Far From Home Book One
The Time Warp Prologue

By Master Odin

Before we get into the story, there are a few terms that might need to be defined.

Cairns- A marker of some sort, usually a mound of stones or dirt. These are used to mark place of special importance, or to act as a warning to travelers of a place of danger.

Time-Between-Times- The times of day when it is neither day nor night. In other words, dawn or dusk.

Sunwise Circles- Clockwise circles. When done three times at a place of power during the Time Between Times, it invokes the power of that place.

Dear Wallace,

If you are reading this, it means that my time has finally come, and my will has been carried out.

As you probably recall, I was very interested in Celtic Lore and spent many of my latter years studying it. During my final days I discovered something very interesting. In many of the scrolls that I studied, there were many references to cairns, sunwise circles, Time Between Times, and Gateways to other worlds.

Unfortunately, once I had discovered what I did, I was too weak to do any physical research. I know of your interest in mythology, and I would like for you to finish my research on these things.

This letter is attached to a package. Inside is my journal, which contains all the information that you should need. Use it wisely.

I'll always be with you.


Grandpa Louie

P.S. I know how much you like pizza, so I included the recipe, within the journal, in case you ever need it.
I, Wallace Odinson, received this letter after my grandfather died. This letter was the beginning of a grand adventure, spanning many new worlds; an adventure where I visited many interesting places and met even more interesting people. This is the first part of my story.

Chapter 1

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