The Legend of Chrono Trigger Chapter 11 
Magus Castle
By Martin Berglund
"Wield your sword with full knowledge of the consequences."
- Melchior

”You leave Crono? No fun for Ayla!”
”Sorry. But there are a few things we have to do.”
They were all back in Ayla’s hut where Kino had guarded the village.
”I'll never forget you! Thanks!” Marle said.
”Sorry, Crono.” Kino said.
”That’s okay.” Crono answered.
”I try to be strong now. Just like Crono!”
Crono smiled.
”Come again, Crono! Party! Eat! Dance! Fun!” Ayla shouted after them as they left.
Crono nodded back.
So, back on their quest, Crono, Marle and Robo walked to the mystic mountain.
”Let’s take this to Melchior then.” Robo said as they walked upwards. ”Shall I go then?”
Crono shook his head.
”Sorry. Lucca would go crazy. When something is to be done in the middle ages, I think it best that you’re not with us. If you get my point.”
Robo nodded.
”I understand.”
”Hey!” Marle suddenly said. ”Looks like we got company!”
She pointed at the newcomers. It was four dinosaurs with a horn on their heads.
”Easy! Easy! We mean no harm!” Crono said and stood completely still.
The dinosaurs watched them for a long time. Nobody moved.
”What are we gonna do? Eh... scare them of?” Marle said after they had been standing for eternity.
”Well... Let’s try it.” Crono replied and pulled up his sword.
”Go away!” He said and swinged his sword just a few centimeters in front of the dinosaurs.
But they didn’t go away. Instead, one jumped into Crono, with it’s head first.
Marle let an arrow go of on the dinosaur. It died. The rest attacked.
Robo hit one of them and Marle tried to summon her ice powers, but felt drained.
Fast, she took an ether and was just about to fire an ice crystal, when a dinosaur jumped into her.
Marle yelled loud as she fell a horn in her stomach.
Then a lightning bolt hit the dinosaur and totally fried it. Robo took out the last one.
”Aahh...” Crono said and got up, holding his hand on the wound.
Robo walked forward to him.
”How do you fell?”
”It’s not deep. Don’t worry. Care about her instead.”
Marle put a cure spell on herself and Crono.
They continued up and soon reached the gate, or where they had landed after they came out of the gate.
”So... where’s the gate?” Marle said.
Crono pointed up on the mountain wall.
”There.” Marle looked supriced up.
”There? How are we gonna get there?”
”May I suggest...” Robo said. ”...That we go up and then jump down.”
”Sounds like fun!” Marle said. ”C’mon!”
She ran up to the top of the cliff.
Crono and Robo followed.
Crono activated the gate and the jumped down in it.

”Finally!” Lucca said once they got back.
”You found the dreamstone?” the old man said.
Crono nodded and handed it over.
”Yep. Here, take a look of it.”
The old man nodded.
”I’d almost forgotten how beautiful they are!”
He gave the stone back to Crono.
”Let’s check how Spekkio is doing.” Crono said.
”I bet you just want to see if you’ve become stronger.” Lucca replied.
Crono didn’t answer.
He opened the door and walked in.
Marle followed and so did Lucca.
Once Marle came in, she saw that Spekkio was no longer a sheep creature, but a goblin.
”Hi Spekkio!” she said as she entered.
Spekkio nodded back.
”So...” he said. ”Have you learned any new tricks, which you need to practice?”
Lucca nodded.
”Sure. You better watch out!”
”Hey! I’M the master of war! Why should I watch out? Show me your tricks instead. And because of that you have grown in power, count with that I’ll be stronger too, hehe...”
Crono nodded.
”Very well...”
He summoned his magic and released a lightning on Spekkio.
”And I shall watch out?” he said. ”Take THIS!”
Spekkio waved with his hands and suddenly the room was filled with a black cloud.
Marle felt that she could nearly breath, so she fired a shook with her crossbow to try to stop Spekkio. The arrow hit him, but didn’t do any damage. But the cloud disappeared.
”That’s a shadow based spell, if you are interested.” Spekkio said.
”Really? This one is fire-water based.” Lucca said and nodded to Marle.
Marle fired an ice crystal on Spekkio, and Lucca destroyed it with fire.
The powerful antipode spell almost torned Spekkio apart.
”Crono!” Marle said and fired an ice crystal up in the air.
Crono jumped up and caught it on his sword.
The he dived down and with a big light-blue flash, he cut Spekkio in two.
Spekkio’s body regenerated.
” Grrrr... You win... That was most embarrassing.”
Lucca nodded.
”Sure it was.”
”Hey! Wait a sec...” Spekkio suddenly said. ”I’M the Master of War!
See, I AM the Master of War! Uwahahahahaha.... Whew! Sometimes I scare even myself!”
”So... What did you think of our combos?” Crono said.
”They were nice! You are learning. Try to think of new ways to improve your spells.”
”We will.” Marle said and they went out.
”Sure you don’t wanna go for it again?” Spekkio shouted after them.
”Yeah. We’re sure.” Crono said.
”Any time, friends. Remember, I’M the Master of War!”

”Shall we go to Medina now?”
Crono said when they came out.
”Or?” Marle said.
”Or... Well... Take a break?” Crono suggested.
”Sounds nice to me.” Lucca said.
”Okay then...” Marle said. ”Let take this day of.”
Crono nodded.
Lucca took of her helmet.
”Boy, talk about needing a shower!” she said and felt on her hair.
Marle tied off her pony tail band.
”Me too.”
Lucca turned to Crono.
”And you? Oh... I forgot... You never need to shower.”
”Hey, I...” Crono said back but found it quite pointless when both Marle and Lucca were both heavily laughing.
Lucca put on her bag.
”Common Robo! I’ll be needing you back home. Marle, are you coming?”
”Yeah, sure!” Marle said and ran up to the gate room.
”But... What about me?” Crono said as they left the room.
”Well... Only three can travel through a gate. We’ll trade you later.” Lucca replied.
Crono sat down beside the old man.
”What friendly she became to Marle of all sudden...” Crono said after they left.
The old man looked down on him.
”There is a purpose. Believe me.”
”Oh, yeah...”

1000 AD, Lucca’s house:
”Ahh...” Lucca said as she leaned back in the warm bath. ”This is life!”
She glanced at the bathroom floor, and made sure the gate key was there.
She didn’t want Marle to do anything... Stupid...
She started to think about Lavos, and their chances against Magus.
Could they beat the leader of the mystics?
Perhaps with the Masamune. And Frog was the one to carry it.

Marle checked her hair in the hallway mirror. It didn’t look as cute as usual, but it would do for now. Nobody complained. She didn’t count with that Lucca would, but maybe Crono.
She took a comb and combed her hair good as she could. Finally, she tied back the hairband.
She looked on Robo, who were putting small metalballs, filled with some explosive, together.
This was what Lucca needed him for. Why couldn’t she let Crono come?
She looked around for the gate key, but she couldn’t find it. Had she taken it into the bathroom?
No, she could have. Marle walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.
”Yes?” a voice answered.
”Can I borrow some of your clothes? I need to wash mine.”
Marle entered Lucca’s room and was supriced to find the room in a big mess.
Books were everywhere, and Marle had took walk carefully not to step on anything.
She walked to the drawler and opened it.
She took out something that looked like it would fit, and tried it.
It did.
She took her old clothes and went out to the sea.
There she washed her clothes and looked out on the ocean. Somewhere out there was Melchior, who could reforge the Masamune.

Lucca heard that someone came in when she walked out of the bathroom.
She took a new dress from her drawler and then walked down.
It was Marle. Lucca couldn’t resist to laugh when she saw Marle in her clothes.
”All right! It just the helmet that’s missing!”
Marle didn’t thought it was THAT funny.
She walked pass Lucca and went into the bathroom.
Now it was her turn to bath, at last.
She noticed that Lucca had forgotten the gate key in here.
She placed it in the pocket of her old clothes.
After twenty minutes, she was finished and came out in her old clothes.
”Where’s Lucca?” she asked Robo when she came down.
Robo beeped.
”Eh... Memory failure...”
”Memory restored. She went out to buy a few thing. She said she’ll be back in an hour.”
Marle nodded.
”Good?” Robo asked.
”Oh... Nothing. Are you finished?”
Robo nodded.
”Good. Then come with me.”
They walked out from Lucca’s house and to the Millennial Fair.
”What’s that?” A kid said, pointing on Robo.
”I am a...” Robo said, but Marle interrupted him.
”Just one of Lucca’s inventions.”
They continued up and got to the far northern part.
From there, Marle created a new gate and let Robo walk into it.
Crono came out, just a few second later.
”Oh... Nice to be back.”
Marle nodded.
”Yeah. I just wish that I could get home.”
”You want to?” Crono asked.
”No. Not really. C’mon, let’s go home to Lucca.”
Crono shook his head.
”No way! I’m going to my place! I got some things to take care of!”
Marle nodded.
”Then I’m going with you.”
Crono nodded.
They walked down the fairground.
”Does Lucca knows about this?” Crono asked.
”As I thought! But it was nice of you to go and get me.”
Marle smiled.
”Oh! That was nothing.”

”Hi mom!” Crono shouted as he came home.
”Oh, hi Crono! Hi Marle.”
Crono walked upstairs and picked up a new outfit, exactly as the old one.
He turned to Marle.
”Now, if you excuse me...”
”Oh...” Marle nodded and walked down.
Crono changed clothes and threw the old ones in a pile on his bed as usual,
but once he thought of that Marle was here, he picked them up and walked down.
”I’m just gonna wash these.” He said and walked out.
”I’ll help you.” Marle said and followed him.
Crono mom looked on them through the window.
”I wonder what kind of friend Crono have...?”

”I’ll take this.” Marle said and picked up Crono shirt.
Crono nodded and put his wet pants on the cliff.
Then he took his socks.
”So... Where are you going to sleep tonight?” Crono asked.
”Oh...” Marle said. ”Never thought of it. End of Time perhaps.”
”That would please Lucca.” Crono replied.
They both laughed.
After all clothes were washed out, they went back to Crono’s house.
They hanged up the laundry and went in.
”Oh, there you are! Here. Feel free to grab a bit.” Crono’s mom said and placed a bottle with cookies on the table. In a matter of seconds, Both Crono and Marle had grabbed two cookies each. Then Lucca came in.
”So... It’s here you’re hiding.”
”Oh, hello Lucca.” Crono’s mom said.
”Hi.” Lucca replied and sat down.
Crono handed over the cookie bottle, but Lucca shook her head.
”No thanks.”
They were all quiet for a second.
”So... what’s your new weapon against Magus?” Crono finally said.
”Oh, yeah... Wait a sec...” Lucca said and picked up something from her bag.
It was a small sphere formed object.
”Let me introduce... A napalm granade!”
”Woh....” Marle said and looked at it. ”It... Explodes?”
Lucca nodded.
”With some help from my fire magic, yes.”
”And... I made some more exploding arrows for you, Marle.”
”Any thoughts about some new combo?” Crono said, trying to keep the subject.
Both Lucca and Marle shook their heads.
”Well, we don’t got very much time. Tomorrow, we’ll be heading for End of Time.

Marle closed her eyes and tried to sleep, but the wood floor made it difficult.
”Can’t sleep here?” the old man asked. ”I wouldn’t know. Never tried.”
”You never sleep?”
The old man shook his head.
”It don’t have to. I’ve lived here long enough.”
”Enough for what?”
”For my body to convert to this environment.”
Marle sat up.
”What about Spekkio?”
The old man shook his head.
”Well, I’ve never asked him. Why don’t you try? But I guess you won’t get much further then ‘Wanna practice’”
Marle laughed.
”Probably not.”
She laid down.
”I wonder how Crono and the rest is doing.”
The old man looked around, like he could see everywhen from here.
”Crono is asleep. So is Lucca. They are both very tired. Robo is sitting on the floor in Lucca’s house.”
Marle looked supriced on him.
”You see all that?”
The old man nodded.
”Are they sleeping well?”
The old man nodded.
Marle looked at the floor.
”I guess I’m the only one who’s not.”
Marle laid down and closed her eyes again.
If Crono could, so could she.


Crono could see Marle.
She was screaming.
Screaming after him.
Everything turned black.

”Let’s go and see Melchior, then.” Lucca said and walked to the ”Median 1000 AD” gate.
They were all gathered at End of Time.
”I shall wait for you here.” Robo said and walked down to the main room.
Crono nodded.
”Wish us good luck!”
They entered they gate and came up in Medina 1000 AD.
2 hours later, they were outside Melchior’s house.
They walked in and Crono picked up a stone from his bag.
Crono showed Melchior the dreamstone.
”You found some Dreamstone?! Then I'll repair the Masamune!”
Melchior looked on the stone.
”HOW on earth did you get the Masamune... and the Dreamstone? No, don't tell me.
I don't think my heart could take it.”
He walked downstairs.
”It'll take a little while to fix this...”
”I’ll lend a hand.” Lucca said and followed.
”C’mon! Let’s check it out!” Marle said and pulled down Crono.

”How are you gonna fix it?” Lucca asked and looked on the dreamstone.
Melchior walked over to a library.
”At any rate, leave this to me!”
He took the Masamune and placed it on his working desk.
”To repair the Masamune, we must process the Dreamstone, and activate the sword.
You work on the Dreamstone, and I'll work on the Dreamstone, and I'll work on the sword.”
”Okay! Leave it to Lucca the Great!” Lucca said triumphing.
After many minutes of hard work, they were both finished.
”All right, it's done! Now, bring me the Dreamstone.” Melchior said.
”I’m done here too.” Lucca answered and picked up the dreamstone.
She placed it on the desk and they both started to work.

”Sorry to keep you waiting. ” Melchior said once they were finished.
”Take a good look! THIS is the Masamune!”
Lucca held up the repaired sword.
It was a true masterpiece.
It glittered in the sunlight from the window.
”Awesome!” Marle said, ”What a weapon!”
”Well, I think that's everything.” Melchior said.
”Yeah.” Crono answered. ”Thank you very much! Let’s take it to Frog.”
Lucca and Marle nodded.

”What luster! The Masa...Mune, correct? A... person in the middle ages wants to take down Magus with that.” The old man said, once they got back to end of Time.
”We know.” Crono replied and a few hours later, they were climbing down the stairs to Frog’s underground house.
”'Tis thee again.” Frog said once they entered.
Crono put down the Masamune on the floor, right in front of Frog.
He jumped up as he saw it.
”This sword... 'Tis the Masamune?”
Crono nodded.
Frog turned around.
”I must ponder this term of events.  Remain'eth here the night.”
Crono nodded.
Frog looked on the Masamune. It was so long ago...

”Cyrus! Are you leaving?” Queen Leene asked, quite worried.
”Yes, it's time we took back the medal from the frog king. And I'd like to see that mythical sword for myself.”
The king looked up.
”But Cyrus, the kingdom needs you! And Leene and I need you. You must return to us!”
”As long as there is life in these bones, I shall return! By your leave...”
Cyrus turned around, and walked out of the throne room.
Just outside, almost twenty soldiers had gathered.
”Sir Cyrus! We, the Knights of the Square Table wish you a safe journey!”
”Listen well, my friend... I now entrust the safety of the kingdom to you!”
He walked down the stair.
Waiting for him was a green-haired boy.
”Pardon the delay. Shall we be off?”
Then Queen Leene came in, from the throne room.
”Glenn, you be careful too!”
Glenn smiled.
”Be of sound your health, Majesty!”

After a long and though journey, they finally reached the frog king.
With two normal size frogs on his side, the gigantic frog croaked pleased.
”So! You want the Badge of Courage, dear knight of the kingdom? Well come and take it...
If you can!!! Gribbit...”
Cyrus draw his sword.
”Prepare yourself, polywog! En guarde!” Cyrus moved fast around, outflanking the slow frog.
”Nirvana Strike!!!” He jumped forward with incredible speed and slashed the frog with his sword.
The frog king dropped the hero medal.
”GRAAAAACK! How dare you pick on a helpless amphibian! Filthy medal! I won't forget this!”

Glenn’s scream echoed through the mountains.
”Beware, Glenn!” Cyrus shouted.
A metallic sound could be heard.
The Masamune flew out of Cyrus hand.
”Cyrus! The sword... The Masamune!” Glenn screamed as he saw it fall down from the mountain.
”Gyah ha ha... Is THAT the best you can do?! Without your sword, you're nothing!” Ozzie laughed.
Magus didn’t say a word. He had turned his back on Cyrus just after he threw it out of his hand.
”Argh! You haven't beaten me yet!” Cyrus shouted.
Glenn fell down on the ground.
”C, Cyrus... I'm a g...goner.”
Cyrus turned around.
”Glenn, escape while I keep them at bay!”
”B, but...!” Glenn protested.
”If you stay, they'll get us both. Go on, Glenn!”
Magus turned around.
”You'd better worry more about yourself, Cyrus!”
”Come on, Glenn! GO!!!” Cyrus said and turned around.
”Aaaahhhhhh!” He rushed forward against Magus.
But when he almost touched Magus, a big lightning bolt stopped him.
Cyrus flew back.
Glenn rushed forward to Cyrus.
”C, Cyrus!”
” Glenn... The Queen. Take care...of...Leene...
Cyrus stopped breathing and a flame came out of nowhere and burned his body.
”C, Cyrus!?” Glenn said.
Then a wind threw it of the mountain.
He looked down on the spot where Cyrus just had been.
”Harumph! What's the matter?” Magus said. ”Aren't you going to try your luck?”
Glenn looked up ”Err... !”
Ozzie laughed.
”Gyah, ha, ha... cat got your tongue kid? How about it Magus?
Can't you give him a more fitting form?”
Magus thought for a second.
”All right, why not? There's always time for a little fun.”
Glenn looked supriced at him, not really getting his point.
Then a magic field surrounded him.
”A...augh! Aaaaaaack!”
Surronded by the energy, Glenn fell down from the cliff.
”Gyah, ha, ha...! You spineless wimp!” Ozzie laughed.

Frog looked on the Masamune.
”10 years hath passed... Can I do it? I've changed so much. Alas, poor Cyrus...!”
The others were sleeping. They looked very tired when they came down.
Frog wondered what they had been through.

Crono woke up of the sound from Frog.
”Awake'th, Crono!”
He opened his eyes.
Marle and Lucca were already up.
Crono rose fast.
”Though we may fail...let us go to Magus's lair.” Frog said. ”Thou knowest his power?”
Lucca smiled.
”Nothing can beat science!”
Marle shined up.
”We won't be beaten by a bad guy!”
”Right! Let’s go. Next stop, End of Time. We gotta arm Frog.”
They others agreed.
”???” Frog didn’t really get their point.
On their way to Truce canyon, Crono, Marle and Lucca explained all about Lavos, timegates,
End of Time and the future.

”What a strange new guest! Are YOU from the middle ages?”
Frog nodded.
Crono showed him in to Spekkio’s room.
”What a weird fellow! Being a frog, let’s give him ‘water’! ”
The goblin Spekkio waved with his hands.
”Ipso facto, meeny moe, MAGICO!”
Frog was suddenly surrounded by water, and the sound of a waterfall could be heard.
”Wanna try it out?” Spekkio asked.
Crono shook his head.
”No time.”
They left the room.
”So...” Crono said. ”I go, Frog and who else?”
They all volunteered.
Then, Marle lowered her hand.
”I wait here.”
Lucca looked on Robo.
He lowered his hand as well.
”Lucca have more experience than I.”
Crono nodded.
”Okay. Wish us good luck.”
”Good luck.” Robo said.
”Be careful!” Marle shouted after them as they walked up to the pillar room.
They entered the gate to Middle ages and a few seconds later appeared on Truce canyon.

”Where are we going?” Lucca asked as they crossed the Zenan bridge.
”The magic cave...” Frog said. ”‘Tis the only entery to Magus nest.”
Crono nodded. ”Then it’s dangerous?”
Frog croaked, but didn’t answer.

The Magic cave was on the east side of the Porre continent.
Or, it was not exactly a cave. More a mountain.
But Crono had heard stories of that ghosts can open the mountain and walk in. This scared him when he was small, but until now, he thought it was nonsense.

Once they came to the magic mountain, they found out that it was impossible to get up.
There got to be a secret entrance somewhere...
Frog walked to the mountainwall. He knocked carefully on the wall.
He tried to throw his memories away, but he couldn’t. They all came back to him.
Cyrus... Poor Cyrus...

He remembered the day in the forest.
The other kids were running around him which made him dizzy.
”Hey, you!” someone shouted.
”It's Cyrus! Run for your lives!” One of the kids said, and they all ran quickly away.
The fifteen year old Cyrus walked to Glenn and put his arm on his shoulder.
”*Sniffle* thanks, Cyrus...Hic...!” Glenn said.
”Glenn,” Cyrus started. ”There's times when people simply have to grit their teeth!”
Glenn turned around.
”But... it hurts when I get hit. They...”
”You're a marshmallow, Glenn...”

Many years later...
Cyrus stood on Zenan bridge and watched the ocean. It was so calm.
He heard some footsteps and turned around.
His younger green haired friend came walking.
He stopped by Cyrus and joined him.
”Hey Glenn... I've been thinking about becoming a Knight...” Cyrus said.
”I knew you were going to enlist!” Glenn replied ”You'll make a great warrior!”
”Why don't you join too?”
Glenn looked away.
”I...don't think I'd make the cut.”
”But, why? ” Cyrus protested. ”You're better with a sword than I am!”
But Glenn was sure.
”I don't know... I think I'd really lose it if I had to hurt someone.”

That day...
”How about it Magus? Can't you give him a more fitting form?” Ozzie had said.
The big beam had hit Glenn and his body began to glow.
He fell from the mountain. Everything was black.
When he opened his eyes, he was lying beside a river, transformed into a frog.
A small shining object came floating towards him.
”The...Medal....The Hero's...Medal...”
It floated right toward him, and stopped beside.

Frog turned around.
”Hand'eth over the Masamune!”
Crono nodded and picked up the mastersword.
He stabbed it into the ground.
Frog walked forward and looked at it, first with sad eyes, but then his eyes were filled with something else.
”My name is Glenn! Cyrus's hopes and dreams... And now the Masamune!”
Frog held up his hands.
”Fortwith I shall slay Magus and restore honor!”
He grabbed the sword, and as he touched it, big lightning bolts flew out of it.
Frog picked it up and pointed it up.
A big blue beam came down from the sky, hitting the sword.
With all his might, Frog jumped up, and cleaved a cliff on the mountain.
The mountainwalls separated and showed a secret entrance into the Magic cave.
Crono, Frog and Lucca walked down in it, and it led them under the ocean.
Once they came up on the other side, they were on an other island.
In front of them, a kilometer ahead, was a big, black, castle.
They walked closer to it.
As they reached the gate, Frog looked up.
”This can only be... Magus’s castle!”
They looked up.
On the highest tower was a demon statue and it covered the full moon.
It looked scary.
”Don’t fear the reaper...” Crono thought.
Then he remembered that he was going to ask Frog to train him.
Too late. He wondered if one day of practise would make any difference.
But it was too late now.
They showed no fear and entered.
Magus castle was mysterious and scary in many ways.
From the hallroom, they had two ways to go. One to the left and one to the right.
Everything was scary in here.
Crono really wished this was over soon...
”Left or right?” Lucca asked.
”Right.” Crono said and took the right corridor.
Frog and Lucca followed.
The corridor they came to was filled of humans.
But they looked strange and didn’t say anything else than ”Hahahaha...”
After 100 meters, they came to a dead end.
There was an empty chair at the end of it.
”Let’s go back.” Crono said.
They got back to the hall and took the left turn, but it was not much difference.
A dead end with a chair in the end and full of laughing humans.
”This is making me crazy.” Lucca said as they walked back. ”What now? More secret doors?”
”Let’s see.” Crono said.

Once they got back to the hall, they noticed that it was a big shadow on the floor.
They all looked up.
”Ozzie!” Frog shouted and draw the Masamune.
Ozzie was hovering high up in the air, out of both Frog and Crono’s reach.
”Welcome Glenn! Or should I say, Sir Froggy! Mwa ha! Say, looks like you got some replacement for Cyrus! Magus is a tad busy right now.
You'll have to take up your business with me... ...the swordsman Slash, and Flea, the magician...
He waved with his hands, and suddenly, 4 henches were in the room.
”You'll have to defeat all 100 of the beasts in Magus's castle!”
With those words, Ozzie teleported himself away.
These henches had purple armor, indicating they were elite.
But not as good as Crono, Lucca or Frog.
Crono leaped forward and slashed one hench in one cut.
Frog jumped over two henches and gave them both an unpleasant surprise in their backs.
Finally, Lucca shot the last one.
”I guess Magus’s castle will be more populated now.” Crono said and the others nodded.
They took the right corridor.
Just inside, Lucca could see her father, Taban.
”Well, if it isn’t Lucca!” He said.
Lucca just didn’t like this.
”You’re STILL alive, my dear?!” he continued.
Lucca screamed as he transformed into a monster.
Crono jumped forward and stabbed his red katana in the monster.
The monster fell down dead.
Lucca cried.
”It’s just an illusion!” Crono said and hugged her.
”I, I... know...”
Frog walked forward a bit.
Then he saw Queen Leene.
”Frog, you’re safe!” she said. ”I guess we’d better do something about that!”
And so she turned into a flying blue monster.
Frog summoned his water magic, and created a big bubble.
He threw it on the blue monster, and when the monster was in the middle of it,
it imploded.
Crono, who was still holding Lucca, glanced back as he heard the sound of the bubble.
Then he saw something...
”Crono! So THIS is where you’ve been since the festival! You had me worried sick!”
”Children THIS naughty...” She said. ”...Deserves to be punished!”
She transformed into a hench.
”Mom!” Crono screamed.
The hench picked up his sword and cut Crono on his arm.
”Aahh...” Crono yelled.
Then Frog came flying through the air and cut the monster with the Masamune.
”You okay?” Lucca said and gave him a tonic.
Crono shook his head.
”No I’m not okay!”
Lucca helped him up.
They continued.
Once they reached the empty chair, it wasn’t empty anymore.
Yellow monster with a cape sat on the chair.
”The magician, Flea, I presume?”
The monster made a quiet roaring.
Crono jumped up, and pointed his sword down. Then he dived.
The dead monster fell into a corner.
Frog looked around.
”Wait! This isn't Flea! Where's the REAL Flea?”
Suddenly a shadow flied over the walls.
”This is scary!” Lucca said.
”Where?” Frog repeated.
”Mwa ha... Here, over here... Giving up, little tadpole?”
A bat came flying through the room.
It placed itself above the chair, and then transformed into a red-hair girl.
She was wearing a white cape.
”Hey! Who ARE you?!” Lucca said.
”Keep your guard up!” Frog warned. ”This is no ordinary woman! Meet Flea, the magician!”
He draw the Masamune.
”What the...?!” Flea protested. ”I'm a GUY!”
”SAY WHAT!?!?” Crono exclaimed.
”That’s a guy?!” Lucca said supriced.
Flea smiled.
”Male... Female...what's the difference? Power is beautiful, and I've got the power!
Poor little Froggy... You must be lonely now that Cyrus is gone...
And to be turned into something so hideous! Dreadful!”
Then she (he) laughed.
”But since you've brought new friends over to play...”
She waved with her hands, and the room changed.
It looked like they were out in the middle of space.
”...I'll show you all a good time!”
She pointed at a spot between them, and a big black explosion erupted.
They were all thrown back.
Frog was they first one up.
He leaped forward and was going to strike Flea, when she teleported herself away.
She appeared behind Frog and fired a black beam on him.
”One down.” Flea said.
Lucca fired a fire coil on Flea, who protected herself with her cape.
As Crono got up, Flea fired a second dark bomb, who threw them down again.
Crono took a tonic and got up. He fired a lightning on Flea, who succeeded to evade.
Lucca fired a shoot with her gun, who hit Flea in her arm.
”AAAAaaoaooooo... You little...”
Flea leaped forward and grabbed Lucca’s both hands.
Blue energy flowed from Flea’s body to Lucca’s.
With a final blue explosion, Lucca fell down to the ground.
Flea laughed.
Crono got up, and attacked Flea with his red katana.
Flea evaded and fired a beam on him.
”All three down.... How sad...” Flea said.
”Not quite!” Frog said and rose.
So did Crono.
”X-Strike!” They both attacked from each direction, with their attack line forming an X.
A bloody Flea fell down to the ground.
”How can this be...” She said.
As the environment turned back to Magus castle as she yelled:
”Sir Magus...”
Then she disappeared with a white glow.
Crono checked if Lucca was okay.
She wasn’t, so Crono opened a gate, and traded her for Robo.
”Take care of her, Marle!” Crono shouted as the gate closed.

They walked back to the room with the two corridors.
This time, they took the left.
The corridor was no longer empty, but filled with living skeletons, who fought against each other.
Crono, Robo and Frog sneaked by them.
In the room with the chair, five persons were standing, staring on the empty chair.
The girl in the lead turned around as they entered.
”Help...” she said.
Crono didn’t say a word. He knew this was another illusion.
Then they all turned into skeletons.
”Relieve us of this misery.”
Crono pulled up his sword and cut of the head of the first one.
Frog protected himself with the Masamune as two skeletons attacked.
Robo opened his hull and fired laser beams in every direction.
Crono, Frog and Robo looked down on the remaining pieces of the skeletons.
”Hmm....” someone said.
”Was that you?” Crono asked Frog.
He shook his head.
”How did you get past my... cadaver pals?”
The room turned black, and when it turned back again, a creature in a blue armor was standing in front of the chair.
”It's been ages, Sir Slush!...” Frog said.
”That's SLASH, you slimy dot! Still playing a comedian, eh Glenn?”
Frog pulled up the Masamune. Crono draw his red katana.
”You'd be singing a different tune if Cyrus hadn't been there with you last time!” Slash continued.
”You'd have to fit right in with those boney fellows you just busted up!”
Slash dived against Frog and knocked him down.
Crono leaped forward and cut Slash with his sword.
Slash leaped backward.
”Now, let’s get to business.” Slash said. ”This is going to do me a world of good.”
He jumped backwards, and grabbed a sword, who was hanging on the wall.
”And with no Cyrus to protect you, you’re mine!”
Slash dived forward, to cut Frog, but he evaded.
Crono hit Slash with his sword, but the armor took most of the damage.
Robo ran forward with incredible speed, and tackled Slash.
”Yes, indeed!” Slash said and counterattacked by spinning around Robo and cut him five times with the sword.
Crono jumped up, and dived down with his sword, making Slash fall down to the ground.
Frog made a big bubble and launched it on Slash.
The magic raised Slash’s anger.
He pointed with his sword on Frog and fired a gray beam. The gray beam hit Frog and made him fall down. Crono looked at Robo. He was sitting a buzzing. One out. Frog looked unconscious.
Make that two.
Crono swinged his sword, but Slash blocked it.
Then he counterattacked.
Crono was fast enough to block with his sword, and then kick Slash backward.
Crono attacked with his sword, aiming for the head.
But Slash was fast enough to block.
The Robo came up.
And Frog.
”Let’s triple strike him!” Crono said and nodded to the other.
Crono and Frog made their X-strike at the same time as Robo made his robo-tackle.
Slash fell down.
But falling in the line of duty to Magus...”
He smiled.
”...leaves me with few regrets...!” And just like Flea, he disappeared.
Crono looked on the others.
”You okay?”
”Need... Lucca... repair.... me...” Robo said.
Crono nodded and opened a new gate.
Robo stepped in and Marle came out.
Frog took a tonic to heal his wounds from Slash’s attack and then they continued down.
Once they came back to the hall, a windows was open.
”Let’s go in.” Frog suggested.
Marle nodded.
They sneaked in.
They came into a long corridor.
In the other end, Ozzie was standing.
He laughed.
Suddenly, totally twenty henches, imps and galgyles came into the room from nowhere.
”Nice.” Crono said.
”For the future?” Marle asked.
”Right.” Crono said and leaped forward.
Crono’s red katana, Frog’s Masamune and Marle’s arrows turned the corridors carpet red.
Crono swinged his sword, Marle freezed some monsters, and Frog stabbed with his Masamune.
It didn’t take very long time to finish them all of.
Finally, they walked to Ozzie.
”I’m growing tired of this!” He said.
Marle breath heavy.
”You’re not the only one.”
”Flea!” Ozzie shouted. ”Slash!”
Frog held up the Masamune, who was now painted red.
”Sorry Ozzie, but they can’t help you now...”
Ozzie grinned.
”You fly eating, tongue flicking...!”
Then Ozzie saw the Masamune.
”Oz...Ozzie’s in a... a jam!”
He hovered fast backward into the shadows.
”Thou can’st not run!” Frog said and followed.
”C’mon!” Marle said and ran after Frog.
”Well...” Crono said and followed.
They came out from the castle and walked a stair upwards a tower.
The moon was full, and the night was cold.
They walked up through a spiral stair and came soon to an opening.
When they came in, they saw a big room with a lot of demon statues.
As they walked forward, the room flashed and then the room was filled with monsters.
”Not again...” Crono said, trying to sound overestimating.
The others ignored him.
Frog fired a water bubble on one hench and cut another with his sword.
Marle fired an arrow on one and freezed another.
Soon, all but one was gone.
The remaining one was a big hench. The commander.
Marle fired an ice crystal and Crono caught in with his sword.
Then he dived down and slashed the last mystic.
Frog made a signed to the other to follow.
And they did.
In the new room, was Ozzie sitting on a chair.
Chains were hanging down from the ceiling.
”Thy time hath cometh, Sir Ozzie.” Frog said.
Ozzie looked supriced at them.
”You got past my guards?
I'm sure Sir Magus has already called for reinforcements...!
Wait until Lavos arrives!!”
”Lavos...” Marle whispered.
”But I shan't be defeated! No form of attack will break MY barrier!”
Suddenly he was covered with a blue barrier. It almost looked like an ice block.
”You sure?” Crono said and attacked it with a lightning.
The barrier didn’t seem to take any damage.
”Pretty sure! Hahahaha!” Ozzie laughed and fired a shockwave out of his barrier.
Crono felt that his body became torned apart.
One the shockwave was over, he felt pain in all his body.
Frog lifted his arms.
A glow surrounded him.
The glow transferred over to Crono and Marle.
The pain stopped.
”Thanks.” Marle said and looked around.
”Chains... I wonder if...”
She pulled in one of them.
A piece of the floor opened and showed a trapdoor.
”What’re you aiming at?” Ozzie laughed.
Crono and Frog saw how Marle looked up on the ceiling and then pulled in a new chain.
”Mwee, hee, hee...” Ozzie laughed.
Then he discovered...
...that it was the trapdoor under him who was activated.
Ozzie fell down in the hole.
Marle listened, but she couldn’t hear the sound of that he hit the ground.
”He... Survived?”
Then a crashing sound could be heard.
”Apparently not.” Crono said and looked around for any doors.
”That was a breeze! Magus’s next, huh?” Marle said.
”Yeah.” Crono answered. ”You don’t wanna go?”
”Well.... I guess that...” Marle said, but Crono opened a new gate.
”Thanks.” Marle said and stepped in and let Lucca come out.
”You okay?” Crono asked.
Lucca nodded.
”I’m fine. Robo told me about Slash, but what’s happened now?”
”We’ve just finished of Ozzie.” Crono explained.
”Magus next.” Frog said and pointed on a small hole on a wall.
They sneaked out through it.
Again, they came out of the castle, and on a stair walked down.
One they were under ground, they could hear strange sounds.
The way ended suddenly, and they could see a door.
Crono opened it carefully and walked in.
They came into an all dark room.
”Neuga, ziena, zieber, zom...” someone said.
As they walked into the room, blue fire were light up on each side.
”Now the chosen time has come...”
They continued forward.
”Exchange this world for..!”
As the voice spoke, new flames appeared in a circle.
More light came into the room, and inside the circle was a man in a blue cape standing.
His back was turned against them and his hands were raised against some statue.
”Magus!!!” Frog shouted.
The man lowered his hands.
”'s that stupid frog! Kissed any princesses lately?”
”I rather enjoy this form. And I oweth it all to you!” Frog replied.
Then he held up the Masamune.
”I have something for you!”
Magus didn’t turn around. He knew what it was.
”Ah... The Masamune... I bet you're just dying to use it...”
Magus looked up.
”The Black Wind begins to blow...” His voice sounded kind of... sad.
”OK... Give me your best shot!”
He turned around and leaped backwards.
”If you're prepared for the void...”
Crono pulled up his sword -and Lucca her gun.
Frog leaped forward and cut Magus with the Masamune.
Weaken by the Masamune, Magus counterattacked with a strong fire spell, throwing Frog backward.
Crono jumped forward and was going to slash Magus, when a geyser came up from nowhere and burned him. Exhausted, Crono fell to the ground.
Lucca picked up one of her napalm grenades, and threw it on Magus.
It exploded with a red explosion. Magus was thrown backwards, but rose again.
He waved with his arms, and a big blue blastwave came out of him.
The room turned blue and big ice chunks fell down on Lucca, Crono and Frog.
Frog raised his hands and healed Crono and Lucca.
Magus answered with a dark bomb.
Frog was knocked out by it.
Crono fired a lightning on Magus and then put himself in defense position.
Supriced by the attack, Magus leaped forward and gathered all magic energy.
Then he fired chain lightnings in every direction.
Crono fell down.
Magus was also equiped with a scythe, he used well.
He jumped forward and slashed after Lucca with it, but Lucca’s west took most of the damage.
She summoned her fire powers.
She felt that she could control more than usual.
Spekkio had told them that they would learn more powerful spell once they got more experience.
Lucca gathered four times more energy than normal and created a big fire explosion, all by her magic. The room turned red and Magus tried to protect himself with his cape, but it wasn’t much protection. Magus looked at Lucca with his ice blue eye.
Both Crono and Frog was up.
Magus waved with his hands and dark shadows began to circle around in the room.
”Dark matter...” Frog whispered.
Suddenly, a huge black triangle took place between them, and spun around.
Inside the triangle was a lot of white dots and another triangle, who was spinning the other way.
The powerful dark spell was to much for Crono.
Everything turned black.
Frog was also near fatal.
Lucca, who had taken less damage than the others, picked up a smoke bomb for her bag and threw it on Magus.
In a matter of seconds, the room was covered with smoke.
Magus used a wind spell to remove the smoke, and once it was gone, Lucca had already given Crono and Frog a tonic each. But those were the last.
Frog jumped forward and swinged his sword on Magus.
He hit him once, and then Frog backflipped and hit him again.
Once he hit Magus for the second time, the blue lights disappeared.
Magus fell down on his knees.
”W... What have you done to the Masamune...?”
Then the walls started to crumble.
”What’s happening?” Lucca shouted.
”Could it be... Lavos?” Crono said.
Frog picked up the Masamune, and Crono his katana.
Magus rose up and turned to the statue.
”Bad timing! Don't wake up on me now...!”
Lucca looked at him supriced.
”What do you mean? Didn’t you CREATE him?”
”You fools!” Magus said ”I only "summoned" him!
He lives in the inner earth, absorbing the land's power and growing even stronger!”
”So, he wasn’t born in the period...” Lucca said.
The environment changed.
”What's going on?!” Crono shouted.
The room was filled with a strong wind and lifted Frog, Crono and Lucca up.
Magus held to something.
”A G, gate?!” Lucca exclaimed, once she saw what it was.
”It’s huge!” Crono shouted.
”You! If you hadn't shown up...!” Magus shouted back.
”We’re being drawn in!” Frog shouted as they was sucked into the gate.
”Whoa...!!” Was the last thing Crono heard Frog say.
As he looked back, he saw how Magus also was sucked in.
Then everything went black.

Crono could hear the sound of Leene’s bell.
”Crono...” a female voice said. ”Crono!”
”Wake up, Crono!”
Crono found himself in his own room.
Marle walked to his bed.
”Honey... You’ll be late for work.”
Marle walked to the window and pulled the curtains away, to let the sun in.
Crono couldn’t believe his eyes.
”Ah...” Marle said. ”I’d almost forgotten how beautiful Leene’s bell could sound!”
Marle walked back to Crono’s bed.
”Crono! We can’t keep sponging of my dad! Go out and get a job!”
She turned around and walked to the stairs, but then she turned around.
Crono! Crono! Crono! Crono! Crono! Crono! Crono! Crono...”
Everything went black again.


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