The Legend of Chrono Trigger Chapter 12 
Forward to the Past
By Martin Berglund
"Your past tells me everything about your future."
- Unknown

”Crono!” Marle’s lovely voices faded out, and turned to Ayla’s.
Crono opened his eyes.
First, he felt an enormous pain in his back, and then he realized that it was because of the fur he was laying on.
”Crono awake?” Ayla asked.
Crono nodded weakly and looked up.
They were in the chief’s hut.
On an other fur was Lucca laying, and Frog on a third.
Lucca opened her eyes.
”Ayla!” she exclaimed.
”Ayla had strange dream. Went to Mystic Mountains, everyone lie there, hurt.
I carry back to hut.” Ayla explained.
Frog slowly opened his eyes.
”Magus!” he suddenly shouted.
Ayla pointed at Frog.
”Yummy frog! For Ayla eat?”
Frog rose up.
”P, perish the thought, lass! By the way, whither the blue-haired one?”
Ayla shook her head.
”Only find you here. Blue-hair more tasty?”
Frog looked down.
”We hath lost him...”
”Magus said that Lavos was born in a distant past...” Lucca said.
Ayla shook her head.
”Lavos? Not worry now. You rest. Hurt bad.”
She walked out.
”You...” Lucca started but stopped when Ayla walked out. ”...know Lavos?”
Crono laid down again.
”Let’s rest.”

”Crono, ok now?” Someone said and Crono woke up.
Lucca and Frog also rose.
”Ayla busy, look for Laruba village. Fight reptites together. Destroy reptites or we no survive.”
Crono nodded.
”I see.”
”Kiiiiiiiino!” Someone shouted.
”What happen?” Kino shouted back ”Quiet! Crono rest!”
”North wood burning!” A caveman said.
Kino jumped up.
Then he ran out.
Crono, Lucca and Frog followed.
”Wath is this place?” Frog asked.
”Well...” Lucca explained. ”Remember that stuff we said about Lavos, with the different times?
We are now 65000000 years BC.”
Frog jumped up.
”65000000 years BC?!”
Lucca nodded.
”Don’t worry, we’ll take you home.”
”Nonsense!” Frog said. ”Your future is my future!”
Crono nodded.
”Well... If you wanna go with us...”
Frog croaked.
”Of course!”
Then they saw the burning forest.
”Ahhh....” Lucca said.
”It’s not much we can do!” Crono said. ”Let’s go to the portal and switch members.”
Frog and Lucca both nodded.
They ran to mystic mountain and jumped into the gate.

”Nice to be back.” Crono said just as they landed in the gateroom.
”Crono! Lucca! Frog!” Marle exclaimed and ran up.
”You okay?”
Crono nodded.
”You got Magus?”
Crono shook his head.
”No. But he didn’t create Lavos. Lavos was born somewhen in Ayla’s time.”
”Really? But what happened with Magus?”
”A big gate sucked us all in. We ended up at mystic mountains, and Magus...
Well, someplace else.”
”You mean, he can be anywhen?” Marle asked shocked.
Crono nodded.
”Then we have to...” Marle started but,
”Ayla is in trouble!” Lucca interrupted her.
They walked down to the main room.
”We gotta help her.” Crono said.
Marle nodded.
”Yeah. And we might find out something about Lavos.”
Crono nodded.
”May I take Lucca’s pl... or Frog’s place?” Marle asked.
Crono looked back on Lucca and Frog.
Lucca walked into the big room and sat down in a corner.
”I’m quite tired. Take my place. Frog? Look after them for me.”
Frog croaked.
”I will.”
Crono turned back to the gate-room and entered the pillar leading to
”Mystic Mountain - 65000000 BC”

Once they got back to 65000000 BC, the forest wasn’t burning anymore.
It was gone.
All what was left was a ‘road’ of ash, who led into the forest.
In the middle of the forest was what once had been the hidden Larumba Village.
”Reptites take Kino! Reptites hurt all who fight! What do now?!” Crono heard a girl say.
He didn’t answer. They walked further into the village.
Crono looked forward. There was Ayla.
She was talking to an old man.
”Ayla... This is your fault! Look at mess... Reptites followed you! So village now ruined!”
Ayla looked down, sad.
”...Ayla feel bad.”
The old man started to walk around her in circles.
”Reptites strong! They live long time before us, they smart so we hide.
But Ayla say fight together... Ayla still fight?!”
Ayla looked up.
”Ayla fight while alive!
Win and live, lose and die.
Rule of life.
No change of life.
Old man breathe, but dead on inside.”
The old man looked around.
”Ayla, you strong, can make big talk. We have no power...”
”Have power!” Ayla said. ”We fight, gain more power!
Ayla help you, but need Dactyl. Give Dactyl.”
The old man looked at her.
Crono remembered that Ayla had said something about that Larumba village could control Dactyls.
”Need Dactyl?
Go to Tyrano lair?! That Reptite’s place. Dangerous! Ayla want die?”
Ayla protested.
”Want to live, so go there! Ayla be OK. Give Dactyl!”
The old man nodded.
”...Okay. Go to dactyl’s nest and keeper will help. Careful, Ayla!”
”Thank you, Old man!” Ayla cheered and ran away.
She was running so fast, she didn’t noticed Crono, Robo or Marle.
”Wait up!” Marle shouted, but no reaction from Ayla.
Soon, she was out of their sight.
”C’mon!” Crono said and ran after.

The dactyl’s nest was the name of a mountain, on which dactyl’s lived.
The mountain was both high and dangerous.
On risky paths, Crono, Marle and Frog walked.
Suddenly, they almost walked into a big blue thing.
It became almost as supriced as Crono was.
”Doesn’t that thing look like the thing in keeper’s dome, back in 2300 AD, remember?” Marle whispered.
Crono nodded.
The blue creature tried to scare them by roaring, but it sounded too pathetic.
”Well...” Crono said. ”As people use to say... It’s not the size that’s counting. But...”
He leaped forward and was just going to attack when the creature knocked him with it’s head him.
Crono flied into a tree.
”...How many bones you break...”
The creature ran of.
”What are these creature?” Frog asked.
Marle couldn’t give an answer.
She helped Crono up, and then they continued on their journey.
When they came to the top, They saw Ayla, standing in front of a dactyl.
”Ayla!” Crono shouted and ran to her.
Ayla turned around.
”Don’t even THINK about leaving us behind!” Marle said.
But Ayla shook her head.
”No! Tyrano lair dangerous! Maybe all perish!”
But Marle didn’t give up.
”We can’t let you go alone! Ayla, you saved us. Now it’s payback time!”
Marle turned to Crono.
”Right Crono?”
Crono nodded.
Ayla smiled.
”Ayla have strong friends.”
”All right!” Marle said. ”Next stop, the Tyranos Lair!”
Ayla called for three new dactyls.
On those, they flew away.
”To mystic mountain, first!” Crono shouted, and Ayla nodded back.
The landed on the top of it, and then they all four traveled to End of Time.

Ayla had a lot of questions of where they were, but Crono just led her into Spekkio’s room.
Spekkio had now the form of a heavy armored mystic.
Crono smiled.
”Looks like I’m making progress.”
Spekkio nodded and looked at Ayla.
”All right! Sweetheart! Unfortunately, you were born before magic existed! But you seems to have other skill that will get you by.”
”You mean...” Marle said. ”You can’t give her any magic?”
”Exactly. Looking for some practice?”
Crono shook his head.
”Anytime, friends! Remember, I’M the master of war!”
Crono nodded and exited.

”Well?” Lucca asked. ”What kind are you?”
Ayla shook her head.
”Ayla don’t understand.”
”She can’t use magic.” Crono explained.
”Oh...!” Lucca said and nodded.
Frog sat down in his corner.
”Who will go to the next?”
Crono thought for a long moment.
”I will go. And Ayla of course. And...”
He looked at each of them for a long time.
Marle cheered up.
”All right!”
Lucca sat down again.
Crono, Marle and Ayla went up to the gate room.
”Ayla do not understand.” Ayla said. ”Where are we?”
Marle was going to explain, when Crono stopped her.
The entered the gate to ‘Mystic mountain, 65000000 BC’.

The dactyls was still sitting there and waited.
Crono, Marle and Ayla climbed up on one each, and Ayla set the last one free.
Then they flied, with Ayla in the lead, across the mountains and to the Tyrano’s Lair.

Ayla, Crono and Marle sneaked carefully into the big fortress.
The fortress looked very strange.
It looked like it was made of stones and bones.
The first guards were easy to pass. Because of the position of the fortress, they didn’t expect
any intruders.
Red skinned reptites patrolled the building, day and night.
But that didn’t mean they were careful.
Crono and his team could easily sneak in.
They came down to the basement via a stair, and they searched for the cells.
”Found it.” Marle suddenly whispered and pointed further in.
Crono nodded.
They walked forward.
”IIIEeeeekkk!!!” Someone suddenly screamed.
Crono turned around.
He was facing two Reptites.
The first one jumped forward and bit his arm.
”AAAaaooo...” Crono yelled and tried to throw it of.
Ayla jumped up and kicked the second.
Marle helped Crono to pull away the Reptite.
Once they did it, the creature ran away.
”I got a felling we will have company soon. Let’s rescue them while there is time!” Crono said,
and ran to the cells.
Ayla removed the bones and let the Larumba village people escape.
”Where Kino?” Ayla asked.
Nobody knew.
Ayla ran downstairs.
Crono and Marle followed.
Three reptites were standing in front of a new cell.
”Thanks for bringing, er, being the main course!” a guard said.
Then they saw Ayla.
”It’s the apes!”
”Ayla!” Kino voice said from the cell.
”Kino? Kino!” Ayla said and jumped up.
She made a complexed kick series, finishing all reptites off.
Crono and Marle didn’t have to do a thing.
”Ayla!” Kino said.
Ayla ran to Kino.
”Kino get back!  Ayla save you!”
She jumped up, and tried to kick out the bones, but they were too strong.
Then she climbed up and jumped down on the other side.
”Wow!” Marle exclaimed, as Ayla flipped down.
”Sorry Ayla. All Kino's fault.” Kino said.
”No matter.” Ayla replied. ”Kino escape with Laruba villagers!”
”What Ayla do?” Kino asked.
”Put end to this!”
”Kino go too!” Kino tried, but...
”Kino no come. If Ayla dead, Kino new chief of Ioka!”
”Ayla...” Kino said.
Then Ayla walked to the bone-door and with just her arms broke it.
”Ayla strong! No lose!”
Kino nodded.
”Kino understand. And show you something!”
Kino walked to the other side of the room.
He pressed a button on the wall and a secret door opened.
”You strong, me weak. Ayla good chief!”
Kino ran away.
”What a man...” Marle said and looked at Crono.
He smiled.
”You gotta fight with Ayla about him...”
They both laughed.
”Marle funny.” Ayla said. ”We go.”
The entered the secret entrance and walked into the darkness.
The secret way lead far into the fortress.
After a while, there came stairs and ladders.
After a while, they came out of the fort.
They walked on small hatches along the fortress’s wall.
This way took them upwards.
They sneaked through a window into a big room.
”This Azala room.” Ayla said.
They looked around, but Azala wasn’t there.
But another one was.
”Well, well!” a Nizbel looking creature said. ”Out for a little stroll, are we?”
Like it didn’t care about it’s size, the huge dinosaur ran straight into Crono, who luckily enough succeeded to evade.
He pulled up his sword.
Nizbel ran again, this time against Marle.
She held her crossbow in one hand and aimed on Nizbel.
”I don’t think so!” She said and pulled the trigger.
An explosive arrow flied away, and hit Nizbel before he got too close.
With a big explosion, he flied backward.
But protected by his hard skin, Nizbel rose up again, quite undamaged.
”Hey!” Crono exclaimed. ”We know how to take out this guy, don’t we?”
Marle nodded.
Crono held up his armed and fired a lightning bolt on the big Nizbel.
Crono mastered this technique now, and he really wanted to take one step more.
He remembered Magus lightning spell, when he fired lightnings in every direction.
But Crono got interrupted in his thought by a big dinosaur who hit him.
Crono flew unconscious to the other side of the room.
Ayla jumped forward and tried to kick the thing, but it was too big.
Marle aimed with her crossbow and fired an neo-electric arrow on Nizbel, who didn’t take much damage. Ayla walked around it, trying to confuse it.
Marle summoned her ice powers and fired an ice crystal on Nizbel.
The ice spell turned him into an ice cube for a while, but then faded out.
This hurted Nizbel. But not much.
”Marle!” Ayla said. ”Give me ice!”
Marle didn’t really get her point first, but then she got it.
She summoned more magic energy, and fired an ice crystals on Ayla.
The crystals turned into ice in Ayla’s hands, and she threw it on Nizbel.
The big iceblock made Nizbel fly out from the room, through the wall, and down all hundred meters to the ground.
Marle woke up Crono.
”C’mon! We got work to do!”
Crono held his hand on his head.
”Arghh.... Yeah, coming.”
He got up and followed Marle and Ayla.
Ayla lead them through many hallways through the fortress.
They came into a dark room.
”So... you are here at last.” a voice said. Then, light came into the room.
On a throne of bones sat Azala.
”This is it, then. The showdown. Today there shall be a conclusion.
Will it be the Reptites or you silly apes who end up ruling the world?”
Ayla rushed forward.
”Strong survive. Ayla strong. Ayla fight!”
Azala laughed.
Then a roar from something big could be heard.
The room started to shake.
Azala grinned and jumped backward.
Then she walked out of the room through a door in the back.
Ayla followed, followed by Crono and Marle.
They came out on a bridge, hundreds of meters above ground.
Then they saw it.
Sitting inside a tower, was a gigantic dinosaur. Sitting on it, was Azala.
Crono turned to Marle.
”How many potions do we have.”
”One mid tonic and 5 ethers. That’s all.”
”Looks bad.” Crono said and watched the big roaring dinosaur.
”Yeah. Here, take this.”
Marle handed over an ether, and drank one herself.
Now they were ready.
Crono, Ayla and Marle walked forward to the dinosaur.
Azala smiled once they arrived.
Then she turned up to the sky.
She pointed on a red thing up in the sky.
Crono hadn’t noticed it before.
”What’s... that?”
”Red star...” Azala said. ”Fall!!!!!! Stain the earth...RED!”
Then Azala turned around.
”Though it may be our fate to perish, we will not simply hand this world over to you!
Mwa ha ha! With this Black Tyrano I can finally exterminate those filthy apes!”
She pointed on Ayla.
”Terminate her!”
The Tyrano fired a fire coil on Ayla, burning her.
Crono jumped up and stabbed his sword into the big dinosaur.
But it’s skin was like made of stone.
Marle gave Ayla the last tonic.
Ayla jumped up and kicked the Tyrano, but made very little damage.
Azala laughed.
Marle fired an ice crystal on her, which stopped the laugh.
Azala counterattacked by using her telekinesic powers.
She lifted up Marle, high as she could, and released her.
Marle landed on her legs, but sat down.
She used her cure spell on herself and got up.
The Tyrano roared.
Marle fired an explosive arrow into the mouth.
Smoke came out of it, nothing else happened.
”He’s tough!” Marle exclaimed.
”Me take Azala!” Ayla shouted and jumped up on the Tyrano.
Azala picked up her rod, and hit Ayla with it.
Ayla jumped up and flipped over Azala, trying to confuse her.
But the reptite leader was smart enough to turn around.
Azala gave Ayla a telekinesik punch, which threw her backwards.
From Crono angle, it looked like Ayla fell of the bridge.
Crono ran forward, to see that Ayla was hanging on the edge.
But without Crono’s help, she came up and jumped back on the dinosaur.
Marle freezed the Tyrano once, but it didn’t seem to damage it.
Crono fired a lightning on it, but this one had defense for everything.
Meanwhile, Ayla was fighting against Azala.
Ayla grabbed the reptite and tried to hold her.
But Azala broke out easily.
Azala teleported a big rock just above Ayla’s head, and made it fall down.
Ayla jumped away to evade it.
Ayla was just going to get up when she felt Azala hands holding her down.
”Die, ape!”
”No. Ayla strong.”
Ayla kicked back Azala with her feet’s, and got up.
The dinosaur grew inpatient, and probably wondered what was going on, up on it’s back.
Azala got up, but Ayla hit her.
Then the dinosaur roared, and Ayla lost her balance.
Azala used the moment to hit Ayla with her rod.
Ayla was thrown backwards, and Azala locked her there with her rod.
Then an arrow came from behind and hit Azala’s back.
But an reptites back it hard, and they don’t die for just an arrow.
Azala turned around.
”Terminate them both!”
The Tyrano breathed another fire coil on Crono, but he jumped away.
The dinosaur fire another one, but Crono was faster.
Marle fired an ice crystal into the mouth of it, but it just halted it.
As Azala turned back, her head met Ayla’s foot.
Azala flew backwards.
Ayla roundkicked her and hit her unconscious.
The she jumped down on the bridge.
”Now take dinosaur.” she said.
Ayla jumped up on the face of it, and kicked down.
”Hard skin.”
She jumped down.
”Need powerful thunder!”
Crono shook his head.
”Don’t look at me! You know what I can do!”
He fired an lightning on it, but it wasn’t powerful enough.
”More power.” Marle said.
The Tyrano answered with a extra large fire attack.
The three might warriors turned into three laying warriors.
”Aaaaooooooo.....” Crono said weakly.
”Don’t... give.... up...” Marle said.
Parts of her hair was burned, and it didn’t look as beautiful as usual.
”Marle...” Crono said.
”No time for that talk!” Ayla said and rose. She stapled forward, but fell down again.
”Marle... Be glad you can’t see yourself right now.”
Marle smiled.
”You sure know the right lines, in the right moments.”
Crono nodded.
Then he felt something by his knee.
A tonic!
No much, but something!
He took it and rose up.
”I... Am Crono, the traveler of time! And you...” he pointed on the Tyrano.
”Are the past!”
Crono summoned his energy and released hundreds of lightnings in every direction.
Some of the lightnings gathered and created a network of chain lightnings.
A big smoking pile was what was left of the dinosaur.
Crono helped Marle and Ayla up.
Marle took an ether and casted a heal spell on herself and on Ayla.
They made way for Azala who came crawling.
”No...It can't be!
Could the heavens truly have sided with the apes? Listen, primates, and let it be known.
We Reptites fought bravely to the bitter end!”
Ayla nodded.
”Ayla understand...”
The a red flash appeared.
Azala laughed.
”Soon, stones of fire will rain down. Flames shall scorch the land.
The burned out plains will slowly freeze, ushering in a long, cruel ice age.
Mwa,ha,ha...what a treat! You will wish you went along with us!
Mwa ha!”
Ayla looked down.
”Pardon?” Marle said.
”You mean the red star?” Crono asked and looked up.
It was awfully near.

In outer space, a creature flied past many stars.
The creature is known as Lavos.
A great red sphere surrounded it to keep the cold away, so it could look for a planet.
And it had found one...

”Ayla's word.” Ayla said.
”La means fire. Vos means big.”
”He’s gonna... Hit... right HERE!” Crono said panicly.
”What!” Marle exclaimed.
Crono didn’t got the chance to answer, because of...
”Kino!” Ayla shouted.
Riding on one dactyl, Kino came. Behind him was two more dactyls.
Kino jumped of.
”Hurry! Lavos come soon! All ride dactyl!”
Crono and Marle took one each and Ayla jumped up on Kino’s.
”Hurry!” she shouted to him.
He got up.
”Come! Azala! Come!” Ayla said.
”Absolutely not! The powers that be have spoken!” Azala protested.
”...Azala... me not forget...”
”The future...” Azala said.
”Future? What about the future?” Crono asked.
”We...have no future...”
With those words, Ayla, Crono, Marle and Kino lifted and flew as far away as they could.

With an enormous power, Lavos hit the Tyrano’s fortress and turned it to sand.
Just beside the huge crater, Three dactyls were hovering.
”So!” Marle said. ”Lavos descended in this era!”
”Lavos huge! Crono fight it?” Ayla asked.
Crono nodded.
”Crono! We go where Lavos fall!”
Ayla took up her dactyl.
”It just arrived so there may be something we can do! Let’s go see!” Marle said and followed Ayla.
So did Crono.
They saw a cave a the bottom of the crater and landed there.
Ayla said something to Kino, and he nodded.
Kino took one dactyl and flew home.
”Me help you fight Lavos.” Ayla said.
”Sure you want to?” Crono asked. ”It’s dangerous.”
”Me strong!”
”Okay!” Crono said.
They entered the cave.
The cave wasn’t too big.
Only 10 meters long. But there were something of importance there...
”Th, there’s a gate!” Marle exclaimed.
And yes, there were one!
Ayla was more interested of Lavos.
”Lavos very fast! Deep under earth already.”
”Not good.” Crono said. ”Not good.”
”This gate was made by Lavos.” Marle said. ”Maybe Lavos is the source of all gates?”
Crono nodded.
”Perhaps... But that’s Lucca’s part.”
Marle laughed.
”Yeah. Maybe.”
”What wrong, Crono?” Ayla said. ”Fight Lavos! Go in here. Yes?”
”Well...” Crono said. ”It’s not that simple. But let’s take this gate to End of Time, and have Lucca explain everything for you.”
Crono created a gate and traded Ayla for Robo.
”Where am I?” Robo asked.
”No time to explain.” Marle said. ”C’mon! Let’s see where we get!”
Crono nodded and activated the gate.
The stepped in.

Once they came out of the gate, they were still in a cave.
The could hear a strong wind blow.
”Boy!” Marle said. ”This is exciting!”
Robo beeped for a second.
”The time gyro says...
12,000 years in the past?! That was some trip!”
Crono nodded.
Then he looked out.
The landscape was all white of snow.
”Azala didn’t lie about cruel winter.”
”Let’s go back to End of Time and talk with the others.”
Marle nodded.
Then she almost jumped to the ceiling.
”A flying island!”
”Say what?”
Crono walked to the cave opening.
He looked up.
And there it was.
A flying island. Crono didn’t believe his eyes.
”How could it...”
”Let’s go back.” Marle said.
Crono nodded and activated the gate.


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