The Legend of Chrono Trigger Chapter 26
Stories Never End
By Martin Berglund
"Stories never end. That's why they are so exciting."
- Unknown


Crono, lying in his bed, could see how a soldier walked toward the bed.
”It’s time to rise and shine! We have a little surprise for you.”
He walked to the window and put the curtains away, to let the sun in.
He turned around.
”Your stay of execution has been canceled. We must now carry out your sentence.”
Crono shook his head. Was this possible?

Later at the Guardia Castle.
Crono entered the throne room and found the king sitting on the throne, and the chancellor on his right side.
Crono fell down on his knees and starred at the stone floor.
The king sighed.
”We've been looking for you, Crono. Where did you take my daughter?”
Crono looked up, didn’t know what to say.
Then, Marle rushed into the room. ”Daddy, don’t!”
She stayed by Crono’s side.
”Crono hasn't done a thing!”
She looked at him. They both were really shocked.
The king turned to the Chancellor.
”She says Crono has been a perfect gentleman, but... What do you think, Chancellor?”
The Chancellor looked at them both.
”Well...” he started. ”Crono's deeds have had an enormous impact on the kingdom!”
Marle looked at him with a half angry, half sad look.
”Chancellor, how could you?!”
She walked to her father.
”Please! Just listen to me! We had to...” she knew it sounded stupid, but somehow they must know. But she didn’t have to think of and answer, because the king continued her sentence.
”...Save the future, right?”
She looked at him, then Crono, then the Chancellor... and then at the king.

Suddenly, Doan came walking down the right stair.
”You saved the future, and gave us hope.”
From the left stair, the king from the middle age came.
”You fought Magus's troops, and brought peace to the kingdom in the year 600.”
Behind him came Kino.
”Crono beat reptites!”
Marle didn’t believe her eyes.
She looked at them shocked.
”Wh, what's going on here?”
Then, Lucca showed herself.
She had hid behind the throne.
”Lucca!” Marle exclaimed.
Lucca held up the gate key.
”You brought them here, didn't you?”
Lucca nodded.
The king turned to Marle.
”Our kinsmen told me about your incredible mission.”
Marle looked at him surprised.
”Kinsmen?! You mean these're my ancestors... and descendants?”
The king nodded and turned to Crono.
”Here I was fussing about my kingdom, and my daughter, and you were saving past, present, and future!”
The king walked to Crono.
Crono rose up.
”Now, for a true victory parade! Tonight we celebrate... you!”
Crono smiled. He just couldn’t stop.
The king turned to Marle.
”Now Nad... Marle, go out and enjoy the last night of the fair!”
”Yes!” Marle exclaimed.

Many hours later at Leene square.
There were people everywhere.
They all wanted to see the hero of time.
Some guards had put up a fence, so the heroes could walk around freely.
There were small light everywhere, lighten up the star filled sky.
”Here they come!” Someone shouted.
First entering the square, was the mayor of Medina village.
The blue imp walked in a few meters, and then waved to two other persons.
”It’s them!”
Crono and Marle came into the area.
”It’s a moonlight parade!”
The mayor took the lead, and Crono and Marle followed.
Also following was Crono’s cat and a few dancers.
They walked slowly around in the southern part of Leene square, waving to everyone.
When Crono got the chance, he whispered to Marle:
”Do you know where Lucca is?”
”She said she didn’t want to be in the parade.” Marle whispered back.
Crono nodded.
They walked around the square once and then they broke from the parade.
”I just got to say a few word to a few persons.”
”Then I’m going with you.” Marle replied and followed Crono.
Crono made his way to some chairs, where Fritz and Elaine were sitting.
Fritz turned to Elaine.
”Don’t you think the princess is gorgeous?”
Elaine nodded while Marle giggled.
Fritz turn to Crono.
”...And don’t get me wrong! Of course you are too.”
Crono smiled.
”Thanks Fritz.”
Then they walked away to another corner where Crono’s mom stood.
She smiled.
”They say YOU saved us all dear. That’s nice, but I wished you had spent more time home.
It’s a real problem when the one who is in charge of the cat is gone.”
Crono smiled. ”Don’t worry!”
Crono and Marle walked away to Melchior.
He looked at them.
”I think things will calm down now. That means it won’t be much business in weapons anymore.
I guess I’ll have to find something else to do.”
Crono nodded.
”Don’t worry. You’ll find something.”
Melchior nodded.
”Oh, I will... Now, your friends are waiting. I can’t keep you here all night.”
Crono nodded.
”Thanks for everything, Melchior. See ya.”
They made their way the northern part, where Lucca waited.
Marle nodded.
They all when up to the far north part, where Lucca’s telepod stood.
Between the pods were a gate open.
The rest of the ‘team’ was also there.
Lucca looked at each one of them.
”Well everyone, this is it.”
Frog croaked.
”Each to thine time.”
Robo agreed.
”The Gate has grown weak...”
”We've got to say our good-byes before the Gate closes.” Lucca added.
Marle ran into the center of the small crowd.
She looked at them all.
”You're all leaving?”
Everyone nodded.
Then, Kino entered the area.
He walked to Ayla.
Ayla stepped forward.
”Crono was strong! Marle too! Ayla have fun!”
Both Crono and Marle laughed.
Marle turned to Kino.
”You're my distant ancestor. So you'd better have tough kids or I'll be trouble!”
Kino laughed.
”Heh heh! No worry. Ayla VERY strong.”
Marle smiled. ”Right!”, but then she looked at the others, trying to see if anyone got his point.
”Hey... What do you mean by that?”
Ayla interrupted them.
”Kino dummie! We go now!” She pushed him into the gate.
Then she looked at all the others, and with a smile jumped into the gate.
Then the middle age King came up.
Frog croaked.
” 'Tis a feisty crowd! But they are thine kin, and 'tis of consequence.
Queen Leene awaits. Your Majesty, we too shall take our leave.”
The king said ”good-bye” to everyone and then walked into the gate.
Frog followed him, but Marle stopped him, just before he entered the gate.
”Mr. Frog...”
Frog turned around and croaked.
Long farewells ne'er necessary.”
Marle walked away to him.
”Right! Besides, actions speak louder than words!”
With those words, she kissed him.
Frog jumped back of surprise.
Then he croaked and jumped into the gate.
Lucca laughed.
”Yeah. Don't these things end with the princesses kissing the frog?”
Marle giggled.
Magus walked to the gate.
He looked into it like it was a deep ocean.
”So.... you're going to search for Schala?” Marle asked.
Magus answered with his mystic look, and the entered the gate.
The last one to go was Robo and Doan.
Doan came up and stood beside Robo.
Lucca looked down on the stone floor.
”Lucca, I will miss you.” Robo said.
Marle walked to Lucca.
”What's wrong Lucca? Aren't you going to say good-bye to Robo?”
Lucca didn’t answer.
Robo nodded.
”She knows.”
Marle looked at him.
”Knows... what?”
Lucca shook her head.
Robo was born in a bleak future. When we defeated Lavos, we changed history.
Robo... may not exist in the future.”
Marle looked at Robo.
”Please relax.” Robo said. ”The new future has a place for me!”
Lucca jumped up.
She ran to Robo and gave him a big hug.
”Darn it, Robo! Don't pretend you don't care when you're really sad!
It just makes things worse!”
Robo made some beeping sounds.
Lucca, you have taught me these emotions. Thank you.”
Doan walked away to the gate, and entered it.
Robo backed off.
He waved with his hand.
Then he turned around and walked into the gate.
Once Robo had disappeared in it, the gate closed, and disappeared.
Lucca looked at it.
”I thought Lavos made the gates... But I guess I was wrong.”
Crono looked at her.
”What do you mean?”
Lucca smiled.
”I think a greater force wanted us to experience those events.”
Marle looked at them both.
”Time travel... How exhausting!”
”No kidding!” Crono said with a smile.
Then a soldier came up.
”Oh Princess, the King asks for your presence.”
Marle nodded and together with Crono and Lucca, she walked down the big bell tower,
where the king waited.
”I have a gift for you, to commemorate this day, Princess Nadia.” he said.
Marle jumped up when she saw what it was.
A soldier came up with a new bell, who was tied with balloons.
Marle looked at it.
”It’s Nadia’s bell, which will replace the 400 years old Leene’s bell. Henceforth, Nadia’s bell will proudly ring for lasting peace!”
Marle smiled.
”It’s beautiful!!!”
King pointed with his hand on the bell.
”Now, you can do the honors.”
Marle nodded and walked to the bell.
Because all balloons, it weight much less then it should do.
Marle push it forward, and then lifted it up.
But she was to short to attach it, so Crono walk to her, and lifted her up.
She attached the bell and then tied up the balloons.
Then she jumped down.
The king applauded.
The bell started to ring.  It was a little bit different tone from Leene’s bell, but it sounded wonderful.
Suddenly Marle lifted from the ground. The balloons she held were apparently powerful enough.
Lucca jumped after her, but missed.
”Huh?” Marle exclaimed. ”H, hey Crono, help me!”
Crono climbed up on the bell tower and jumped to get her.
He succeeded to grab the rope.
”Let it go!” Crono shouted.
”I can’t! My hand is stuck in the rope!”
”I’ll help you!” Crono said and freed one of his hands.
They flied away while Crono tied up Marle’s hand.
”That’s it!”
Marle looked down.
”Too late!”
Crono looked down also. They were far above ground.
They could see the entire square from here.
And they got higher and higher...

Slowly, carried by the wind, Crono and Marle flied away high up in the sky.
Crono held the balloons in one hand, and Marle in the other.
Marle had put her arm around Crono neck.
The sight was wonderful.
From here, Crono could see the entire kingdom. Even Medina.
Over there was his house, and there was the castle.
There was the pier, and there was the cursed woods.
Marle held him tight. She didn’t want to fall. Crono wondered how these balloons
could keep them up, and be increasing altitude.
But soon, when some of the gas was out, they would slowly fly down again.
They kissed while they were flying.
Soon, they would land somewhere in the kingdom.
But right now, that was like tomorrow. This moment would last forever.
For Crono, the hero of time, and Marle, the princess of Guardia.

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