The Dark Storm Chapter 1

By Martin Berglund

"Come on. Wake up!"
It was Crono's mom.
"Looks like that rain kept you awake all night, didn't it?" she said.
"Yeah. Guess so." Crono said, still a little bit sleepy.
Cronos mom did as usual. She walked to the window and pulled the curtains away,
to let the sun in.
Crono looked at the place on the floor, where the sunlight hit the it,
but then he saw something quite unusual.
"What´s making these shadows" he said and pointed with his right hand on the floor.
His mom smiled.
"Get up and look for yourself."
Crono tried to lean out of his bed, to see what it was, but after he had moved his bed a little bit closer the wall a few weeks ago, it was imposseble to see anything outside the window.
Once he realized that it was imposseble, he throwed his self back in bed and said:
"Please tell me, I can´t move..."
His mom turned around and start to walk to the stairs.
"Please!" Crono cried out.
"It´s just a bush or something. Nothing to worry." his mom replied.
"A BUSH?" Crono said, quite suprised.
"Yes, a bush. The storm must have brought it here, to our roof".
Crono tried to remember hearing anything like a bush landing on their roof,
but he couldn´t recall it.
"Perhapps I wasn´t awake all night" Crono thought.
"The Storm..." he said. "No doubt it was a storm..."
"No doubt..." his mom started.
"That must have been the worsed weather since... oh, when was it?" she stopped walking and start to look up at the ceiling.
"Perhapps 27 years ago..."
Crono sat up in his bed and looked around.
"What about that one when I was 7?"
Crono didn't remember very much from that day except the rain. He tought it would never end.
"No, no, no. That was nothing aginst this." His mom said,
and began to walk slowly down the staires.


"Are you comming?" his mom shouted from the kitchen.
"Yeah! Just a second!" Crono replied.
He took one last look out of the window, just to check if Marle or Lucca was comming.
But there was no sign of them so he dashed down the stairs, and found his mom sitting by the table.
"There you are! I made some breakfast for you, but this is the last time..." she said.
"Really?" Crono answered. "I thought that was yesterday."
She smiled.
"So. You haven't seen Marle or Lucca this morning, have you, mom?" Crono said just as he took his sandwitch and started to eat.
"No, dear. But I don't think they got much sleep either".
"No." Crono said. "Who did?".
It took just a few minutes for Crono to finish his breakfast, And he was soon up on his room again. He looked at Truce village from his window. He tried to see if the weather had caused any damage to the town. But he couldn't see very much, so he walked away and start thinking of what he was going to do do.
Perhapps go and see Lucca. She had a new invention she worked on.
He didn't really know what it was, but it surely was something quite cool.
Cool, that was what Lucca called it. Cool. Just like all her other inventions.
Or maybe go to the castle and check what Marle was up to. Not now. He needed to be alone for a while. And he had a special place he used to go to, when he wanted to be alone. It was his, as he called it when he was smaller, secret hideout.
But it wasn't any hideout. It was a cliff at the other side of north forest. He used to sitt there and look at the ocean below him. It wasn't a very high cliff. Just 5 meter.
But the cliff continued under the water far away. He had heard that if you follow the cliff under the water, it will, after hundredes of kilometers, raise again and you will see an opposite cliff on another continent. He hadn't told anybody about this cliff. Not even Lucca.
It was his cliff, and it was there he was going now.
So again, he dashed down the staires and he checked if his shoes still were standing by the door where he had left them yesterday.
Just before he walked to the door, he looked at his rainbow sword who he had placed on the wall.
That made him remember. How long was it?
He checked the calender. 1 year and a few weeks.
First he feelt like it was yesterday, but then, when he thought about it, 1 year was quite long.
He had been through a lot on that time.
He put on his shoes and walked out of the house.
But he didn't get very far, because his mom shouted:
Crono turned around.
"Two things" she started. "First. Where are you going? And, do you think you can drop by at Fritz shop and buy..., what was it....    Well, you know... The usual...?"
"Yeah, sure." Crono said. "And... I'm... just going out for a while"
His mom smiled.
"Don't be gone for too long. I guess the girls will be here quite soon."
Crono shouted back as he walked:
"Don't worry!".



"Well?" King guardia the XXXIII said. "Have you read all reports now?"
"Yes, your majesty." one of the guards said.
"No damages on the castel have been found so far. Truce village seems to have made it too."
The King had earlier this morning sent out a lot of guards and other workers to check for any damage the storm might have caused. Right now, he was sitting in the knights quater together with the chancellor and some "guards". You wouldn't believe they where guards if you saw them. They had no uniform and no weapon. But there wasn't any need for that now.
The kingdom was so peaceful. They satt down there and gathered all incomming reports.
"That's good." the king said and relaxed.
"I think old Guardia made it this time too."
The cancellor nodded and looked at the table.
"What's missing?" he asked the guard commander.
"Eh... Let see... hmm... Well, it looks like it's only Porre and the north forest left..." he said.
The king rose. "What about the west forest, and the north-west forest? Do you have them?".
The commander turned to the king. Then he looked at the table and all papers again.
"I'm so sorry. No, they are not here"
"Very well then." the king said and walked away from the table. When he got halfway to the staires, he turned around and tried to get the cancellor attention.
But he was to busy. He probobly didn't even noticed,
that the king was about to leave the room.
"Chancellor!" the king said, now trying to get everybody's attention.
"Yes, your majesty" the cancellor answered.
"I'm sorry, but I'm so tiered. Could you please continue  without my presens?
I'll be upstaires if you need me."
"Certainly." the cancellor replied and turned back to the table and all papers.
When the king slowly walked to the staires, he notised that his daughter was there,
just outsider the 'stair-room'.
"Nadia?" he said. "How long have you been standing there?"
"For a while." She replied with a smile.
"Oh, well. I didn't notised you. I wounder... Are you playing with some magic or is it just me, who is old?"
Marle made a little giggle, the way she used to, and said:
"I think it's just you, who is not very old".
"Are you sure?" the king said thoughtful.
"Definantly. Besides, I only know magic who harm or heals."
And that was true.
During the Lavos adventure,
she never thought about what magic could do else. More than heal and harm.
"Well." the King said. "I'm going upstaires for a while. I so tired."
Marle nodded and stepped out of the way so her father could pass.
Just when he was about to go up, one guard came down with a letter in his hand.
"King! Chancellor! letter from Porre! Good news!" he said.
He gave it to the king just as he walked out of the stair-room.
But the king gave it back. "Give it to the chancellor".
The guard nodded and ran down the stairs to the table and the cancellor.


Marle had just finished her breakfast, and was about to go upstaires, when one of the maids stopped her.
"Do you think you could ask his majesty if he is hungry.
He has not eaten anything this morning"
The maids usualy didn't ask the prinsess to do these sort of things,
but since no one was around, and everybody knew that she really wanted to get closer to her dad, this maid asked her.
"OK." Marle said and almost dashed up the staires.
She walked to the throneroom and then entered the left stair-room.
When she reached the highest level, a guard suddenly came running up the staires and he tried to walk around Marle, but since the stairway was to smal, there apperead some problems.
"Hey!" Marle said when the guard tried to pass her. "Why are you so busy? I'm almost up."
"Important message to the King." the guard said, but he waited until Marle was up.
Then he ran right into the kings room.
Marle follow, curious about what was so important.
"The chancellor thought you would like to see this." the guard said and handed over a paper.
Marle could see how her father read it probobly twice and then put it on a table.
"I don't know..." he said. "I have not idea what this could be."
The king started to walk around in the room.
"Hmm.....    Let see.....    We must....    No...... Perhapps... Yes..." he look at the guard.
"Please tell my daughter to come up."
The guard looked a little bit confused.
"Eh...  Your majesty...  She's here."
The king looked around in the room.
"Oh... Well then... Nadia. Please read this report... now where did I put it..." he looked around.
"Oh yes.. On the table. And tell me if you have seen anything like that before." he smiled
"I mean, you have been all around the kingdom in every era."
Marle walked to table and took the paper and read it.

From:  Nield Gaelled, North forest
To: King Guardia XXXIII

Your majesty,
I have now completed my scouting in the north forest,
and I have something strange to report.
I don't know if the storm brought it, but it is mysterius.
I found a place in the forest who looked really strange.
There was an circle-formed area where there surface had been burned.
It was exactly 4 meter in diameter.
But even more strange,
there was another circle inside the first one,
who was about 2,5 - 3 meter in diameter,
who where covered with a white layer.
There was nothing under the white layer.
No gras. No trees. No rockes. Nothing but that white layer.
In the outer circle, there was a black layer of probably ash,
but you could still see trace of grass and trees.
There used to be three trees inside the circle area,
I just found one of them. It had been thrown 75 meter away.
I'm still looking for the two other trees.
In all my years as a forester, I've never seen anything like this before.
I'll be out for three more hours and then I will report back to the castel.

- Nield

Marle read the letter once again, and then put it back at the table.
"Sorry." she said. "I have never even heard about something like that before."
The king looked down at the floor, a little bit disappointed.
"Well then." the king said.
"Tell the chancellor that I want no one in the forest besides the forester."
"Yes your majesty!" the guard said and walked out of the kings room.
"Eh... Dad?" Marle said, just remembered what she was here for.
"Yes?" the king said and looked up.
"You are not hungry or something like that?"
"Oh dear! I forgot that. It must have been the storm"
Marle nodded.
"And daddy? I'm going out and ask Crono if knows anything about... well, you know"
"I'll try to remember that" he replied and smiled, just as he walked out of the door.
Marle stood there alone and thought about this... well, whatever it was.
"Better ask Crono or Lucca" she thought and walked out of the room and down the staires.



Because of problems in the north forest,
caused by the storm, King Guardia have
decided that no one is allowed to
be there.
This 'problem' will probably disappear
this time tomorrow.
So, until tomorrow,
stay out of the forest.
If you have any questions,
Go to the castel.

Lara read the paper and wonder what this could be about.
She walked to the upper part of leene square,
where her daughter's telepod once stood,
and she looked into the north forest.
But she couldn't see anything unusual.
Well, whatever it was, she thought.
The king must have the situation under control.



"What? Crono's not home?"
"I'm sorry dear." Crono's mom said.
Marle believed her, but she looked into the house anyway.
But he was not there.
"Do you know where he is?" Marle said.
"No. He said he was just going out for a while, but he promised to go to Fritz shop and buy me a few thing."
"Really?" Marle said "OK, I'll check over there."
She started to wonder where he was.
She wasn't worried, not at all.
It was just that...
He didn't usually just walk away without saying where he was going.
It was the forest incident who made her think he could be in danger.
But why worry? It can't be stronger than Lavos, if it is a creature.
He will be allright.
"Where could he be?" she thought just as she crossed the bridge to 'Lucca's island'.


Author's note:

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