The Great Monster Troupe Chapter 7

The Path Opens, Yet it Closes Again...

By Limited Moon

Zero opened his eyes slowly, and dazed at first, took a look at his surroundings. He was in a small room, lying on a bed. He soon discovered that he could not move due to the chains restricting him to the bed. He sighed. I need to practice just a little more, he thought.

He then heard footsteps and voices outside the door, he turned his head to it to see the door opening. The young woman from before entered with the inquirer, the monsters, and the young man. Zero simply grumbled in response.

"Ah, I see our little kidnapper is awake," Melchior mused.

"I'm not telling you anything, so don't even try to question me," Zero replied sternly.

"You took Ruv-e-lia! Where is she?!" Pesos yelled.

"WARK!" Boco added.

"I'm not telling you! There is no way in hell you will get the information out of me," Zero replied.

"Well, then, we'll start instead with why you were in my office, and took my personal record," Melchior said, holding up the small book Zero had pocketed before.

"'re the inquirer, aren't you?" Zero asked.

"Tell me why you were in my office!!" Melchior demanded.

"You fool, when...when I get out of'll pay," Zero said, ignoring his words.

"It's hopeless," Cidolfas said, shaking his head.

"Stubborn as an ox," Cheryl added.

"I can get him to talk," Melchior said, "trust me."

Melchior took out a small device, it looked like a wristband. He strapped it around Zero's wrist tight, and let go.

"What...did you do to me?!" Zero asked, sounding nervous.

"You'll answer my questions now, that is a truth band, charged with magic, it can allow the wearer to speak only the truth, and speak whatever he is asked of," Melchior said, smiling.

"Why were you in Melchior's room?" Cidolfas asked.

"I...I was ordered by my old friend Aleck to do some spying for his," Zero said, trying to struggle against the magic.

"What superior?!" Melchior asked.

"The count...of...Gargory..," Zero said, struggling.

"Gargory?! Count Lesath, I knew I didn't like that man since he became count," Melchior said.

"Where Ruv-e-lia?!" Pesos asked.

"," Zero said, "I' for this!"

"We have to get to Gargory, Melchior, who knows what Lesath will do to her!" Cheryl pleaded.

"Ve must get her back!" MD added.

"WARK!" Boco also added.

"Gargory is west of Poeskas Lake, which is somewhat near here. It will be a long trip for three monsters such as yourselves," Melchior said, "Master and mistress Orlandu, is it not too much to ask that you accompany them?"

"We'll do it!" Cheryl said.

"I.." Cidolfas tried to retort, but he couldn't.

"I cannot come with you all yet, as I have buisiness here," Melchior said, "tomorrow night, you shall leave for Poeskas Lake!"

* * * * * * * * * * * *

In Gargory Castle, Count Lesath had scheduled a meeting with Draclau, a newly appointed cardinal with the need for a new ruler as well. Lesath awaited Draclau anxiously in his war room with Forage. Hoping he could get the church to side with him. A young maid came in, "your majesty, the cardinal to see you."

"Yes, bring him," Lesath said, not turning to look.

Soon, a middle aged man entered the room. He had a long white mustache, was losing hair, and seemed like a kind enough man, until you saw his "dark" side. The man sat down near Forage.

"Welcome, Cardinal, I hope your trip was pleasant enough," Lesath said.

"It was, it was, Lesath," Draclau said, "I hear you wish to take the title of king."

"It depends," Lesath said coldly, "Alkarn is in a frenzy looking for his precious Ruvelia."

"You're a cold man, Lesath, but anything for the people, eh?" Draclau mused.

"Yes, anything for the people," Lesath said, showing a hint of a smile.

"Sir, we were wondering if you could secretly support his majesty in his coup de'tat," Forage asked.

"I'm all for it, after all, the people need a strong king, not like Alkarn," Draclau said.

"Good, we'll count on your support, then?" Lesath said.

"Yes, as long as it's never revealed that we have been supporting you," Draclau replied, he searched his coat and came up with a red orb. It sparked beautifully and bore the Zodiac sign, Sagittarius. Draclau smiled and placed it on the table.

"Here, it's a sign of our support, Lesath," Draclau said.

"A holy stone?" Lesath said, taking the stone, "why?"

"Just keep it close to your heart," Draclau said, "and good things shalt come of it, 'Artemos'."

"I...I'm honored, Draclau," Lesath said, "I will keep this as a symbol of our agreement then."

Draclau sat up, he chuckled a little, and began to walk toward the door.

"Don't worry," Draclau said, "it shall hopefully become more than just a symbol of our agreement."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Ruvelia sat in the pretty bedroom that served as her cage. She could only look out of the magically sealed window to even see outside anymore. She sighed, and laid on her bed.

"Father, mother, Pesos, Boco...I miss you all," she said, almost crying.

Just then, she heard some clicking at the door, it sounded like someone was picking the lock. Ruvelia sat up, watching the door closely. She then saw the door open, a young man came in, and shut it quickly. He proceeded to relock the door.

"Who are you?" Ruvelia asked curiously.

"SHH!" the young man said, continuing to pick at the lock, when he relocked it, he looked at Ruvelia.

"Who are you?!" Ruvelia repeated.

"I'm a friend," the young man said, "i'm getting you out of here!"

"and take me home?!" Ruvelia asked.

"I can't do that just yet," the young man said, "Lesath will be after us every step of the way."

"Then where will we go?" Ruvelia asked.

"Well, we're going home, just not right away," he replied.

"You are confusing," Ruvelia said.

"Tell me about it," the young man replied, smiling.

"I'm Princess Ruvelia Atkascha," Ruvelia introduced, "Who are you?"

"I am Omdoria Kerilan, i'm usually called Gerid by my friends, now enough talk, lets escape," the young man replied, running toward the window.

"It's no use, it's sealed," Ruvelia said.

"To hell with the seal!" Gerid said, chanting. He pointed toward the seal and it dissolved.

"You're a mage?!" Ruvelia asked as Gerid helped her off of the bed.

"Yup, nothing spectacular, just a Time Mage," Gerid said, "let's hurry!"

Gerid quickly cast float on the both of them, and held on to Ruvelia.

"If we run, we can make it outside the wall before the spell finishes lowering us to 3 feet, are you ready, Princess?" Gerid asked her.

"As i'll ever be," she replied.

They ran out the window, running quickly across the air, over the castle. The spell was lowering them slowly to the ground, but by the time they were at 3 feet above the ground, they were well outside of the castle. They were panting as the spell wore off.

"Now what?" Ruvelia said, out of breath.

"Now, we hurry to my groups hideout, from there we can ship you home," Gerid replied.

"Your group?" Ruvelia asked, curious.

"Yes, i'm part of a group of thieves, but not to worry, your gracious father paid us to find you and get you home," Gerid asked, "who woulda thought Count Lesath would stoop this low?"

Ruvelia only smiled, it seemed like a dream, soon she would be home again...with her mother, her father, Pesos and Boco....with her life.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Zero laid in the room, still chained to the bed. He felt like his life was over. His loyalty to his friend was now completely gone, thanks to that inquirer. He would never be revered as the king of thieves again in his mind. The door opened again, and Cheryl entered with some food and water. Zero looked away.

"Hungry?" she said, "i'm not supposed to do this, but I felt noone deserves to go hungry."

"Save the sympathy, i'm nothing, you crushed my spirit, isn't that enough for you?" Zero snapped back at her.

Cheryl looked down to the floor, and looked at Zero, "I didn't know it meant so much to you..."

"My loyalty to my friend, and employer, was absolute for me," Zero said, "now that's gone, and I have nothing, nothing!!!"

"You do have something! You helped us, without you, poor Pesos and Boco would never reunite with their Ruvelia," Cheryl said, "Ruvelia means everything to them, how do you think they felt when you took her? Same as you do I bet."

Zero was silent, he could not find a response.

"However," Cheryl continued, "they had enough bravery to try and chase you, to try and get what they lost back! Now, the question is, Zero, what will YOU do?"

"'re absolutely right," Zero said, "I shouldn't be like this."

"Yes," Cheryl said, taking out a key, she unlocked the chains and let Zero free.

"What was that for?" he asked, getting up and stretching.

"Call me stupid, call me anything, but I think that everyone deserves a chance to get their life back, and i'm giving you this chance Zero."

" know what, you ARE stupid, but I like you," Zero said, "what you said, will stick with me, you moved me with your words milady. That, I shall never forget you for."

Zero tossed a smoke bomb at the floor, and from the mist he said, "maybe we will meet again!" However, when the smoke cleared, he was gone.


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