"For Guardia!" Chapter 1

Remnants of Peace

By Master Odin



She pulled her cloak tighter around her as the cold wind tore at her face.

Oi mate! Why'd we hafta come to this retched place?

Be thankful. Where I wanted to go would have taken us to the frozen tundra of the Dark Ages to look for our brother. You're lucky I decided to agree with you and look for her!

If we wanted any hope of finding him, we're gonna need her help, alright, mate?


She exited the woods surrounding Guardia Castle. She pulled her hood off as she looked up at the crumbling towers and vine covered walls. She had short blonde hair. Her violet eyes stood out against her fair complexion.

"To think, the rulers of the mightiest nation in the world once lived here," she muttered to herself."

* * *

The old wooden doors moaned as she managed to open them. She looked around the dark foyer. Everything was covered in thick layers of dust. Cobwebs occupied the ceiling. Her shoes clicked as she crossed the stone floor and climbed the stairs.

"Now, if I was pursued by murderous naives, where would I hide?"

I dunno. I ain't never lived here.

True, but you did live with someone who knew this castle quite well.

Hmmm I believe she mentioned somethin' 'bout a treasury.


I dunno. She never got a chance to bring us here before she.


Yer a princess. Where'd you have the treasury?

I believe it would have been underground.

Then let's find some stairs.

* * *

"This must be it," she said as she reached the last set of stairs

You're a regular genius. It's the only staircase we haven't checked yet, mate.

"Oh! Be quite."

She descended the stairs and came to another set of wooden doors. They moaned as she opened them.

Ya know, if they're here, they heard ya, and they'll probably kill us before ya even get ta explain yerself to them.

"Shut-up!" She looked up. "Oops."

Before her stood a man and a young girl. The man was in his late thirties to early forties. He was of average height and build. He had wild red hair that could never be tamed. His green eyes were bright like lightning. The pains of battle were written all ever his face. He wore a battered green tunic and tan trousers fitting a similar description. In his hand was a katana that reminded her of a rainbow, and it was pointed at her throat. The young girl wasn't even in her teens, ten at the most. She had long blonde hair and green eyes. She was very fit for one so young. She had a crossbow aimed at her. "Oops is right. Who the hell are you?" the man asked.

Is that the Hero of Time, mate?!

He has to be.

"Speak up, girl," the man demanded.

"Uh, Your Majesty, you may have trouble believing this, but I'm Schala Zeal."

"Schala had blue hair. Besides, she died in the Ocean Palace."

It is him!

"That is a long story, which I'll happily tell you later. If you require other proof of my identity, will you allow me to get it out?"

The man thought for a moment, then nodded. "Slowly." His blade did not waver.

Schala slowly reached into the collar of her blouse and pulled out a purple pendent. "Will this do, Sire?"

The man's eye's grew wide. He dropped his sword and embraced her. He lifted her and spun her around while sounds of joy escaped his lips. The young girl looked on in confusion. "Schala!" he said after he put her down. He held her out at arms length and looked her over. "How did you-"

"I'll explain everything, Your Majesty. Is Her Highness alright?"

"For now. We don't know how much longer we'll be able to afford me going out and hunting for food."

Schala remembered a certain distinctive trait about Crono. "I don't ever remembering hearing you speak. What happened?"

Crono grinned. "I found my father."


"I'll explain that later."

Ask him about her!

"Have you heard anything from Lucca?"

Crono lowered his head. "No, not since Lynx."


Crono slapped his forehead. "How rude of me!" Crono put his hand on the young girl's shoulder. "Schala, this is my daughter, Larissa. Larissa, this is Schala, Princess of the Lost Kingdom of Zeal."

Schala curtsied. "Pleasure to meet you, Princess Larissa."

Larissa did the same. "Pleasure to meet you, Princess Schala." She grinned. "Uh, since we're of the same rank, do we really need the titles?"

Schala smiled at the little girl. "No, I guess not."

"Good! I really hate titles."

Schala grinned at Crono. "The Queen has taught her well."

Crono couldn't help but laugh. "She sure has. Come and see Marle, then you can tell us your story and we'll tell you ours."


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