"For Guardia!" Chapter 15

Play Time

By Master Odin

Crono appeared in what appeared to be a wrecked space craft.

"Objective," the computer of the ship said, "get to the portal at the end of the ship. Begin!"

He jumped out of the way as a laser blast exploded where he was a moment ago. Crono shot a bolt of lightning at the source of the blast, destroying the laser blaster in the wall.

"Didn't even give me moment to get my bearings." He then spun around as the alarms on the ship went off.

"INTUDER ALERT!" the computer screamed. "INTRUDER ALERT!"

"Um, maybe I shouldn't have been so rash."

Doors on the sides of the corridor slid open and crude looking robots of various shapes and sizes stepped out of them. They turned and saw Crono. Immediately they started toward him. Crono drew the Rainbow. "Maybe I should have brought Marle."

Crono let out a battle cry and charged the first robot, which he easily dispatched with a swing of his sword. He spun around and destroyed another one in the same fashion.

"This might not be too bad," he said as another robot exploded from one of his lightning bolts.

* * * * *

2015 AD; EARTH B9-14PS2

Marle stood on one of the balconies over looking the back lot of the Aran Estate. She held her arms across her stomach as she watched Larissa playing tag with Jeremy and Samantha. Marle smiled as she heard the children's laughter.

Amy came up behind Marle and stood next to her. "Hi Marle."

Marle sighed. "You know, I've never heard her laugh like that. With us having to remain in hiding, she never got to know what it was like to have friends. Now she can finally be happy."

"Growing up in isolation can be rough on a kid."

Marle sighed. "Yeah."

They turned to watch their kids, but when they did the saw Jeremy fly through the air and land with a loud thud. They looked to where the girls were standing and saw smoke rising from Samantha's outstretched hand. Marle gasped as she covered her mouth with her hands.

"Samantha Leigh Aran!" Amy yelled. "You know better than to blast your brother!"

Marle sighed with relief as she turned a saw Jeremiah get up, apparently unscathed. "Busted," she could hear him say.

Amy finished, "You're just gonna have to wait a couple of years for his powers to become as developed as yours before you can play rough like that!"

Larissa couldn't help but chuckle when she saw Jeremy's jaw drop at his mother's words.

Marle turned to Amy. "That's playing?"

Amy looked at her, almost surprised to hear the question. "Oh, sure. With their developing powers they need to release it once in a while. They know they can only play like that with each other. They won't do anything to Larissa like that."


"Hey, wanna go shopping?"

Marle looked at her curiously. "Shopping?"

"Yeah. Jeremiah and the other brains are working on the Epoch, the other boys are off doin' God-Knows-What. I'll call Keiko and Becky and we'll go on a shopping spree. It'll be fun!"

"Um, sure. What about the kids?"

"Cecil will look after them."

"But he's blind."

"Don't worry about it." Amy looked the queen over. "We're gonna hafta find you some better clothes so you fit in better."

"Why would anyone care?"

"Trust me. People in our world are not quite as accepting to others' differences as they might be in your world. I think you might be able to fit into something I wore before I got pregnant with Jeremy."


2015 AD; ZECROES B9-14PS2

Crono looked around him. He was surrounded by the robots. He looked down the corridor in direction he was heading. The portal was fifty yards away and he was getting to be in bad shape.

"Of course they get smarter on your way through," he told himself. He sheathed his sword as the robots drew nearer. "Looks like I need to pull an old trick out." He crossed his arms over his chest as a yellow-green aura grew around him. He began to float in the air a few inches from the ground. He threw his arms out to his sides as he yelled, "Luminare!" The aura exploded from him and destroyed all the robots within five yards of him.

"Maybe that will give me a little running room," he commented as he drew his sword again. He charged for the portal. He sliced another robot and spun around two others which ran into each other. He then performed the Cyclone attack, spinning around wildly with his sword extended, slicing open some more robots. The portal was now twenty yards away. The path before him was opening up some. He decided to make a mad dash for the portal. He cut open a few more robots before he dove into the portal.


2015 AD; EARTH B9-14PS2

Marle walked trough the mall beside Amy. Keiko and Rebecca were with them. Each of the girls, with the exception of Marle, were carrying several bags. They were heading for the exit.

Finally! Marle thought to herself. These "jeans" have got to be the most uncomfortable thing I've ever worn.

Amy had admitted when she gave them to her that they were a bit tight, but they would have to do.

The four girls got into the limousine as Geoffrey put their bags in the trunk.

"Well, how'd you like your first shopping spree?" Rebecca asked Marle.

Marle shrugged. "It wasn't too bad."

"What was wrong?" Amy asked as she leaned forward.

Marle tugged on her jeans. "These have got to be the most uncomfortable things I've ever worn." She then thought for a moment. "I take that back. They're second to the dresses my dad used to make me wear."

The other girls laughed.

"Well," Amy said, "when we get back to the mansion you can try on a few things that I picked up for you. They might be bit more comfortable."


A portal appeared where Jeremiah, Walter, and Sean were working. Crono flew out of it and landed with a loud thud on the ground.

Jeremiah ran over and helped him up. "Did you have fun?"

Crono rubbed the bruises on his arm. "Sure, loads of."

"Why don't you go back to the mansion and get some rest."


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