Melchior?" Cheryl asked.

"I had to slap the local criminals around but I found that a black clothed man came around a couple of days ago heading west. Now, I estimated where they would be around this time, and I would say..."

Melchior pointed to a mountain range, "roughly here," he said.

"Terinall Mountains?" Cidolfas wondered, "but nothings around there for miles!"

"It's only an early estimate!" Melchior argued, "don't worry, i'm going to get more information."

"Ruv-e-lia in Terinall mountains?!" Pesos asked, "we should go there!"

"He's only estimating, tomorrow he's going to get more information, Pesos," Cidolfas said.

"I hope so," MD said, "I don't vant to go vaste my time."

"Master Orlandu! Sir Melchior!" came a yell from outside.

"I wonder what that could be?!" Melchior asked.

"Sounds serious, let's see what he wants," Cidolfas said, "Cheryl, take care of the monsters."

"Cidolfas," Cheryl said, "oh, alright, but yell if you need help!"

"Got it, come on Melchior!" Cidolfas said.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Damn!" Zero said to himself, "I can never stay hidden from those stupid servants!"

He was hiding in the shadows, a servant had seen him sneaking towards the Office of the Inquirer that lived here and ran off to get everyone. He cursed himself for being so slow.

"Sir Melchior, he was right there!" the servant said pointing to the right of Zero.

"Hmmm...a spy?" Melchior said, "I wonder who..."

"Let's split up," Cidolfas said, "he couldn't have gotten far, there are guards everywhere!"

"Right," Melchior said, then he turned to the servant, "you be on the lookout!"

The servant nodded, and Melchior and Cidolfas scrambled to differen't areas of the house. The servant stayed there, looking around.

Heh, what a bunch of morons, thought Zero, now for my graceful escape!

Zero quickly took out a small pole, and loaded a stun dart into it, gets them every time, thought Zero. He pointed the shooter at the servant, and blew into it. The dart directly hit the servant.

"Sir...Mel..." the servant said before passing out.

Zero laughed quietly and grabbed the servant, he ran into a closet. Soon, he came back out in the servants clothes. He grabbed a broom and began to sweep.

Pesos walked out of the office to look around near Zero. Zero simply kept his face turned away as Pesos walked closer. Don't talk to me, he slowly repeated in his mind.

"What happened?" Pesos asked.

" intruder, Melchor or something went after him," Zero replied, still sweeping.

"Um...ok," Pesos said.

"Wait, do you know where that guy's office is?" Zero asked.

"Why don't you know where Melchior's office is?"

"I forgot," Zero replied, starting to sweat.

"Oh, I forgot too."

"Pesos!" Cheryl called, coming out, she walked up to Pesos while Zero, back still turned, looked behind him for a second but then hid his face.

"What happened?" Cheyl asked Zero.

" indruder, I mean intruer, I MEAN INTRUDER came in. Melchor went after him..," Zero said, sweating.

"Oh, we need to help then," Cheryl said with a smile. Zero blushed as he saw them walking away. She's so beautiful! he thought. Then he shook his head, I have no time for this, he thought.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Cidolfas and Melchior met in the same hall ten minutes later, but the servant was gone. They scratched their heads, and looked around.

"I couldn't find him," Cidolfas said, "where's the servant though?"

They heard a crash from inside the closet nearby. Melchior quieted Cidolfas and walked slowly over to the door, another crash ensued. He opened the door and found a tied up servant, with only his underpants on, "Master Orlandu, Melchior! He was here!" the servant yelled.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"This is intriguing...yes..," Zero said to himself, as he looked through Melchior's desk. He was able to find his way into Melchior's Office easily, and he found out many things.

"I must kill the Inquirer then," Zero said, but then the door opened and Cheryl came in with the monsters. Zero quickly returned the papers to the desk, pocketed a small book and started to sweep.

"What are you doing?" Cheryl asked.

"Uh, nothing Mistress, just sweeping up Melchior's Office..." Zero replied.

"Hey, this room was locked! Who are you?!" Cheryl accused.

"It was open!" argued Zero.

"No, I saw Melchior lock the room," MD said, arms crossed.

"Damn...I had hoped I wouldn't be spotted," Zero said, throwing the servants clothes off.

"It's the man who took Ruv-e-lia!!!" Pesos yelled.

"WARK!" Boco said, flapping his wings.

"Talking monsters? Oh, well, nomatter. I must be going, milady!" Zero said, throwing a smoke bomb at the group. When the smoke cleared, Zero was gone, and the window was open.

"Quick! To the courtyard!" she yelled, running.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Zero landed light on his feet in the courtyard. He laughed and began to run off, but soon saw Cheryl and the monsters running towards him. DAMN! he thought. He realized that he can't run anymore, he has to fight, but what can a girl and 4 monsters do? He unsheathed his 'Asassin' blade and held it high.

"You've cornered me, I didn't want to hurt you, but now I have to, no hard feelings," Zero said.

"What did you take from Melchior's Office?!" Cheryl demanded.

"None of your buisiness, now die!" Zero yelled charging the group.

"WARK!" Boco yelled, spitting out a Choco Ball at Zero.

MD cast Ice in Zero's direction also, both attacks hit him at the same time, knocking him back. Cheryl proceeded to cast sleep on Zero and he was out like a light.


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