The Great Monster Troupe Prologue

The 7th Birthday of Princess Ruvelia Atkascha

By Limited Moon

Before the Fifty Year War began, the kingdom of Ivalice was a land of prosperity. A prosperity, that, all too soon, seemed to diminish in the heart of manipulated war.

During this war, Alkarn Atkascha and Ilene Atkascha ruled the land. They had one child, Ruvelia. It was on this day that young Ruvelia would turn 7 years old. At the celebration, Ruvelia was presented with two presents from her parents. One was a baby Black Goblin, the other a Chocobo chick.

"I love them," Ruvelia said as she hugged them, "I know the perfect names for them, too."

She held the baby Black goblin up, and put her finger to it's nose. It seemed to twitch in surprise, "you'll be Pesos..."

She then picked up the small chocobo chick, "you'll be Boco"

From then on, Ruvelia treated her new pets as if they were best friends, she taught Pesos basic speech, and the three became like siblings. Even during the years of war to come, Boco and Pesos kept Ruvelia company when only guards and servants inhabited the castle.


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