"For Guardia!" Chapter 12


By Master Odin


"Is there any hope of reclaiming Guardia?" Schala asked after all had told their stories.

"If we could get word to Termina, we might have some hope," Marle told her.

"But why would they help us?" Larissa asked. "We haven't done anything for them."

Crono scratched his chin. "Whether they would help us or not, we have no way to let them know that we're still alive.

Magus crossed his arms and leaned against the wall. "Then all hope for Guardia is lost."

They all looked up as they heard a sound louder than a clap of thunder outside the castle. It shook the castle.

"They've found us!" Magus yelled as he drew his Doom Sickle.

"No!" Marle yelled. "That sounded like, like­"

"The Epoch!" Crono yelled. "Only bigger!"

"It can't be the Epoch," Marle said. "It's been destroyed."

"Maybe you find some way to fix in the future?" Larissa said with a shrug.

"C'mon, Magus," Crono said as he drew his Rainbow. "Let's check it out."

* * *

There was a loud thunderclap, then Sleipnir appeared over Earth R0-9SNES and flew around it once at a great speed. It came to stop over Zenan Bridge.

"This must be the place," The White Dragoon said after they had come to a stop. He punched a few commands into the ship's computer.

Amy came into the cockpit. "Any idea where they are?"

"Not yet. I'm scanning for energy signatures within lifeforms."

"Huh? Why?"

"King Crono and most of his friends can use magic."

Amy sat down in the other chair. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"I'm surprised you don't know, being a summoner and all. Energy is energy, be it magic or technologically induced."

The computer beeped at him. The White Dragoon read the information on the monitor. "Found them!" He read a little further. "That's odd."

"What?" Amy asked as she leaned over to see the monitor.

"There are only five lifeforms in the area. Four with magic and one that appears to be a child."

"Why is that so odd?"

"Crono is a king. He'd at least have some guards with him." He punched in a few more commands and an image appeared on the viewer. They gazed upon the decimated remains of Guardia Castle.

"That would explain it," Amy said as slowly leaned back in her chair, absolute terror written all over her face.

"We're too late." He was equally aghast.

"Well, the least we can do is pick 'em up and give 'em whatever help they need."

The computer beeped at them again as another image appeared on the viewer. It showed a large group of soldiers, close to a hundred strong and wearing blue uniforms with black jackets, heading toward them from the Porre side of the bridge.

"We've got company!" the White Dragoon yelled as he went into the passenger section.

"Le's take 'em out!" Jerome yelled as he drew his blasters.

"No, Jerome!" Mario yelled as he got up and pushed Jerome's blasters down. "We don't need unnecessary bloodshed."

"What are we gonna do then?" Keiko asked.

Mario grinned. "Jerome here is gonna make 'em think that we come in peace."

Jerome looked at Mario. "Huh?"

* * *

Commander Modan stopped the Black Wind about two hundred yards from where the golden-colored flying craft was hovering.

"What is it, Commander?" Lt. Traven asked.

"Some sort of flying machine."

"Look!" one of the Black Wind soldiers cried. "It's landing!"

The flying craft landed just south of the Zenan Bridge. The Black Wind looked on in awe as the hatch opened and a small green creature with a bulbous head and long, thin limbs came out.

"Wee coome iin peeaace," the creature said as it brought his hands up where the soldiers could see them.

Commander Modan fumbled with his gun for a few moments before he was finally able to return it to its holster. "Uh, uh, w-what d-do you, uh, w-want h-h-here?"

"Wee oonllyy wiish too stuudyy yoouurr plaaneet. Leeaave uus iin peeaace aand wee wiill leeaave yoouu iin peeaace."

"Uh, yeah, um, s-sure." Commander Modan turned to the Black Wind. "A-alright m-men. R-ret-turn to b-base!"

The creature watched as the Black wind marched away. After they were nearly out of sight, the creature morphed into Jerome Pryme. He crossed his arms. "Humph! What a gullible breed." He turned and walked into the ship.

* * *

"What is that?" Magus asked as he peered at the golden-colored spacecraft from the other end of the Zenan Bridge.

"I don't know," Crono answered, "but we should be thankful it scared away the Black Wind."

"You can't scare away the Black Wind."

Crono looked at him, then realized what he was talking about. "Not your Black Wind. It's a special platoon of soldiers in the Porre Army."

* * *

"The computer's found two more lifeforms at the other end of the bridge," the White Dragoon told Amy as he typed a command into the computer. The viewer showed a man it his early forties and orange hair and a man with long white hair peering at Sleipnir from behind some bushes.

"It's Crono and Magus!" Amy yelled.

"Let's go meet them!"

* * *

Crono and Magus watched as the spaceship lifted off the ground about twenty feet and start heading in their direction.

"Uh, what now, Your Highness?" Magus asked as he watched the ship.

"I say we run!"

"For once, I agree with you!"

Crono and Magus started running toward Guardia Forest. The ship followed them until they disappeared into the forest.

"Do youthink welost them?" Crono asked between breaths.

Magus watched as the ship landed outside the forest. "I don't think so."

They ran to the castle.

* * *

The White Dragoon slapped his forehead. "Idiot!" he told himself. "You scared them off."

"They must've gone into the castle," Amy suggested. "We can look for them in there."

The White Dragoon sighed. "Alright."

He got up and went into the passenger section. "Summoner. Sacred Warriors. Leave your weapons here and come with me to search the castle for King Crono and the others. The rest of you stay here until further notice."

Amy, Mario, Rebecca, Jerome, and Sean left their weapons and followed the White Dragoon out of the ship.

"Why didn't he take us?" Chris asked.

Cecil cleared his throat. "The king knows Jeremiah and my sister, as well as the Sacred Warriors," he explained calmly. "They should not act hostile to them, as they might to the rest of us."

* * *

Crono and Magus were waiting in the stairwell leading to the treasury as they heard people enter the castle. They could hear someone giving orders.

"The castle appears to be divided into six main areas," one of the persons, obviously the commander, said. "Free-Lancer, take the hall to the far left. Giant, take the dungeon. Psych, take the stairs on the left of the throne room. Brain-Child, take the right stairs in the throne room. Summoner, come with me. There are two stairwells over to the far right here. You'll go up and I'll go down. They're probably scared out of their minds right now, so proceed with caution. We don't need any unnecessary bloodshed around here. Let's go."

"Great!" Crono whispered. "Two of them are heading this way."

"Let's head downstairs. We'll take the commander out, then get the others one-by-one."

* * *

"Let's go!" the White Dragoon said after he gave his orders. Mario went to the far left hallway. Jerome headed toward the dungeon. Rebecca started up the stairs on the left side of the throne room as Sean climbed the stairs on the right side. Amy followed the White Dragoon to the stairs on the far right. They parted company when the reached the stairs.

* * *

Crono and Magus waited patiently for the intruder to come down the stairs. They heard the sound of metal hitting stone as someone came down the stairs. They readied their weapons.

"It appears to be some sort of treasury," the White Dragoon said as he exited the stairwell. "This could be a good place to hide."

"That voice sounds familiar," Crono whispered.

"Quiet fool!" Magus whispered.

The White Dragoon could hear people whispering. "Your Highness!" he yelled. "Is that you? It's Jeremiah Aran from the other world."

"Who?" Magus quietly asked Crono.

Crono sheathed his sword. "That white knight from the other world," he told him plainly. He came from around the corner. "Sir Jeremiah!" he yelled.

"Your Majesty!" the White Dragoon said with a bow then extended his hand.

"You do not know how good it is to see you, my friend," Crono said as he took his hand. "Who are the others that are with you?"

"Amy's here, as well as the Sacred Warriors. We brought the other Zecronean Knights with us as well."

"Music to my ears. Call them here."

"What happened here?"

"We'll tell you as soon as everyone is gathered. We'll go to the dungeon. There's more room there"

A white cell phone appeared in the White Dragoon's hand. He pressed a button on it and put it up to the side of his head. "Scorpion, bring the other Knights to my location."

"Yes sir!" Ben responded from the ship.

"Summoner, gather the Sacred Warriors and bring them to my location."

"Yes sir!" Amy responded.


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