"For Guardia!" Chapter 11

"I Knew I Should Have Taken That Right Turn At T7-N2E7S!"

By Master Odin


It was a small desert planet, close to a quarter of the size of Earth B9-14PS2's moon. The only things of note on the dust ball were the six beings that resided on it. Three of the beings appeared to be very beautiful young terran females dressed in various designs of robes. They stood around a well, peering into it.

The other three beings appeared to be terran females almost on the brink of death. They all wore black, hooded robes. One was sitting at a spinning wheel, combing and spinning a thread of various colors. Another was sitting at a small table and appeared to be measuring and cutting the threads. The third was sitting and operating a massive loom, weaving the threads into a gloriously beautiful tapestry.

There was a loud thunderclap, and Sleipnir appeared in the orbit around this small planet.

"This can't be Crono's world!" the White Dragoon exclaimed as he studied the small desert planet.

Sean entered the cockpit. "What happened?"

"I don't know." Jeremiah punched a few buttons then looked at the monitor. "We had all the coordinates right. We should have appeared over Crono's world."

"Well. All we can do is go back and see if anything was damaged during the warp."

"We'll land on that small planet."

* * *

Amy and Rebecca walked into the engine section of the ship an hour later. They saw the White Dragoon and Sean looking over the schematics for the Trans-dimensional warp drive, both with the most confused looks on their faces.

"Well?" Rebecca asked.

The White Dragoon shook his head. "I don't get it. It's built exactly to the schematics' specifications. We even used titanium for the drive casing like it says, even though it is only one-tenth the strength of adamant-titanium."

"We have no idea what went wrong," Sean said as he scratched his chin.

Amy shrugged. "Well there appears to be a few beings on this world. Maybe they can help."

The White Dragoon shook his head. "I saw them. There are only six of them, all of them women. Three of them a staring into some sort of a well and the other three are weaving something using devices that went out of date hundreds of years ago."

"I sense that this is no ordinary world," Rebecca informed him.

"We don't have time for this!" the White Dragoon yelled.

Amy became angry, then calmed down. She walked over to her husband and put her arms him. "Jeremiah, dear."

"Yes love?"

Amy's smile vanished as she took her arms from around him and pointed to the door. "GET YOUR STUBURN ASS OUT THERE AND ASK FOR HELP!!!!!!"

A silence fell over the ship, waiting for the mighty warrior's response. The White Dragoon lowered his eyes. "Yes dear," he said as he walked out of the engine room.

Mario was chuckling at him as he passed, then looked up and saw his wife standing over him. "You can go with him," she said, pointing at the hatch.

"Yes dear," he said as he got up and followed the White Dragoon out the hatch.

"Ya know what?" Mario said after he and the White Dragoon had gotten some distance from the ship. "I've realized something."

"And what is that?"

"We're pussy-whipped."

The White Dragoon shook his head. "Correction. We are not pussy-whipped, my friend."

"Then what are we?"

"We are married men."

"Your point?"

The White Dragoon lowered his eyes. "We're hen-pecked."

* * *

The White Dragoon and Mario approached the three old women as they did their seemingly endless task.

"Excuse me ladies," the White Dragoon said with a small bow. "I am the White Dragoon. This is my associate Mario Kingston. We were wondering if you could assist us."

"It seems they were right," the one at the spinning wheel said, not looking up from her work.

"They have come," the one measuring the thread said, also without taking her eyes from her work.

"They are friends of the ones who interfered," the one at the loom said.

"I sense his power in both of them, and Gaia's power in the knight."

"I wonder if they plan on interfering."

"They are of no concern to us, sisters."

The two warriors shook their heads as they walked away, discouraged.

"That was different," the White Dragoon said

"Correction. That was spooky," Mario said. "What do we do now?"

"Well. Might as well see the other three ladies."

They approached the three young woman as the latter stood around their well.

"Excuse­" the White Dragoon began.

"They're here," one of the young ladies said. None of them took their eyes away from the well.

"Not this again!" Mario exclaimed, most annoyed.

"Listen to our words, Sons of Odin," another of the ladies said.

"You are on a journey to repay a life debt to your friends from a world not your own." the third said.

"In doing so, you will be interfering with their timeline in ways that you should not."

"We will not stop you from doing this"

"For it would bring great dishonor to Odin's name."

"We have brought you here to warn you"

"Do not be rash"

"But think through your decisions."

"If you do not heed our warning"

"All that you know and love"

"Will cease to exist."

"The way is open to you now"

"So you can leave"

"Sons of Odin."

The two warriors stared at them, mouths gaping open. The White Dragoon was the first to recover from their amazement. "I have two questions."

"You are each granted one question."

Mario and the White Dragoon put their heads together for a few moments. The White Dragoon went first. "What are you taking about?"

"What is done is."

"Leave it the past"

"Where it belongs."

The two warriors looked at each other. Mario then asked his question. "Where are we?"

"You are at the gateway to all realms"

"The Universal Hub."

"You must go now."

"Although this place is not bound by time"

"You are."

The White Dragoon looked at Mario, then back to the young ladies. "Thank you for your help. We'll be on our way."

* * *

After Sleipnir left, one of the young ladies asked, "Why did you not help them?"

"The Children of Chronos are our concern," the old woman at the spinning wheel responded.

"The Children of Buri are yours," the one at the loom said.


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