The Legend of Chrono Trigger Chapter 10
Tata and the Hero
By Martin Berglund
- Darth Vader

Crono, Marle and Lucca slowly walked upwards Mt. Denadoro.
Denadoro was very different from Truce canyon, but it wasn’t just the height.
Crono could feel the presses of several of creatures, but he did say anything.
This was a place where you always get this funny feeling you’re being watched.
A few bridges had been placed out to connect different cliffs, a long time ago.
Most of them were still here, but none were there in 1000 AD.
The mountain looked even bigger now than it will in 400 years.
With Crono in the lead, they walked carefully up.
”AAAaaahhh.......” Someone suddenly screamed.
A little boy came running down from a cliff. A green creature followed him.
The kid ran by Crono, but the creature stopped.
”A goblin.” Crono whispered.
They waited for the goblin to attack.
And when the attack came, it was fast.
The goblin hit Crono and Marle in one swing.
Lucca fried it before it could make more harm.
The boy looked up behind a rock.
”Th, this is a terrible place! Y, you best run away while you can!”
The boy ran down.
Lucca turned back to the others.
”What a nice hero!”
Crono laughed, and so did Marle.
”So, Marle...” Lucca said, ”Is it this type of guys you princesses find dashing?”
Marle giggled.
”What do we do now?” Crono asked.
They all thought for a moment.
”I guess...” Marle said. ”Let’s find the sword for Frog! Then he’ll get his will back!”
”Your right!” Crono said. ”Are you with us, Lucca?”
Lucca nodded.
”Of course! By the way, can’t we... eh... I mean... Robo is probably quite bored by now.”
”Your right.” Marle said.
”Perhaps we should trade him in?” Lucca suggested.
”Good idea, Lucca!” Marle said. ”So... who’ll go? Not Crono, he’s the leader. Not me, cause I stayed in that scary dome. So... only you left.”
Lucca shook her head.
”Forget it.”
”Common, Lucca! Be a little bit nice to Robo now!”
Lucca shook her head.
”It won’t work. This place ain’t magic.”
Now that was true.
Marle nodded and then they continued up.
Slowly they got higher and higher. The met a lot of goblins, but they were all sleeping.
If it wasn’t for their quest, Marle would gladly stay here, just to watch the view.
”What are we looking for anyway?” Marle finally asked.
”A cave perhaps.” Crono said. ”But I don’t know. Hey, Lucca! Watch your step!”
Lucca nodded and backed off from the edge.
They continued up on serpent formed paths who lead up.
The first encounter with the enemy came by a surprise. Two goblins with wood hammers came and attacked from behind. Lucca used her magic to burn the hammers, and then could Crono’s sword and Marle’s arrows do the rest of the work. The goblins were not very smart, and you could easily sneak by if they were asleep.
Using this tactic, Crono, Lucca and Marle could easily get forward.

”We’re almost up.” Crono said after hours of climbing.
Lucca looked up on the top of the mountain. It wasn’t very much left.
”Good. I’m getting tired of all this climbing.”
”I’m getting tired of all these goblins!” Marle said and pointed on two new ones, armed with hammers.
”Lucca, burn their hammers!” Crono shouted and got ready to attack.
Lucca tired to summon her magic, but it didn’t work.
”I... I can’t!”
”Say what?” Crono said just before he got a huge hammer in his chest.
Crono flied backwards.
Marle fired an arrow, but the goblin defended itself with it’s hammer.
Lucca tried again to use magic, but it didn’t work.
Marle ran to Crono.
His body was full of blood.
He held in a bottle.
”Gi, give... T, to... Lucca. S, she... is... D, dried.”
Marle took the bottle and ran back to Lucca.
”Here, take. Ether.”
Lucca took the bottle and drank it’s content.
Immediately, she felt better and launched a fire tail on one of the goblins, which made his hammer burn. The goblin threw away the burning hammer.
”I’m going to check Crono. Can you take care of them?”
Lucca looked at her.
”I can take better care of Crono, but as you wish.”
She crunched, just to evade a hammer.
”No problem!” she said and smiled.
Marle ran back to the place where Crono had landed.
”Crono! How do you feel?”
She placed Crono by a tree.
Then she saw where the blood came from.
Crono had fallen on a branch, which had went right through his stomach.
She pulled out the branch.
”Your gonna be okay! Have you tried tonics?”
He was too weak to talk, so he pointed at three empty mid tonic bottles.
Those were the last they had.
”No....” Marle said.
”Don’t worry! I’ll... Do something!”
Then she heard another fire tail went off.
Marle summoned her ice powers. Spekkio had said something about learning new spell by understanding how magic works. She knew how her ice spell worked. She couldn’t make it more powerful yet, but she COULD reverse it’s effect. She put both her hands on Crono’s shoulders and closed her eyes. She concentrated hard and let all magic energy flow from her to Crono.
All power... To Crono... And heal him...
Her arms started to glow with a blue friendly glow.
Then Crono’s body started to glow.
When Marle opened her eyes, she saw that Crono wounds where almost gone.
Crono ignored them and rose up.
Crono smiled. ”Nice that you still want me as your leader.”
Marle smiled. ”We can’t afford to lose you. Let’s go. I guess Lucca needs some help.”
Crono nodded and ran for his sword. He picked it up and looked for Lucca.
She stood beside one dead goblin and there was one alive who tried to hit her.
Crono ran forward, and jumped up. Then he pointed his sword down, and dived.
”That’s not good for your clothes.” Lucca said when Crono rose from the dead body.
”I haven’t washed them in a few days anyway, so who cares? You got a tonic?”
Lucca nodded and picked up one from her bag.
”I took it from home. But this is the last one.”
Crono nodded.
”Okay. Say... Let’s rest for a while?”
Lucca nodded.
”Sure. Just watch your back.”
Crono nodded.
Lucca sat down on a stone.
Marle sat down next to her.
Crono walked forward and looked out over the landscape.
Then he looked down on what was left of his wound.
And he let his eyes turn to his sword.
He had been beaten up by a goblin.
A simple goblin.
Perhaps he wasn’t such a good swordsman after all.
But he had his goal.
He wasn’t giving up.
He WAS going to defeat Lavos and save the future.
He just needed some training.
If he got out of here alive, he would ask Frog to train him for a day or two.
Frog was a real swordmaster.
On the far horison, the sun was going down.
They had to hurry before it got dark.
Crono turned around.
”Let’s go.”

”There!” Marle suddenly said and pointed on a cave opening. ”I think that’s our goal for today.”
”Agree.” Crono said. ”But how do we get there?”
It looked almost impossible to reach it.
A high, unpasseble cliff surrounded it.
Crono looked around.
”I think there’s a path lead there. But then we have to go around the mountain.”
They all nodded and with Crono in the lead, they walked around.
Suddenly, Crono saw a white creature standing on a ridge and looked out over the country.
”What’s that?” Marle asked. ”It looks just like Spekkio!”
Crono looked at it. ”Indeed it is!” he thought.
”You think he’s... dangerous?” Lucca asked.
”No.” Marle said. ”He looked kind of... cute!”
”You think Spekkio is... cute?” Lucca asked and glanced on Marle.
She didn’t answer.
They walked forward to it.
It turned around. Then it turned back.
”Mountains’re nice.” It said.
”Yeah, sure they are.” Marle said.
”This’s the life!” It continued.
”Let’s leave him in peace.” Lucca suggested.
The other agreed.
They left the Spekkio looking creature and continued to walk.
”We are making progress.” Marle said.
”What do you mean?” Lucca asked, as she pushed away some branches.
”Well... We know how to combinate magic. And I have learned a new spell. And Crono have learned a new... eh... attack?”
Crono looked at her.
”It’s call ‘spincut’. A technique Cyrus mastered.”
Marle looked forward again.
”Whatever. What have you learned, Lucca?”
Lucca thought for a second.
”I know a new thing. But I haven’t test it yet.”
”I guess you’ll get plenty of opportunity.” Crono said.
Lucca nodded.
”Seems so.”
They walked into the cave.

Inside, a kid ran around.
”I'm the wind! Whoosh!”
Crono, Lucca and Marle looked strange at him.
But then, something else caught their eyes.
”Look!” Marle said and pointed on a plateau in the cave.
A big sword was placed up there.
They walked towards it.
Just when they reached the stair, that kid shouted for them.
Crono stopped.
The kid ran to them and placed himself in front of them, on the stair.
”Are you here for the Masamune?” he asked.
”Eh... Yes.” Crono said.
”Thought so... Wait a second, okay? Oh big brooooother... Where are you, Masa?!”
A new kid, who apparently was hiding behind the sword, showed himself.
”What is it Mune?”
Then he saw Crono and friends.
”Not again!?
So! You want to get a name for yourself by grabbing the Masamune? What a buffoon!”
”Humans are so... silly!” Mune said. ”It's how you USE the sword that's important...
not who owns it!”
”You can't even understand something as simple as that.” Masa continued.
”That's why you're human.”
Mune looked on Masa.
”What should we do?”
”The usual... test them. They can always entertain us for a while.”
”All right! Here we go!!!” Mune said and they both leaped backwards.
They spun around with an incredible speed, and then transformed into two strange yellow creatures. They both jumped down from the plateau.
First Masa ran and hit Lucca several of times.
Then Mune hit Crono.
Crono countered with his sword.
Marle summoned her ice magic, and freezed Masa.
When the ice disappeared, he just took a step backwards, but was soon back in action.
Both Masa and Mune countered together, by diving from each direction.
”IIIiiieehh....” Marle yelled as the two creatures smashed into her body.
Crono jumped up, caught Lucca’s fire tail, and then dived down on Mune.
He collapsed.
Masa helped him up.
”Hey, they're pretty tough.” Mune said.
Masa looked on Crono.
”Only Cyrus made it this far.”
He looked back on Mune.
”What should we do?” Mune said.
”This time it's for real!” Masa replied.
”All right, this is it...” Mune said.
”Yeah. We mean business!” Masa continued.
They both looked at each other.
”With Masa’s bravery...” Mune said,
”...and Mune’s knowledge...”
They jumped into each other.
”Two become one!”
It was like they grew together.
They both transformed into a gigantic monster.
The monster howled.
”Oops...” Lucca said.
The monster jumped forward and smashed Lucca to the other side of the cave.
Crono attacked with his red katana, but the monster ignored the damage.
It roared, and then summoned some magic.
A big tornado appeared around Crono, which tossed him up in the air, and then let him go.
Crono fell down to the ground.
Marle concentrated and healed Crono’s wounds.
Then she loaded her crossbow with one neo-electrice arrow.
She fired it on the big monster, and big spark flashed up when it hit.
Meanwhile, Lucca got up. She fired a fire tail on the monster, and then ran forward.
The monster loaded up a spell again.
Crono fired a lightning to disturb the spell, but it failed.
A big shockwave came out from the monster and it hit everyone.
Crono felt like his body was being torned apart.
Suddenly it all stopped.
He fell down on the ground.
Crono looked at the others. None of them felt very good.
Lucca picked up a small object from her bag and threw it on the monster.
It exploded and threw the monster away.
The damage made the monster spell brake, and Masa and Mune separated.
”They beat us, big brother...” Mune said.
”That was fun!” Masa exclaimed.
”Will they fix us? Will they find us an owner?” Mune said worried.
”Yeah.” Masa replied. ”It will be all right.”
They walked up to the sword and walked into it.
Crono pushed himself up with his hands and then helped Marle and Lucca up.
They walked forward to the sword.
When Crono touched it, it started to glow, and it disappeared.
A second later, it appeared again, but this time as a half sword.
Lucca picked up the swordhalf.
”So this is the Masamune... But it looks like it’s been broken for ages.”
”Let’s bring it to Frog.” Marle suggested.
”Right.” Crono said. ”But let’s first visit that hero...”
Suddenly, Masa’s voice could be heard:
”Allow me! We'll ride the wind to the base of mountain!”
”Good luck to you!” Mune said.
A strong wind surrounded Crono and he lifted from the ground followed by Marle and Lucca.
Crono couldn’t describe what happened, but it was like he was flying down from the mountain.

”OOOhhh....” Marle said once they landed. ”Let go for it again!”
Lucca glanced at her.
”Hey! Just kidding!” Marle said and started to walk south, to Porre.
It wasn’t hard to find Tata’s house.
Especially now.
”Where is the wonderchild?” Crono asked as they came in.
”I don’t know... He was here a second ago.”
Marle looked around.
”Tata? Why are you hiding under the stair?”
Tata walked forward.
”I'm sorry everyone. Some frog guy dropped this in a cafe.”
Tata handed over a medal.
”I thought I'd sell it, but then everyone started calling me a "Hero". I couldn't bear to get rid of it!
I just can't fake it any longer. Please take it!”
”Scoundrel! I knew this was all a sham!” Tata’s father said.
”Listed to YOU!” Tata said. ”Who was going around telling everyone you’ve raised a hero, huh?”
His father didn’t answer.
Crono, Marle and Lucca left.
The headed for cursed woods.
After 1 hour, they reached Frog’s hideout.
But this time, they all used the stairs.
Frog was still staring on the wall.
Crono picked up the hero medal and put it on a table.
Frog turned around.
”Thee hath returned? Th, the hero medal!
Then thou hast seen the lad. Yes there's a nary thing I canst do against Magus.
The legendary Masamune is required to fight Magus. And I've no right to wield it.
Please leave now...”
Crono didn’t find any words.
”Well... We tried.” Lucca said.
Then Crono saw a box with something shiny in.
He opened it and picked up what was inside.
”A broken sword... It's  the other part of the Masamune!”
Lucca looked closer at it.
”It’s engraved with archaic letters. I think I can read it... M-e-l-c-h-i-o-r
Marle looked supriced at it.
”Melchior? That guy in Medina? What does it mean?”
Crono shook his head.
”I don’t know. But let’s go and ask him.”
”Nary a soul remains to mend’eth the Masamune.” Frog said as they walked up.

They met the Knight Captain as they crossed the Zenan bridge.
”We held the Zenan bridge with your help, sir Crono. But this is an empty victory if we can’t stop Magus.”
Crono nodded.
”Don’t worry. I’m working on it.”
They continued through Truce village and then to the canyon.
The imps were STILL playing football with an roly.

They made a short stop at End of Time, since they were all quite tired, but then continued to Medina village through a pillar.
2 hours later were they outside Melchiors house.
”It's you again? Came to see my collection?”
Crono held up the two pieces of the Masamune.
”Th, this sword... it's the Masamune! How did you get it?”
Lucca and Marle stepped forward.
”Why would your name be engraved on the sword?” Lucca started.
”...” Melchior said.
”It's a... long story. You do want to heart this story, right?”
”Of course! Tell us about the Masamune!” Marle said.
”Is it possible to reforge it?” Lucca asked.
Melchior thought for a second.
It might be possible if we could get our hands on some Dreamstone,
which the sword is made of.”
”Dreamstone?” Crono repeated. ”Where can we get that?”
”You can't find it anymore.” Melchior answered.
”It was a red stone that was once used as money. Unfortunately,
it hasn't been available for a very long time.”
Crono looked disappointed.
”I doubt that you will ever find the red rock, but if you do... Maybe I can repair the Masamune.”
Crono nodded.
They went back to End of Time.

”We have to find a mineral called ‘dreamstone’. Do you know anything about it?” Lucca asked Robo as soon as they got back.
”Dreamstone? No data in my memory banks of such a rock.”
”Dreamstone?” The old man repeated.
”You’ve heard of it?” Crono asked.
”I've heard of it, of course... It's a prehistoric mineral...
You might find it way back in the prehistoric era.”
”Thanks!” Marle said. ”So... I guess Robo is quite restless now. Let’s switch team.”
Lucca nodded. ”Right. Marle, you stay here.”
Marle shook her head.
”Not a chance! You were with Crono and Robo last time!”
”That is correct.” Robo added.
Lucca looked at him.
”Stay out of this.”
”Girls...” Crono said.
”Let me go!” Marle said.
”No! I got the brain here, remember?”
Crono didn’t know who to choose.
Robo rose up and walked to the gate room.
”Tell me when you’re finished.”
”Well...” Lucca said. ”I got the gate key anyway!”
Marle looked angry at her.
”Okay... You win...” She walked down to the old man and sat down, glaring at Crono and Lucca.
Crono looked at her, but Lucca pulled him back.
”Let’s go.”
They walked up to the gate room.
”This one leads to mystic mountain, 65000000 BC” Robo said and pointed at a pillar.
They entered it.
Once they came out of the gate, they found themselves in the middle of the air.
They fell down a few meters and landed just in front of five green creatures who ran around.
Lucca looked at them.
”They’re all green and scaly!”
”Half human, half dinosaur... An unlikely life form.” Robo said.
Then the creatures discovered the new arrivals.
They picked up stones and rocks, and threw them on the party.
Crono raised his sword and leaped forward, cutting two creatures.
Lucca shoot one, and Robo hit one.
The last one called for more.
Ten new creatures came running.
”We're outnumbered!” Lucca shouted.
The creatures was just about to attack, when a fur-dressed woman jumped in.
She kicked two creatures with an excellent precision.
”Who IS that woman?” Lucca asked.
”Her fighting capabilities exceed those of humans!” Robo said.
”Who’s not?” Crono noted.
Then two creatures escaped, and the woman followed them.
”Now they're after us!” Robo shouted.
The remaining six attacked.
Crono evaded the stones, and attacked one.
But it was too fast and evaded.
Lucca summoned her fire magic, and Crono caught the tail with his sword.
Then Crono spun around with his sword pointing out.
He got probably 4.
Meanwhile, Robo took care of the others.
Once all were down, the woman came back.
She stared on Crono.
”What the...!” Lucca said.
”Do not upset her. She's rather agitated right now.” Robo added.
”You got it!” Crono said.
”We're not looking for a fight!” Lucca said.
The woman jumped forward and pushed Crono to the cliff wall.
”Crono!” Lucca shouted.
”You strong. What name?” the cave woman said.
”Crono.” Crono answered.
”Crono, huh? Good name. Me Ayla. Ayla like strong people. So Ayla like Crono!”
Lucca smiled.
”I think she likes you Crono...”
Ayla looked on Lucca.
”You strong too. Ayla respect strong people. Men and women.”
Lucca looked away.
”Where have they been keeping her?”
”This is truly your paradise.” Crono said and smiled.
”Please! Trade me for Marle!”
Then Ayla looked at Robo.
She looked very strange on him.
Then she walked around him, to see from a different direction.
”Y, yes?” Robo said.
Finally, Ayla backed of.
”You different, but strong too.”
That was simple for Robo to answer.
”It's because I'm a robot.”
Ayla thought for a long time.
”Rawboot? What that? Ayla don't know.”
”It's a machine that looks like a man!” Robo explained.
”What you say? No rubbish or Ayla, head go boom! Crono, where from?”
”It is beyond her grasp.” Robo whispered.
”You try, Lucca!” Crono said.
Lucca nodded.
”We're from way after the day after tomorrow.”
Ayla laughed.
”Ha, ha, you funny. Ayla like funny people.”
”It’s no use...” Lucca sighted.
”Come to village! Me chief! We talk and eat. Dance! Eat! Fun!!”
”We'd love to go, but we've got to look for a Dreamstone now.” Crono said.
”Stone? Plenty stones! Here, there, at the village. You take plenty.
Crono come, Ioka village this way.” She pointed to the east.
Crono nodded.
”Okay... We’re just gonna get a friend.”
Ayla nodded. ”Me go first. You come then.”
Then she ran away out from the mountain area.
Lucca looked at Crono.
”Hey! I was just kidding!”
Crono took the gate key and pressed the new button the old man had added.
A new gate came up.
Crono signed for Lucca to go in.
Lucca first refused, but then agreed.
”All right! All right... I’ll go. But don’t get any ideas mister!”
Crono smiled.
Lucca entered the gate and Marle stepped out.
”At last!” she said.
Then she looked around.
”Where are we?”
Crono told her about the creatures and Ayla.
Marle nodded.
”Sounds like fun! Let’s go check it out.”
”Sure.” Crono said. ”Just keep your eyes open for any red rock.”

It took about 1 hour to get to the Ioka village.
It was made up of tents and tippi-looking houses.
In the north edge of the village was a meeting site.
Crono, Marle and Robo entered the biggest branch-house and in there was Ayla.
”Crono slow!”
Marle giggled.
”Night soon and ready for party. New friend? Where old?”
”Oh...” Crono said. ”This is Marle. She’s strong too. Lucca can’t be here right now.”
”Ayla understand.” Ayla said. ”Come Crono. Soon party.”

A few hours later was the entire tribe gathered around the camp fire at the meeting site.
Ayla was sitting on some chief chair, and Crono was on her left.
Marle and Robo was on her right.
”Listen all! New friends here! Strong man. Crono! Friends of Crono, Robo, Marle. Also strong.”
”Unngaa!” Everybody shouted.
”Now we dance!”
The people around the fire started to dance strange dances.
Crono could just watch.
Then he went over to Robo and Marle.
”This is no time to celebrate!” Robo said.
Marle was more positive.
”C’mon Crono! Let’s party!”
She walked over to Ayla and started to talk with her.
They both seemed to have found an interesting subject, because they both laughed in a few periods. Crono noticed how Ayla once looked at him when Marle said something.
Then she laughed. Crono went over to the other side of the meeting site and sat down.
He looked at the dancing people. They seemed all happy. This party was dedicated to him, but he seemed to be the only one here who didn’t enjoy it very much.
Or, not the only one... Robo was sitting down and inspected the food.
And there was one more who seemed unhappy.
It was a man who watched the dancing people in the same boring way as Crono.
Then he looked at Ayla and then back on the fire.
Crono walked to him.
”Don’t you like parties?”
The man looked at him.
”You outsiders... But Ayla give party. Why?”
Crono couldn’t answer.
He went back to his corner and sat down.
Then he looked at Marle again.
She said something and Ayla answered the question.
Then they both looked at Crono.
When Marle discovered that he was looked at them, she waved at him.
He nodded back and looked on Robo instead.
Then he took up his red katana and fenced the wind.
”Cyclone!” Crono said quietly and spun around.
He swinged his sword and listened for the sound.
Then he holstered it and returned to his place next to Ayla.
Marle had walked to the fire and started to mimic the dancers.
”Crono you try? Special Jurassic pork soup! Good stuff!”
Crono didn’t answer.
Then Ayla looked down.
”Ayla fight reptites. Their leader Azala, very smart.
All in Ioka village fight. No fight, go to Laruba village. Don't know where village is.
Always hide. Azala want to destroy Ioka AND Laruba.
But Ayla no lose. Only when Ayla dead, give up!
Meet Crono today. Good day! Eat, party, sing, dance!”
Crono nodded.
”Do you know something about a dreamstone? I only know it’s red.”
”This stone?” Ayla said and picked up a shiny stone.
Crono nodded.
”It got to be that one.”
”Ayla no give you. You must beat Ayla first.”
Crono shook his head. ”I don’t wanna fight you!”
Ayla laughed.
”We drink soup fast. Fastest win.”
Crono nodded.
”Okay. I’m on it.”
They sat down in front of the fire and drank as much soup a they could.
In the end, Crono won.
”You tough!” Ayla said. ”You win. Me give you rock.”
Crono took the dreamstone.
Marle cheered up.
”Way to go!”

Crono woke up on the meeting site the next morning.
What had happened the last night?
He raced with Ayla and won the dreamstone, and then he danced a jurassic dance with Marle.
And then...
His stomach was hurting. He ate probably too much.
He checked Marle and Robo.
They were both just behind him.
Marle was asleep.
He slowly rose and looked around. There were not a soul here.
First he was going to wake up Marle, but she slept that well, he decided to let her sleep a few more seconds.. So, he woke Robo up instead.
”G...good morning. That soup seems to affect humans.”
Crono nodded.
Then he carefully touched Marle.
”Marle... Wake up.”
She turned around and opened her eyes.
”Morning Crono! Wasn't that fun last night?!”
”Don’t know... Can’t remember much. What happened?”
”Eh...” Marle said. ”Never mind.”
Then she looked down and saw footprints everywhere.
”Wh... who made these footprints?!”
Crono looked at them.
”Don’t know. Perhaps these... eh... Reptites. Check your gear.”
”I got everything.” Marle said.
”Me too.” Robo said.
Crono could feel everything but...
”It’s gone!”
”What?” Marle asked.
”The gatekey!”
Marle looked panicly around.
”But... Who...”
Robo scanned the area.
”Whoever left these prints took the Gate Key! We can’t use the Gate without it.”
Crono nodded.
”I know. Let’s find Ayla.”
They walked out from the meeting site and into Ayla’s house.
She was sleeping on a big bear fur.
”Wake up!” Crono shouted.
Fast as a lightning, Ayla rose.
”What? Oh, you Crono. You up already? *Yaaaawn* Too much soup.  Sleep like stone. *Burrp*.”
”We'd let you sleep but a valuable item has been stolen!” Marle said.
Ayla looked angry around.
”Wh, what? Must be Reptites! Crono come with Ayla! We settle with reptites!”
Crono nodded.
They walked out.
”Some reptites live in forest to south. Go there.”
Crono, Robo, Marle and Ayla went south to the forest there.
It took only 20 minutes, because it was quite close.
The first thing Crono saw when he entered the forest was that guy he talked to on the party.
”Kino! What you do?! Say NOW!” Ayla shouted.
Kino turned around supriced.
Then he looked down.
”Ayla... Kino take Crono stuff.”
Ayla looked supriced at him.
”Why take?!”
Kino looked down again.
”Kino like Ayla best.  Ayla like Crono, but Kino not like...”
Ayla hit Kino.
”Ayla!” Marle exclaimed. ”Mellow out!”
”Kino! You know why I punish?”
Kino looked down.
”Ayla no like Kino...”
Ayla shook her head.
”No! Ayla like Kino BEST! No more do bad stuff, okay?! That wrong!”
Kino nodded.
”Ayla... Sorry. Sorry Crono.”
”Give back stuff to Crono!” Ayla commanded.
”No have... Reptites take...” Kino said.
”Reptites!! Where they go?” Ayla asked.
”In there!” Kino said and pointed into the forest.
”Ayla go too. Kino go back to village. Kino protect when Ayla not there.”
”Okay, Ayla!” Kino nodded and walked away.
Ayla looked down.
”Kino is man... so if Ayla die, Kino chief then.”
”Ayla, you are gentle at heart.” Robo beeped.
”Chase reptites! Get back Crono stuff!”
They ran into the forest.
They hadn’t got very far, when the first reptites showed up.
With Crono’s sword, Marle’s magic and Robo’s hands, they finished them of, in front of an impressed Ayla.
”You fight good. Crono right. Marle strong too. And Robo.”
Marle smiled.
”You haven’t seen anything...”
They continued deeper into the forest.
Suddenly Robo beeped.
”I sense two creatures in front of us.”
Crono nodded and sneaked forward.
Then he saw a reptite, different from the other holding in the gate key.
”Azala.” Ayla said. ”Reptit leader. Very smart.”
”Where’s the other one?” Marle asked and looked nervous around.
”Behind her.” Robo said.
”If it is a trap, then we know about it at least.” Crono said and walked forward.
He could hear Azala say something.
”Could those apes have made something THIS advanced?”
”Azala!!” Ayla shouted.
Azala turned around.
”Ah, the apes have arrived!”
Then she looked on Crono, Marle and Robo.
”Hmmm.... You're nothing like Ayla...”
”That’s right.” Crono replied.
Azala held up the gate key.
”Tell me what this is, at once!”
Crono shook his head.
”In your dreams!” Marle filled in.
”Well...” Azala answered. ”I guess you need some motivation! Come, Nizbel!”
A three meter tall dinosaur-looking creature entered the area.
”Show them what you can!” Azala said and ran away.
Nizbel walked forward and stopped the party from chasing Azala.
”Be careful! I doubt that he’s just as dangerous as he look.” Marle said.
Crono nodded and leaped forward.
He swinged his sword, but it didn’t harm the hard skin.
Nizbel smashed Crono made him fly 5 meter back.
Ayla jumped forward and kicked the beast, but got the same effect.
Finally Marle tried with her ice powers, but that thing seemed almost invulnerable.
”Hard skin! Hard to beat!” Ayla said.
”Let’s soften him up, then!” Crono replied and fired a lightning bolt on Nizbel.
THAT hurt him.
Nizbel roared.
”Time to strike!” Robo said. ”Marle, can you give me some ice?”
Marle nodded and fired an ice crystal on Robo’s arm.
Robo tackled Nizbel and got an ice effect as well.
Nizbel took a step backward.
Ayla jumped up and kicked down Nizbel to the ground.
Nizbel slowly rose.
Then he held up his arms and released some electro energy.
It was like lightnings, who flied all around the area.
Crono only felt his head hurt.
Then he found himself on the ground.
Then all were shocked by the attack.
Marle slowly got up and casted her heal spell on Ayla, who seemed to have taken most damage.
Crono also got up.
He dived forward and drilled his sword into Nizbel.
Robo also got up and opened some of his hull.
Laser beams came out of it and fried Nizbel.
He fell.
”Nice.” Crono said. ”Hey Robo! You got a lot of things under your hull, huh?”
Robo nodded.
Then Azala came back.
”Th... the apes beat Nizbel!”
Crono nodded.
”Give thing back to Crono. NOW!” Ayla shouted.
Azala put down the gate key on the ground.
”But remember, WE reptites will rule the world! Your days are numbered!”
Azala went back into the forest.
”I fight anytime Azala! Ayla no lose!” Ayla shouted after her.
”Is the gate key okay?” Marle cried out and ran forward to it.
She picked it up and looked at it.
”Thank goodness! It look’s okay.”
”I do not detect any damage.” Robo said.
”Good.” Crono said. ”Let’s go back.”


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