"For Guardia!" Chapter 17

Something Is Missing....

By Master Odin


The large chamber had but one dim source of light: a purple, black, and green flame that, as far as any mortal knew, has been ablaze since the dawn of time. The dark flame's source burned deep within the planet. The top licks of the flame made their presence in the chamber through a round hole in the floor that was ten feet in diameter in the center of the floor.

Though the light from the flame was dim, it did manage to reach three of the four walls of the chamber. The chamber was built of bricks. One wall was home to a pair of large doors. The chamber lacked any sort of decoration. The light that headed for the wall opposite of the doors stopped twelve feet from it.

The doors opened of there own accord. A being, whose body was made entirely of black metal, entered the chamber through them. The being's eyes glowed red. He walked around the dark flame and knelt at the edge of the darkness. "You summoned me, my master."

"I have, Black Dragoon, my most loyal servant," a thunderous voice from the darkness said. "Rise."

The Black Dragoon stood. Even with his supernatural enhancements, his eyes could not pierce the darkness that surrounded the source of the voice. "What do you wish of me, sire?"

"Where hast thine father gone to? I can sense Odin's concern for him"

The Black Dragoon shook his head. "I do not know, sire. I have not felt the White Dragoon's power for two days now. It is as though he has simply vanished from the face of the universe."

There was silence for a moment until the voice spoke. "I want for the to go forth and find him. Mayhaps the Fates hath smiled upon us and taken him from this mortal coil."

Again the Black Dragoon shook his head. "That is not possible, sire. I would have felt it if he was dead. I will search for him immediately."

"Make it so."

The Black Dragoon made to turn, but a beam of white light erupted from the floor, engulfing him. When the beam ended, the Black Dragoon was gone.

"Where has he gone?" the voice asked. "Hmmm. Mayhaps his father's theory is true...."

* * * * *


Crono and the White Dragoon found Marle sitting on the ground next to Sleipnir weeping with Amy and Schala attempting to comfort her.

When the two of them approached, the White Dragoon hung his head in shame. "My apologies. With our arrival we brought with us a false sense of hope for you. If only I had let Amy talk me into visiting you sooner, then you would still reign over Guardia...."

Amy turned to him. "Honey...."

"No, Amy!" the White Dragoon erupted, throwing his arms in the air. He started pacing as he ranted. "So many times you tried to tell me that we should go and check on them, but I always had to be stubborn, worrying too much about my damn honor than the well being of my friends!"

The White Dragoon turned to the nearest boulder, drew back his fist and hit it. The boulder barely cracked. He stood back up and looked at his hands. "W-what happened?!"

Crono looked at him. "What do you mean?"

"Th-that's impossible!" He staggered backwards. "I, I am the most powerful Earth elemental on earth. That, that rock should be nothing more than a pile of dust right now." He jumped back and aimed his hand the boulder. His hand began to glow with energy. A blast of bright energy erupted from his hand and struck the boulder. The result was "Nothing," the white knight noted in a frightened tone. He turned to Crono. "Why is the Earth power here so weak?"

Crono shook his head. "I don't know. I never heard of the power of Earth until we had gone to your world. The Magus might know."

The White Dragoon started for the ship, but found himself frozen in place. A black beam of energy erupted from beneath him and engulfed him. When the beam disappeared, the White Dragoon was gone.

Amy ran to where Jeremiah once was. "Where, where is he?!"

* * * * *


Two pillars of light, one white and the other black, erupted from the surface of the small planet within the Universal Hub. When they had disappeared the White Dragoon and the Black Dragoon stood in their places.

When the Dragoon Brothers saw each other they drew their swords and began to circle each other.

"Wait!" a female voice called out to the two warriors. The Dragoon Brothers turned to see the three young women watching them.

"Why are we here?" The Black Dragoon demanded.

"It appears that Jeremiah Aran's theory is correct."

The Black Dragoon's red eyes grew thin. "What are you fools talking about?"

"Settle down, Kain," the White Dragoon said. "I think that there is more to them than there appears." He turned to the women. "Then I was right?"

"Yes. Being one soul torn between two bodies..."

"...Neither of you can exist in a realm for long without the other."

"You were drawn here because..."

"...This is the place of least resistance..."

"...Between realms."

One of the women raised her hand in front of her and a green Gate opened behind the two warriors. "You may return to assist your friends, Warrior of Light."

Another raised her hand in the same manner toward the Black Dragoon. A clear bubble formed around him.

"What is the meaning of this!?" he yelled as he pounded on the bubble's walls.

The woman looked to the White Dragoon. "We will detain the Dark One here until your return to your own world."

"Mayhaps if he remains here you will be free to take care of what business you must." The third woman said. "You must go now."

The Gate began to draw the White Dragoon into itself. "Wait!" he yelled as he struggled against the pull of the Gate. "There's something I need to...." He was finally pulled into the Gate.

* * * * *


A green Gate opened near Sleipnir. "...need to ask you!" the White Dragoon finished as he fell out of the Gate. He landed face down on the ground with a thud. He stood up as the Gate closed. "Dammit!" he said as he brushed himself off. He looked around. "Everyone must be in the ship," he noted aloud. He headed into the ship.

"End game," he said out of habit as his form changed back to that of Jeremiah. He entered the ship and turned into the passenger section of the ship.

Amy turned to the entrance when she heard her husband enter. "You're back!" She got up and ran over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him as they met. "What happened?"

"The link between Kain and myself drew the both of us to the Universal Hub. My theory was right. We can't exist without the other, even in different realms."

WhiteBlade stood. "What is to prevent your dark half from making his way to this world and wreaking havoc here?"

"Those women that we saw in the Hub are detaining him for now." Jeremiah started to face Magus, but it was then that he noticed that Norris and the Dragoon Devas had joined them. "Why are they here? I thought General Viper said he wouldn't help."

Norris stood. "Good sir, I am not under the general's command. As for the Devas, they have gone AWOL to help the cause of his highness."

"Oh no you don't!" Jeremiah said as he approached the Devas. "I will not allow­"

Crono interrupted him, "It is no use. I have already attempted to talk them out of it. They have every intention of assisting us."


Glenn shook his head. "We were trained to protect the people and to right injustice. If you still plan on retaking Guardia, we will help you."

A grin crossed Jeremiah's face as he stood up straight and crossed his arms. "Alright, then." He turned to the Magus. "What do you know about the elemental Earth power on this planet?"

The Magus put his hand to his chin as he leaned against the wall. "It's almost non-existent. There is not enough to draw any magic from without help."

"Apparently there is enough to keep me alive. What elemental powers are strong enough to draw from without help?"

"Lightning, Fire, Water, and Shadow."

Jeremiah leaned against the wall as he thought. After several moments he said, "I have a plan, or at least a group of ideas. Glenn, can you secure a boat large enough to transport everyone here?"

"I believe so, but why would you need one if you already have this ship?"

"Because Chris will be needing it." Jeremiah took a small gold coin out of his pocket and flipped it to Serpent. "Chris, I need you to go Yeolde in our universe and talk to your future father-in-law. Give him that coin and tell him that I need Orange and Green Somony Orbs. Then go to Zecroes and get Cecil's White Somony Orb. Hopefully they will be able to make up for the elemental powers that are lacking in this world. Sean, you should probably go with him to operate the ship."

Jeremiah turned to Glenn and the Devas. "Glenn, I want you and the Devas to find us a place of operations. Once you have found one, take the others there."

"And where do you plan on being during all of this?" Amy asked with an angered tone.

"His highness showed me the island where the Ashtear Orphanage once was on our way here. I plan on taking the Epoch to go there and see if there is anything interesting that I can find." He turned to Crono. "Well, what do you think?"

Crono nodded. "Your plan seems good."

"You haven't given a lot of input on any of this."

"They are not my troops. They are yours. We will follow your lead."

Jeremiah sighed. "And no pressure, I'm sure."


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