"For Guardia!" Chapter 16

Lost Hope

By Master Odin

2015 AD; ZECROES B9-14PS2

Five days later, Jeremiah was sitting in the cockpit of the Epoch making final adjustments.

A portal opened near the repaired time-machine and Crono stepped out of it.

"Hey," Jeremiah said as he jumped out of the cockpit.

"Hi. How are the repairs coming?"

"Just about done. Making the final adjustments now."

Crono nodded. "Good."

Jeremiah thought of something. "What do you plan of doing when you return to your world?"

Crono thought for a few moments. "I guess we should go to Termina and see if we can get the Acacia Dragoons to help us."

"Sounds like a plan." Jeremiah looked at the Epoch, then to the ground. "Um, I'm not sure how much we will be able to help you."


"On our way to your world, we stumbled into the Universal Hub. There we were presented with somewhat of a riddle."

Crono nodded his head. "I see. What was it?"

"'Do not be rash, but think through your decisions. If you do not heed our warning, all that you know and love will be lost.' Then they said, "What is done is done. Leave it in the past, where it belongs.'"

Crono pondered this riddle for a few moments, then responded with, "I'm not sure about that one. If Lucca was here, she might be able to figure it out."

Jeremiah nodded. "Maybe. For now, we will help you form a strategy, but I'm not sure if we will be able to fight."

"Very well."

* * * * *

Crono, Marle, Magus, Schala, Larissa, Jeremiah, and the Sacred Warriors were boarding Sleipnir the next morning.

Crono sat down in the seat next to Jeremiah in the cockpit.

"Here's our flight plan," Jeremiah said. "First we will go to the End of Time of our world. From there we will make the universal jump to the End of Time in your world. After that we will warp to your time and go to Termina."

"Why must we go to the End of Time?" Crono asked.

"Basically the same principle for time travel. It is the point of least resistance."

Crono nodded thoughtfully.

Jeremiah activated the intercom. "Alright boys and girls! Buckle thy safety belts! 'Tis time to rock-eth and roll!"

* * * * *


Sleipnir appeared with a flash and a loud bang before the Guardia Castle ruins. Jeremiah immediately set a course for Termina

* * * * *

The young Dragoon walked over to the florist in Termina.

"Welcome, Glenn," the florist greeted the young man

"Good morning."

"How is the newest member of the Dragoon Devas?"

"I'm well."

"What can I do for you today?"

"I'd like to have a bellflower please."

The florist nodded as turned and took two of the blue flowers from a vase. "Here you go, and here's another one from me. Please, give your father my respects as well."

"I will do that. Good day."

Glenn turned and headed for where his father. As he passed the tavern he noticed a familiar face. "Norris?"

Norris turned and saw the young Dragoon. "Glenn." He was ready to draw his pistol if need be.

"Why are you here?" Glenn asked as he extended his hand to greet him.

Norris relaxed some, realizing that Glenn meant him no harm. He took Glenn's hand. "I was banished from Porre for treason."

Glenn nodded thoughtfully. "For helping us, I suppose."

There was a loud roaring sound from the sky as it grew dark. Glenn and Norris looked around. They saw a large golden flying machine fly overhead.

"What is that?" Glenn asked as he stared in awe.

"I do not know."

"You don't suppose Porre has come up with some sort of flying machine, do you?"

"There is only one way to find out," Norris stated as he drew his pistol and headed in the direction the flying machine went. Glenn drew his Einlanzers and followed.

* * * * *

Jeremiah landed Sleipnir in the field in front of Viper Manor.

"This must be the place," he said.

Crono shrugged. "I don't know. Never been here. Schala should know." He got up and walked to the back. "Schala!" he called out. "We need your help for a moment."

Schala got up and followed him to the cockpit. "What is it?" she asked when she got there.

"Is that Viper Manor?" Jeremiah asked.

That sure is, mate!

Schala nodded. "Yes, it is."

* * * * *

Glenn and Norris arrived where the flying machine was landing. They watched as the vehicle set down. They prepared themselves for an attack as the side hatch opened.

The White Dragoon stepped out first, followed by Crono and Marle.

"Anyone you might know?" Glenn asked Norris.

"No one I know, sir."

Glenn noticed that the three who came out were unarmed. He decided he should lower his swords, though he would keep them drawn. "Who are you and what is your business here?"

Crono cleared his throat. "I am King Crono of Guardia. This is my wife Queen Nadia and my trusted friend Sir Jeremiah. We have come to seek the aid of the Acacia Dragoons."

Norris looked to Glenn. "That is impossible, sir. The royal family of Guardia was killed when Porre conquered their land."

"Is there a way that we can test his identity?"

Norris thought for a moment. "If he is King Crono, then he be able to use lightning spells without the use of elements."

Glenn nodded and turned to Crono. "If you truly are King Crono, then you should be able to cast a lightning spell without the use of elements."

Crono nodded. He pointed to a near by rock and concentrated for a moment. Suddenly a bolt of lightning shot from his finger and blew up the rock.

Glenn and Norris turned to each other. "Well? Glenn asked.

"It must be him. I did not see him use any elements for that blast, sir."

Glenn turned to Crono and the two with him, then knelt before them. Norris did the same "Our apologies for doubting you, Your Highnesses," the Dragoon Deva apologized.

"It is understandable," Crono said as he waved it off and walked off the platform. "We have been missing for some time." He smiled as he saw them kneeling. "Please stand. I am a king without a kingdom."

Glenn and Norris rose. "We will escort you to see General Viper immediately!"

* * * * *

"Who!?" the large, balding man asked Glenn.

"King Crono of Guardia, General Viper."

"I thought they were dead."

"So did I, sir, but the king can control lightning without the use of elements."

"Where are they?

"The king, queen, and a most unusual knight are waiting for you in the main hall."

Glenn followed General Viper out of his office and followed him to the throne/elevator. General Viper sat in throne while Glenn stood to the right of him. The general looked down into the main hall and saw the king and queen of the fallen kingdom of Guardia, as well as the knight in unusual armor. He pressed the button on the arm of the throne, thus lowering the platform down to the floor.

"Welcome, Your Highnesses," the general said as he stood and bowed slightly at the waist. "Forgive me for not greeting you personally."

Crono bowed his head. "Do not worry, General. We were unannounced."

General Viper sat back down in his throne. "How may I be to assistance to you?"

Crono thought for a few moments as to how to word his request. "General, we have a rather bold request. We would like the assistance of the Acacia Dragoons in retaking our homeland of Guardia."

The general did not seem very surprised at the former king's request. He was anticipating it once he heard of their arrival. "This is a matter that I will have to consider. You are welcome to remain here until I make my decision."

Crono bowed his head. "Thank you."

* * * * *

There was a knock on the door of General Viper's office. "Enter," the general commanded.

The door opened and Norris entered. "You requested to see me, General?"

Viper nodded. "How much man-power does the Porre Army have at the capitol."

"To be honest, more than you would be willing to send into a war, sir. Your men would be greatly outnumbered."

Viper rested his chin in his hand and tapped the fingers of his other hand on his desk. "It would be senseless to send an army to Porre for them only to be slaughtered. Yet, I would hate to refuse the request of a king. If they ever do succeed, we could lose valuable allies if we were to need them in the future."

Norris nodded. "I see where you are having a problem."

"What can I do?"

Norris thought for a moment. "May I make a suggestion, sir?"

* * * * *

Crono, Marle, and the White Dragoon the main hall of Viper Manor. General Viper sat in the throne as it made its decent.

Crono bowed his head as the throne settled on the floor. "Have you come to a decision, General?"

Viper nodded. "I have come to a difficult decision. I regret to tell you that I cannot assist you in this venture. We have recently ended a war with Porre and I am not eager to enter another war with them. However, I am willing to give you what supplies you might need."

Marle face expressed complete despair as her eyes began to water and she ran out. Crono and the White Dragoon watched her go out. Crono turned to Viper. "Thank you, General. We will await your supplies at the White Dragoon's ship." With that he turned on his heel and walked out of the hall. The White Dragoon bowed his head and followed Crono out.

Norris turned to Viper. "I am going with them. If they still plan on attacking Porre, they will need a strategic advisor." He then left.

Glenn, as well as two larger men and a small girl gathered around Viper's throne. "Why would you not go to war with them?!" Glenn demanded to know.

"I want to help them," Viper responded, "but we could not withstand another war against Porre." Glenn's anger showed on his face. He turned on his heel and began to walk out. "Where do you think you're going?"

Glenn turned to him. "I'm going to help them."

Viper stood. "You will do no such thing. The Acacia Dragoons will not get involved with this battle."


Viper pressed the button on his throne and it began to elevate. "You are here by commanded to patrol Viper Manor!" When the throne reached the top floor Viper got off and went through the door.

As soon as Viper was gone Glenn turned and started to leave the main hall. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING, GLENN?" the largest of the two men asked. He towered head and shoulders over any man in the land with a mammoth build. He wore yellow shorts, spiked shoulder plates, and an odd shaped helm on his head that hid his face.

"Where do you think, Zoah."

"But, like, the general told you stay here," the little girls said. She had blonde hair done up in curls and blue ribbons. She wore a pink dress and a small buckler on her left arm.

"I know, Marcy, but I can't just let them go like that if I can do something to help."

The other crossed his arms. He wore a white vest and white loose fitting pants, both with green trim. He had long disorderly black hair. "You are just like your brother. We'll help ya."

Glenn smiled. "Thanks, Karsh."

As the four of them walked out, General Viper opened the door and watched them leave. A smile crossed his face as he told himself, "I didn't think Glenn could just let them go without helping, and the Dragoon Devas always stick together."


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