"For Guardia!" Chapter 10

Lift Off

By Master Odin

2015 AD; ZECROES B9-14PS2

A large, golden-colored spacecraft sat in a hanger. It was similar in shape to the Epoch. It was designed, though, more like a spacecraft for passenger transport. The entire ship was encased in adamant-titanium, including the cockpit. Jeremiah and Amy stood before it with five men and a woman standing behind them. Jeremiah was wearing a suit as usual. Amy was wearing light armor under a white sorcerer's robe. In her right hand was a silver staff.

One of the men was tall and slender Caucasian. He had blonde hair parted down the middle and it hung past his ears. He had blue eyes and glasses. He wore blue jeans and a T-shirt.

Another of the men was a Caucasian with a solid build. He, too, had blonde hair, though it was cut short, and blue eyes. He wore blue jeans, button-up shirt, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. It was obvious just looking at their faces that he was related to the first man.

The next man was a solidly built Native-American. He had short black hair and brown eyes. He wore blue jeans and a button-up shirt.

The next man was short, thin African-American. His black hair was pressed and he had brown eyes with glasses. He wore khaki slacks and a black Polo-shirt.

The last man was a very solidly built Caucasian. He had long brown hair that went to the small of his back. His eyes had no color. He was wearing white armor with no helm. The round shield in his left hand was white and had what appeared to be a family crest on it etched in gold. On his left hip hung a crystal sword.

The woman was a slender Asian-American. She had long lack hair and brown eyes. She wore dark red armor that appeared to have been made of scales of some sort. Her curved sword appeared to have been made of bone.

Mario and Rebecca stood off to the side of Jeremiah's group with a giant and a man with mechanical arms.

Mario wore a varsity black varsity jacket with a large white "O" on it and opposite of the "O" was his name. Under this he wore a black leather vest that covered his entire torso. He also wore blue jeans, black boots, and a black baseball cap with a white "O" on it. He wore a gold band on his left ring finger. On his left hip hung a golden sword with a large red jewel where the blade met the hilt and a large blue jewel for the tip of the blade.

Rebecca wore a dark green T-shirt under a pair of tight fitting blue jean overalls and brown boots. She also wore a gold band on her left ring finger. In her right hand was a pair of silver Nunchakus.

The Giant was a Caucasian who stood just over ten feet tall and was the model of physical perfection. He wore black jeans, a black and white checked flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off over a black T-shirt, a black dew rag, black cut-off leather gloves, and mirror sunglasses that completely hid the eyes. On his back hung a warhammer that appeared to have been made entirely of silver. On his hips hung two large laser blasters.

The other man was slightly taller than Mario. The first thing one would notice about this man is that he had mechanical arms. He had long blonde hair that flowed freely past his shoulders, and he wore glasses. He also wore a leather vest like the Mario, but he wore another dark gray cloth vest over that that was open. He wore black jeans and black boots. In his left hand was a silver spear.

"Ya sure dis thang's gonna work?" The Giant asked, looking the ship over.

"Of course, Jerome," Jeremiah answered, patting the hull of the ship. "Right, Sean?"

"What the fuck you talkin' about!" the man with the mechanical arms responded. "We followed the directions, didn't we? We even tested the damn thing."

Jerome Behemoth Pryme crossed is tree-trunk arms over his massive chest. "It betta!"

Sean Isaac Wisenburg patted Jerome on the back. "You worry too damn much, Giant."

Jeremiah just shook his head at Jerome's lack of faith. He turned to the group behind him. "We'll call our armor while we're here. I don't know if we'll be able to do it there." The group nodded. "Zecronean Knights! It's GAME TIME!"

The African-American raised his hands into the air. "I, Walter Jonathan Stogner the Second," his voice was without emotion, but he had a British accent, "Child of Zeus, call upon the Elemental power of ThunderClap!" Lightning struck him and formed into dark gray mechanical armor. He had a white lance on his back and he held a very large energy blaster with both hands. Also on his back was a jetpack.

The Native-American raised his hands to the air. "I, John Phillip WolfClaw," he had a serious voice, "Child of Aeolus, call upon the Elemental power of Whirlwind!" A strong wind picked up in the hanger and gathered around John. It formed into a light gray mechanical armor. On his back was a winged jetpack. In his hands he held a swallow weapon.

The man in a cowboy hat raised his hands. "I, Christopher Ian Hephdon," he sounded very excited, "Child of Poseidon, call upon the Elemental power of Tsunami!" Water gathered around Christopher and formed into dark blue mechanical armor. On top of his helm, attached to it, was a white cowboy hat. On his back were two short swords and hanging on his hips were two laser pistols. Under his feet was a dark blue jet-board with front end shaped like a serpent's head.

The tall blonde man raised his arms. "I, Benjamin Daniel Hephdon," he, too, sounded excited, "Child of Heaphestus, call upon the Elemental power of Inferno!" Fire erupted from beneath Benjamin and formed into dark red mechanical armor. Around his forearms were what appeared to be laser gattling units. There was also a large box of some sort on the back of the armor. Under his feet was a broad jet-board.

"By the power of Odin and Gaia," Jeremiah yelled, "I am the White Dragoon!" His body began to transform. After he was finished transforming, his flesh appeared to have been formed of white metal. He stood close to seven feet tall. His feet came to a point, as did his fingers. A tail of what appeared to be metal plates draped from the top of the back his head to the small of his back. A single-edged sword, about as long as the man was tall and a foot broad and curved to a point, hung from his back. Also on his back was glowing red spear that appeared to be too long for a man of his size to use. The only part of his body that was not white were his eyes, which glowed red.

"All right," the White Dragoon said. "All aboard Sleipnir."

The Zecronean Knights filed into the spacecraft. The Asian-American girl started to take the man with white eyes by the arm.

"Keiko," the man said, his voice overflowing with pride, "I understand your concern, but do not forget that just because I am blind does not mean I am helpless."

"I'm sorry, Cecil. There are some new things in the hanger."

Cecil Grimol Dogonaz tore his arm from her. "Do not treat me like a child. Save that for your husband." He then went into the ship.

Keiko Lin WolfClaw shrugged and followed him in. Mario, Rebecca, Jerome, and Sean followed them in.

After several moments, Sleipnir's engines roared to life. It began to hover a few feet above the ground

"Ladies and gentlemen," the White Dragoon said through the intercom as the others finished taking their seats, "this is your captain speaking. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Trans-Dimensional Airlines for your inter-dimensional travel needs. We'd like to remind you to fasten your seatbelts during all inter-dimensional travel. For our passengers who can withstand extended periods of time in space, please leave all windows closed for the comfort of the other passengers. Right now I'd like to tell you our travel plans. First, we will be using a portal to travel to Earth B9-14PS2. For those of you traveling to Earth R0-9SNES, there will be ten second lay-over at Earth B9-14PS2. Enjoy your flight and­" They heard someone slap him.

The White Dragoon rubbed his face. "What was that for?"

"For being stupid!" Amy responded as she returned to her seat.

Ben laughed at him. "That's what ya git fer bein' a smartass, man."

The White Dragoon turned back to the controls.

A large, glowing white sphere appeared in front of Sleipnir. The ship lurched forward and slowly floated into the sphere.

* * *

2015 AD; EARTH B9-14PS2

Sleipnir appeared over the Earth.

"Okay, we're ready for inter-dimensional travel," the White Dragoon said.

Sean gripped the arms of his chair. "Hold on tight and don't shit your fuckin' pants."

"What are you talkin' about?" Mario asked.

"If this is anything like the time warp, we're in for one hell of a ride!"

"Ya mean ya didn't test dis fuckin' thang?!" Jerome yelled.

Sleipnir flew at the speed of light around the Earth. Even outside the ship, one could here Jerome yell, "HHHOOOOOLYYYYYY SSSSSSSHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITT!!!!!!!!!!" Sleipnir vanished with a flash of light and the sound of thunder.


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