Sparks of War Chapter 2

Nightmares Into Reality

By Limited Moon

Just as they approached Lienea, figures began to fly across the sky, leaving huge shadows on the ground. Stahn and everyone looked at the shadows, they were dragons, and they were descending upon Fitzgald...

"What's going on?!" Stahn said in panic.

"This looks like an attack, but i've never seen ANY country with a force of DRAGONS!" Garr replied, drawing his bow.

Chelsea, drawing her bow, nodded.

"Philia, get behind me, Stahn, get ready!" commanded Garr.

Stahn shook his head, "if they are really attacking, I have to go get Lilith and Grandpa out of here!" he shouted, and drawing his sword, he left towards the town.

"STAHN! WAIT!" screamed Philia, "...good luck..." she added with her face looking at the sky.

* * * * * * * *

The dragon's began their attack, fireballs rained down upon Lienea like huge meteors of destruction, burning all they touched. Stahn searched the burning houses for Lilith, but nothing turned up. "LILITH!" he screamed.

"STAHN!!!" replied a female voice from behind one of the last houses standing. Stahn ran toward the house and there was Lilith, and his grandpa, lying on the ground, wounded.

"Grandpa! What's wrong!" Stahn said in surprise. He ran to his grandpa's side and Lilith began to cry.

"He was grazed by one of the fireballs, but there's no burns only hurt his legs...badly..." said Lilith in a sad tone.

" burns?! What kind of dragons are these! Oh, Grandpa!" Stahn felt tears coming too, although he usually never cried.

"you two should hurry, i'm long gone, I can't even move..," grandpa said.

"Nothing doing, Lilith, help me carry him!" Stahn ordered.

Lilith nodded and obeyed, as they hurried out of town, a fireball struck the house they were behind only seconds ago. The dragons kept shooting the fireballs without pause and it seemed as if it was a hellish rain storm falling upon Fitzgald.

A fireball nearly struck Stahn and Lilith as they hurried out of the burning town carrying their grandfather almost limp in their arms. As they reached the edge of town, Stahn could see Philia and the group, Garr and Chelsea releasing arrows into the army circling Lienea and Karyl singing helful songs like his symphony to boost morale. Stahn called out to Philia and she was soon over there.

"Stahn! It's your grandfather! What happnened to him?!" said Philia.

"Philia, help Lilith carry grandpa, I have to see if there are any more survivors!" Stahn replied solemnly, Philia only nodded and took Stahn's grandfather into her arms.

Stahn charged back into the town, looking for survivors, but there was no use, only the Elder's daughter was still alive...

Stahn took her back out of the town to the hill where Garr and Chelsea fired upon the dragons while dodging the defensive fireballs hurled at them.

"It's no use!" Garr yelled, releasing another arrow, "even Chelsea's Arrow Storm is doing little if any damage to them!"

"There HAS to be riders," interrupted the Elder's daughter, "an army of Dragons isn't so well trained it can raze a town by itself!"

"Alice is right, guys!" Stahn yelled, "we need to get one of them to get down here and fight!"

Karyl only nodded and began to sing a ballad of sorts which no one could hear...but the dragons seemed to hear it just fine and began to shake off their riders to get out of the area, it ended when one dragon flew down and landed. The rider jumped off of his dragon and looked at Stahn's group.

The rider had heavy black armor covering it's entire body, and a flowing red cape clutched to it's side as the wind blew. The rider shook it's head, "So, it's a bunch of petty villagers attacking our dragons?" a deep and fearful voice called out from the rider, it was unexpectantly deep.

Stahn clutched his sword to his side, "you and your army hurt my grandfather and completely destroyed my life as well as my hometown, why did you do this? What prompted you to burn a small country town in Fitzgald."

The rider laughed at Stahn, it was an odd, mocking laugh that didn't reveal gender or race. The rider looked at Stahn and replied, "We are attacking Nuedstadt too, idiot. Why WOULD we just attack a small country village."

Stahn sheathed his sword and yelled, "GRRRR....YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!"

The rider sheathed it's own sword, "you want to duel? Ha! I have no time to be dueling little country boys!"

Stahn clenched his teeth together, the dragons just seemed to hover around, they weren't even attacking anymore.

"Ok fine, come on, let's duel, or are you a weak little 10 year old?" mocked the rider. Stahn simply walked toward the rider.

Garr couldn't say a word, it wasn't smart for Stahn to duel an enemy he knows absolutely nothing about, but he couldn't object because he knew Stahn had reason to be so rash, he just hoped Stahn would be smart now...

"Oh, so you show some semblence of being a man. Ha, i'll show the world the power of Cavalese!" the rider said.

CAVALESE?! Stahn thought, but then the rider made a quick jab, Stahn jumped back and countered with a thrust, which was easily dodged by the quick rider. The rider then charged at Stahn swinging his sword, "HA JINKEN!" Stahn yelled as he knocked the rider off his feet with a missle sword. The rider got up slowly, and countered with a Wind Stab which caught Stahn off guard. He was knocked back by the miniature whirlwind and got back up. This guy is GOOD, Stahn thought, I can't believe he knows sword skills!

Stahn immediately jumped into the air and expected to charge down as a Phoenix, but nothing happened. OH yeah, Stahn thought, HE'S gone...

The rider laughed, "I can't believe this, you are a waste of time and energy for me, I can't be messing with you forever, kid," it said as it returned to it's dragon and took to the air.

"NO!! YOU COME BACK, YOU COWARD!" Stahn yelled at the dragon, the others were leaving as the rider's dragon rejoined them. Stahn, tears into his eyes, looked into the sunset as the dragons disappeared over the mountains...


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