The Dark Storm Chapter 10

By Martin Berglund


Somehow, Shadin knew the place from where he came.
The presence of a nearly dead dimension gate.
North forest was what that boy, Crono, had told him.
And it was correct. Shadin first thought about saying good-bye normally, but he thought that this mystical disappearance would be more flashing.
As he walked through the woods, he looked around and tried to remember what had happened.
But it was all black. Why was he here? And what had he done before he came here?
All black. He couldn’t remember anything. Suddenly, he felt something touching his foot.
He looked down. He had walked into something black. It looked like a big black mushroom.
”Always my mind thousands of miles from presence.” he thought.
As he came closer to his goal, he could feel the presence of something alive.
He looked around. Nothing.
Then he saw some wolf-looking animal. Shadin looked at it. It was like he had met one before... He raised his hand and summoned a simple spell.
With those words, he walked into the creatures mind and made it friendly.
The wolf-looking thing started to jump around happily.
”Dumber they are... Easier do they fall.” Shadin thought. ”Even for a spell simple as that.”
He continued forward and soon reached the place.
The white layer Crono had talked about was gone. Shadin looked at the ground.
You could still see tracks of it. He picked up some and looked closer at it.
”But this is...” he thought. ”Grass...”
What turned it to this? His dimension spell? It couldn’t have been.
Shadin took some, and put it under his cape.
Then he prepared to travel on.

* * * * *


Shadin looked up.
”Wait up!”
He looked at the newcomers.
”Crono. Lucca. Marle.”
They came running towards him.
Once they entered the burned place, they stopped.
”You weren’t leaving without saying good-bye, are you?” Marle asked.
Shadin laughed.
”You don’t know me.”
”No, we certainly don’t!” Crono said.
”I leave you with a lot of questionmarks, don’t I?”
They all nodded.
They were all quiet for a while.
”Well...” Shadin finally said. ”I guess this is it.”
”Yeah.” Lucca said.
”No wait....” Shadin said. ”I think I got something for you.”
”For us?” Crono asked, and Shadin nodded.
”First you, Crono.”
Crono stepped forward.
Shadin picked up something from his cape.
”Here.” He was holding in a round object, it looked like a glass bowl. Inside it, was different colors turbiolating. ”It’s called ‘the moon pearl’ or ‘the night star’.”
Crono took it. ”Cool. W, what’s that?”
Shadin smiled.
”Eh... I know this sounds strange, but... I don’t know. I only know it carries enormous magic powers, and it does only exists five or six of those in the world.”
Crono didn’t know what to say.
”You’ll find it useful. Believe me.” Shadin said.
”Thanks.” Crono said, and put down the pearl in his bag.
”Now, Lucca and Marle.”
They both stepped forward.
”This is for you.”
Shadin grabbed something under his cape and gave the girls a pendant each.
”You got quite much under you cape, don’t you?” Lucca said.
Shadin nodded.
”I got most of all useful things.”
Marle looked at her pendant.
”Oh... It’s beautiful!”
Shadin nodded.
”I made those a few hundred years ago when I though a was powerful. I never gave them to anyone then, and I had almost forgot about them now.”
”Are they magic?”
Shadin smiled.
”Of course!”
”Then what can they do?”
”Well... They... If you use them, it will create a gate from this world to another dimension, in which I am in.”
”So...” Marle said. ”You mean that it will bring you here.”
”Correct. But remember... You can only use them once. Sorry for that, but I was young when I made them.”
”Yeah... Only a few hundred years...” Crono said.
Shadin looked at him, but then back on Marle and Lucca.
”If you’re ever in trouble... Gimme a call.”
Marle and Lucca nodded.
”I hear you have practiced your language skills in our language.”
Shadin smiled.
”Acuarly not. I’m just warm up... eh... warmed up, I mean... right now.”
Crono nodded.
”Oh, yeah...”
There was a long silence again.
”Well... this is good-bye for now.” Shadin said.
They all nodded.
”What do you mean with ‘for now’” Lucca asked.
”Well... It’s a tradition I have... To tell everyone that they’ll see me again.”
”Nice tradition.” Marle said.
Shadin smiled.
”I guess it’s time for me to leave your kingdom in peace. Can you please back of, so I can finish the spell.”
Crono, Marle and Lucca did as he said, and he started to say more unhearable things.
With a blue light, he hovered up in the air, said something, and disappeared.
”Did you hear what he said?” Lucca asked.
”I think it sounded like... You’ll se me again.” Marle answered.
Crono looked up in the sky where Shadin disappeared.
”I guess he was right. We will see him again. I just feel it.”
”Your right.” Marle agreed.
”Hey!” Lucca suddenly shouted. ”Look! The sky! All clouds are gone!”
Marle and Crono looked up.
And they were. Not a single cloud on the sky.
”I guess the dark storm is over.” Crono said.
”Yeah.” Marle replied. ”And this time for good.”


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