The Legend of Chrono Trigger Chapter 22
The Sun Stone
By Martin Berglund
"And there's a very special stone that can shine its light on each generation, from the distant past to the far future."
-Gaspar, the Guru of Time

Lucca sat down by the fence. ”I can’t believe it!” Marle said. ”CRONO SPECIAL!!!”
They hadn’t recovered yet from the surprise.
”Hey everybody!” Crono said as they came up from the Epoch.
”Look at you...” Frog said. ”Ladies weeping over you right and left...”
Marle sat down in her corner.
”I can’t believe this! I’m so happy!”
Robo beeped.
”Yes. Now that Crono’s here, everyone’s cheerful!”

”Don’t put us through that again!”
Crono thought of their next task.
”And there's a very special stone that can shine its light on each generation,
from the distant past to the far future.” had Gaspar said.
Crono said it aloud.
”Anyone have any idea?” Crono looked on Gaspar.
Gaspar looked secretful away, really enjoying to hear them solve his words.
Lucca thought for a long time.
”In Zeal... Remember the Sun Stone? They were using it’s power before Lavos.”
Crono nodded.
”It might just be the thing we need to defeat Lavos!”
Crono nodded.
”Right! But where do we find it?”
Lucca thought again.
Marle looked up.
”A guy there said that they kept it in the ‘Sun keep’. I wonder what happened to it after the Ocean Palace incident...”
Gaspar looked up.
”You might want to try the future. Many thing who have been kept underground for centuries might have come up.”
Crono nodded.
”Okay... We’ll check it out.”
”But...” Gaspar said. ”You might need a good protection against fire...”
Ayla jumped up.
”Ayla village have good defense fire! Crono go there with Ayla!”
Crono nodded.
”Okay! But you won’t need me. I’m not the leader anymore.”
They all looked at him.
Crono looked down.
”I don’t think I can... make it.”
Marle walked to him.
”If you’re thinking about the Ocean Palace... Don’t do it. You’re the best leader we can have!”
Crono looked up.
”You think so? All of you? Though I make mistakes?”
They all nodded (except Magus, he wasn’t part of the discussion.).
”No one is perfect.” Lucca said.
”I know that! But, okay... Ayla? Pick a team and go to Larumba.”
Ayla nodded.
”Okay. Ayla choose Frog and Robo.”
Frog jumped down in the Frog seat of Epoch and waited for the other.
A few seconds later, they were on their way to the prehistoric era.

Crono walked to Magus.
”Hey. What are you thinking.”
Magus didn’t turn around.
”Cretins! And they’re still alive!?”
”You mean Ozzie?” Crono asked.
Magus nodded.
”By the way, Ozzie had a hideout much like my castle...”
Crono nodded.
”We’ll take care of him later.”

It took three hours for Ayla, Robo and Frog to get back.
”What took so long?” Crono asked.
”We had to hunt animals to show that we were worthy those armors.” Robo said.
”But you got ‘em, right?”
Ayla nodded.
She showed three ruby armor.
Crono nodded.
”Nice. Now, next stop is the future. I would like to take the lead on this one.”
”Whatever you say.” Robo said.
”And I would like Frog and Ayla with me.”
Frog nodded.
”I’m ready anytime.”
Crono jumped down in the Epoch, followed by Ayla and Frog.
”Let’s go!”

”Keep your eye open!” Crono said when they came to 2300 AD.
”What are we looking for?” Frog asked.
”I don’t know.” Crono answered. ”I cave or something.”
”Cave?” Ayla asked. ”I see plenty of caves!”
”Down there! Look!”
Crono looked down.
He could see one big and many smaller down on the surface.
”We’ll take the big one.”
Ayla nodded.
Crono landed the Epoch and stepped out.
The cave wasn’t big. Only ten meters.
In the other edge was a place where sunlight hit the floor.
But nothing was here.
”Wrong cave.” Crono said and walked out.
They climbed up on the Epoch again.
”There Crono!” Ayla said just after take-off. She pointed out on the sea. ”Island with cave!”
Crono could see an island with a mountain, but he couldn’t see any caves. But it was probably just too far.
”You got great eyes, Ayla.” He said.
Crono took the Epoch to the island.

”This must be it!” Crono said as he entered.
The interior looked almost like the Ocean Palace.
Around in canals was some lava-looking thing floating.
”Here.” Crono said and handed over a west to each of them. ”You better wear one of these.”
Ayla nodded and took one.
”Okay, where do we go now?” Crono asked when he realized that it was impossible to get to the other side of the room because of the lava river.
In that moment, a huge eye jumped up from the lava pool.
”Geezz...” Crono said.
Fire appeared around the eye.
”I can guess why Gaspar recommended fire defending armors!” Crono said.
”What is this?” Frog asked. ”The Guardian of the Sun Keep?”
Crono nodded.
Protected by five fire flames, the eye circled around in the room.
”Shall we attack it?” Crono asked.
The eye answered by creating a huge fire explosion in the middle of the room.
Crono was really supriced by the power of it. It was far more powerful than those Lucca created.
Crono got up and attack the eye with his sword. A big fire wall protected the eye, and Crono’s sword didn’t get through.
Frog summoned his water powers, and a waterwave filled the room.
But the fire was strong enough to resist.
Ayla didn’t dare to attack it.
”Crono! Ayla can’t do anything! Marle can fight fire!” Crono nodded and picked up the gate key.
”Hope it’s enough magic in the area!”
A gate opened and Ayla stepped in.
Marle came out with the Valkerye in her hand.
”IIIiihhheee...” She exclaimed when she saw the eye.
”What’s that?”
”The Guardian, we believe.” Crono shouted back.
Marle looked at the situation for a fast moment.
”Okay. Here comes ice!”
She put her hands together and summoned her ice magic.
Ice crystals circled around her and then gathered in front of her.
Then she launched a blue shockwave from her body, and let ice chunks fall from the ceiling.
The eye was still alive.
The eye looked on Marle, and then fired a red beam on her.
Marle fell down like a doll.
Crono rushed forward.
”Marle! Are you okay?”
Marle rose up.
”Yeah. Thanks to Melchior’s prism dress.”
Frog jumped up and aimed for the fire this time.
He cut one fire piece, and it looked like the eye took damage of it.
”Listen!” He said. ”Hit it’s fire, and it lose it’s power!”
Crono nodded.
”Okay!” He jumped forward and attacked the fire Frog just had cut.
After the eye had recovered from the shock, it spun the fire flames around it and changed the order, so Crono and his party couldn’t see which one they had hit.
Crono didn’t mind.
He jumped up and circled around one of the flames, while he was attacking it.
The flame died out.
And so did the others.
The eye opened once again to fire a powerful spell.
But an arrow flied through the air and stopped it.
Drained of it’s power, the eye flied deeper into the Sun Keep.
”Nice shot, Marle.” Crono said.
Marle nodded.
”Let’s follow it.”
Marle pointed on the lava-river.
”A bridge!”
And truly... A bridge was there.
”The eye must have activated it.” Crono said.
They ran over it and followed the eye.
The eye had stopped between two statues.
Crono walked towards it.
Then it glowed, and transformed into a stone.
Marle looked closer on it.
”Isn’t this the ancient Sun Stone?” She said. ”But it no longer glows...”
Crono thought.
”Hey! Remember that guy in Zeal who spoke about it. He said that it could regain it’s glow if you left it in the sun.”
”Yeah!” Marle said. ”But it might take a while, thought.”

”Hello everybody!” Crono said as they came back.
”You found it?” Lucca asked.
Crono picked up the moon stone.
”Yep... But in consumed format.”
Gaspar looked at it.
”It believe you can recharge it. But it might take a while. About 65 million years. But you’re the masters of Time, so it shouldn’t be any problems.”
Crono nodded.
”Lucca? You go with us. Frog... Sorry.”
Frog walked in and sat down.
Crono turned to everyone.
”I know it’s unfair, but I guess me, Lucca and Marle who are the right persons for this.”
The others nodded.
”You do as you please.” Magus said. ”Just let me handle Ozzie. And Lavos.”
Crono nodded.
”Ozzie’s next, Magus. Don’t worry.”
Crono, Marle and Lucca jumped down in the Epoch and traveled to 65000000 BC.
Crono flied around.
”Let’s look for a place were the sun never stops to shine on the day.”
Marle pointed on a cave.
”Check that one out. It looks like the sun can shine down there.”
Crono nodded and took down the Epoch.
They walked into the cave.
”This one remind me...” Crono said. ”About a cave Ayla found in the future.”
Crono looked around.
”It was about this in size.”
He looked forward and saw that the sunlight did pass through.
”And had a spot in the sun like this.”
”I guess it’s the same cave!” Lucca said. ”That means that no one even been here, if it looked just the same.”
Marle looked on the sunlight spot.
”Let’s put it here.”
Crono nodded and place the stone in the sunlight.
”Well...” Lucca said. ”Back to the Epoch. Shall we take one period a step?”
Crono nodded
”That would be best.”
Lucca looked around.
”Let’s travel through time when we are just above this cave. Then we will find the cave in the other periods.”
Crono nodded and took the Epoch to 12000 BC.

”Not yet.” Lucca said.
The stone was glowing, but not enough.
”Imagine that the stone has been here in nearly 65 million years!” Marle said.
”Yeah.” Lucca answered. ”Pretty unbelievable.”
”Next stop, Middle ages!”

”Not finished yet.” Crono said.
”Nope.” Lucca said.
”Let’s continue to our present.” Marle said.

”It’s gone! The Moon Stone is gone!” Lucca exclaimed as the entered the cave in 1000 AD.
She turned to the others.
”I wonder if someone from this time period has taken it?”
”We gotta look for it...” Marle said.
”Great.” Lucca said. ”How easy will that be? Like looking for a needle in a haystack!”

”You suspect anyone?” Crono said as he flied over the Guardia Kingdom.
”No...” Lucca said. ”No one knew about it. This person must have just stepped on it.”
”Yeah.” Crono said.
”WAIT!” Marle exclaimed. ”I have a suspect!”
She pointed on a house down in Porre.
Blue shining particles came from it.
Crono smiled.
”Let’s check it out!”

”Moon Stone? Never heard of it!”
Lucca pulled back Marle and Crono.
”He’s lying. I can see it in his eyes.”
”Why would he?” Marle asked.
”Because he’s the mayor of Porre. You have heard about him, right?”
Crono nodded.
”Oh, yeah...”
Marle looked at them.
Lucca smiled.
”He is famous for being the most greedy person alive. Even his kids hate him. They say he loves his money more than he loves them.”
”What shall we do?” Marle asked.
They walked out.
Crono leaned on the Epoch.
”I don’t know...”
”I have a bad idea...” Marle suddenly said.
Lucca looked up.
”If we could... eh... Teach... His ancestors to be kind and NOT greedy, perhaps that could change his actions?”
Lucca nodded.
”Of course!”
Crono opened the Epoch and jumped in.
”What are you waiting for? C’mon! Let’s go!”
Marle and Lucca climbed in and Crono flied the Epoch 400 years back in time.

A girl was running around in the house, talking about Tata, and the rest of the family was sitting by the dinner table. A woman was cooking food.
”What now?” Crono asked.
”Leave this to me!” Marle said and walked to the woman.
”Hello! Is there anything in particular you need?”
The woman looked supriced around.
”Oh... Are you not one of those who defeated Magus?”
Marle nodded.
”Could be... Well... Is there anything?”
”Well... I... If only I had some Jerky, what a great meal I could make!”
Marle nodded.
”Don’t worry! I’ll fix it!”
She walked out.
”You know anyone who can fix some ‘jerky’? I knew the chef could. The one in this period.”
Crono shook his head.
”Not him! He might be disturb while making his ‘Crono special’!”
Marle and Lucca laughed.
”Okay...” Marle finally said. ”I’ve heard that someone in Porre could make it. In our time, that is. Let’s have a look!”
Crono nodded and entered the Epoch and took it back to 1000 AD.

”If I’m not totally wrong,” Marle said. ”It’s the snail stop where we shall look.”
Crono landed the Epoch and they entered the bar.
”Is.... Isn’t that a kiwala?” Crono asked and pointed on the piano player.
A Kiwala was the creature Spekkio was first.
Marle nodded.
”Yep. Some monsters can co-exist with humans. Like him for example.”
Crono nodded.
He walked to the monster.
”Excuse me.”
The player turned around.
”I’m the piano man, Joe!” It said.
”Joe?” Crono repeated.
Marle giggled.
She walked pass Crono.
”Play a sad one, Joe!”

The Piano player nodded and started to play.
Marle listen to the tune.
It was really a sad one. It brought back memories from the time when Crono was dea... gone.
Finally, she turned to the bar-keeper. An older lady.
”Do you have any Jerky?”
The lady nodded.
”Yes I do. I got the best Jerky in town! But I’m saving it!”
Marle looked on her.
”Or...” the Lady said. ”I could let some of, for say... 9900 gold pieces.”
The others at the bar laughed.
”Very well...” Marle said and gave her the money.
The Lady was really supriced.
”You must really be hungry! Here you go!”
She picked up a steak from the grill.
She place it in papers and gave it to Marle.
”Thanks.” She said and exited.
Crono and Lucca followed out.

400 years earlier...
”Some have Jerky!” the woman exclaimed.
Marle nodded.
”I buy it from you! Say... 10000 gold?”
Marle shook her head.
”Please...” the woman said.
”Nope.” Marle answered. ”I’ll give it to you!”
”You’re giving it away?” The woman exclaimed. ”I though there were no kind people left in this world! You can bet MY children are going to learn the value of sharing!”
Marle nodded.
”That would be very nice!”
She handed over the steak.
”Okay!” the woman said. ”Let’s do some cooking!”
Marle left the house gleefully.
”Finished?” Crono asked, waiting just outside.
Marle nodded.
”Yep. Let’s go and see if the mayor is that greedy!”

”The Moon Stone? You mean this one?”
He picked up a glowing stone.
Crono nodded.
”That one!”
”Oh! I found it a week ago on an island. It seems very important to you folks.
Why don’t you take it?”
”Really?” Crono said.
”Yep! Here you go!” The man handed over the stone.
”Thanks!” Crono said and turned to Marle.
He mimicked:
”Great job, Marle!”
They walked out.
But just in the door, Lucca almost walked into one of the mayors children.
”Sorry...” Lucca said.
”That’s all right.” The kid said.
”Hey...” Lucca said. ”Who do you like most?”
”My dad of course!” the kid said and ran in.
”Daddy! I’m home!” he shouted.
Lucca walked out.
”Someone asked that kid who he hated most.” Lucca said to Crono and Marle.
”The answer was the same.”
They laughed.
”Let’s go put back that stone!” Crono said and ran to the Epoch.
He took it up and traveled to the cave.

”Back again.” Crono said as he placed it down on the ground.
”At last...” Lucca said.
”What’s next stop?” Crono asked. ”2300, right?”
Lucca nodded.
”Remember to pass 1999. We don’t wanna fight Lavos yet.”
Crono nodded.
”Don’t worry.”

The Stone was shining incredibly in the future.
Lucca looked down on it.
”Amazing! With THIS much energy, I can make a powerful weapon! Let’s go back to my house!”

”I’ll modify the Sun Stone to extract it’s energy...” Lucca said and put the stone into one glass cylinder.
”...Then we’ll just vacuum pack in into a cartridge...”
She switched on the machine.
A purple beam came up from the machine. After a few seconds, Lucca turned it off.
”...and it’s finished!”
Lucca connected her gun into the machine.
With a few buzzing sounds, she picked it out.
Lucca jumped around and pointed the gun in different directions.
”May I introduce... The Wondershot!”
Lucca adjusted her glasses.
”Sometimes I amaze myself!”
Lucca picked out the Sun Stone.
”Let’s show it to Melchior, and see what he can do with it.”

Later, down in the castles basement...
”Ahh... A Sun Stone! I’ll create an alloy out of it!”
After half an hour, Melchior handed over a medallion.
Crono took it.
”What... Is it?”
”Wear it, and it may show helpful.”
Crono nodded and put it around his shoulder.
”Heh heh!” Melchior said. ”Don’t think that’s the last of my bag of tricks!
But this one might take a while... Why don’t you come back tomorrow?”
Crono nodded.
They walked up to Marle’s room.
She laid down on her bed.
”You can’t guess how wonderful it is to be home!”
Crono nodded.
”Oh yes, we can...”
Marle remained on her bed all evening. They talked about various of things.
Finally, Crono and Lucca went home.

The next day, they met outside the castle.
”Do you know whet Melchior is doing?” Lucca asked.
Marle shook her head.
”No idea! But he’s been working all morning!”
”Really?” Crono said. ”Hope it’s a sword. I like Melchiors swords more than this one.”
Marle nodded.
They went down to the basement.
”Ahh... There you are! Here!”
He handed over a sword to Crono.
Crono looked at it.
”It’s called ‘the Rainbow’!” Melchior exclaimed gleefully.
”I’ve never made one of those before! It the ultimate sword. Made with the power from the Rainbow shell, and the energy from the Sun Stone!”
Crono took it and waved it around.
It was really a master piece.
”I finally feel like I’m doing something worthwhile!” Melchior said.
Marle giggled.
”You start to sound like Gaspar!”
Melchior made a small laugh.
”I do? Perhaps I do? Have you met him recently?”
Crono nodded.
Melchior looked up.
”I see... If you meet him again, tell him that the fate of Earth is turning in our direction!”
Crono nodded.
”We will!”
Melchior left the building.
Crono, Marle and Lucca walked to the old Knight’s quarter.
”What are we doing here?” Marle asked, just following Crono.
Crono walked down.
”I wanna see if anyone knows about the real Chancellor.”
But no one did.
They were all planing the upcoming night.
There were a big festival planned.
It was called ‘The Moonlight Parade’.
The Moonlight Parade was going to be the grand final of the Millennial Fair.
”I think I know where he is!” Crono suddenly said. ”The courtroom!”
The guards let Marle, Crono and Lucca pass to the courtroom.
Crono looked after the object he saw before.
”There!” he said. He picked it up.
”What is it?” Marle asked.
”A key.” Crono said. ”Which hopefully leads to a chest in which the Chancellor is trapped.”
Lucca laughed.
”Like last time?”
Marle looked up.
Crono walked down to the basement.
”Look for looked chests.”
Marle and Lucca nodded.
They finally found one, and could save the Chancellor.
”Phew, finally!” The Chancellor said. ”That beast keepin’ me locked up in here...!”
Then he saw Marle.
”Princess Nadia!” Then he saw Crono and Marle.
”Your friends, I presume?”
Marle nodded.
”That’s right.”
”Hello! I’m the Chancellor and... Wait a moment! I don’t have time for this! I must plan for the Moonlight Parade!”
He ran up.
Crono smiled.
”Nice of him to say hello...”
Lucca turned to him.
”Be glad it wasn’t the real Chancellor who busted you before...”
Crono didn’t answer. He ran up to the Knights Quarter to see how the Chancellor was doing.
The Chancellor looked up from his papers.
”Princess Nadia! At the Moonlight Parade, you shall receive a lovely present from me!”
”How cute!” Crono whispered.

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