"For Guardia!" Chapter 18

In Search Of...

By Master Odin

Jeremiah landed the Epoch next to the ruins of the Ashtear residence. He jumped out and landed gracelessly on his butt. "Dammit!" he cursed as he stood and brushed himself off. "The lack of Earth power is even draining my agility." He took a look at the ruins. "By Odin's beard! What kind of monster could have done this to an orphanage?"

Jeremiah took a step forward, but as soon as he put his weight on his right leg he collapsed onto his right side. "Dammit! Not this too!" He rolled himself onto his hands and knees. "Now my injury from twenty years ago is back." He reached up and used the hull of the Epoch to pull himself up. "I'm becoming the common mortal that I was before I died." He reached into the cockpit and pulled out a cane with a silver orb at one end. "Glad Amy talked me into taking this."

He set the small end of the cane on the ground and used it to walk to the building's remains. "Why does that injury from nine years ago have to come back now?" he grumbled to himself as he reached the remains. He tried to open the door, but he ended it up knocking it down as soon as he touched it. He shrugged and walked in. He surveyed the inerts of the house, now turned to charcoal, barely able to hold itself up. I probably shouldn't be walking around in here, he thought to himself. I would if I still have enough power to levitate. He stood straight up, holding the cane in front of him and still using it to support himself. He closed his eyes and began to focus his energies. Without realizing it, his form reverted back to that of the White Dragoon. Two bullet-shaped tubes, about five inches in diameter each, formed from his back, side-by-side with the domes facing his head and running the length of his back. A small amount of white energy came out of the bottom of the tubes and the White Dragoon began to levitate a few inches above the floor.

The White Dragoon opened his eyes and saw that he was levitating. He then looked down at himself and saw that he had transformed. "Well, it looks like I don't have enough energy to maintain my human form, but at least I can levitate." He then looks to you, the reader. "Pretty convenient, huh?" He arched an eyebrow. "What do you mean 'What am I doing?' Those of us from the NightFire War Series have known about the Author and readers for some time now. We just don't say anything about you guys around the CT gang because we don't know if they're aware of you." He shrugged. "Well, gotta get back to work. I think it's time for the next scene."

* * * * *

2015 AD; YEOLDE B9-14PS2

Sleipnir exited a portal near a planet much like earth and began its course to the planet's surface.
"What the hell was that all about?" Sean asked from inside the cockpit.
Serpent shrugged. "Jeremiah just loves to talk to the audience. It makes him feel special or somethin'."

Sean rolled his eyes. "That pompous ass! Like his damn ego needs to be any bigger."

Serpent shrugged again. "Oh well, what's done is done. We'd best get back to the story before the reader loses interest and leaves."

"Alright. Prepare for landing near Cylgoi's home."

"Heh," Serpent said as he opened a panel on his left forearm. "Now that we're back in or universe I can take this armor off." He pressed button that was under the panel. "Reset Game." With a bright flash of light Chris was back in his normal clothes.

"Why the hell did you bother doing that?" Sean asked.

"I figured my fiancé would rather see me in the flesh-"

"You mean in the buff," Sean said with a sadistic grin, a wink and an elbow nudge.

Chris thought for a moment. "I might as well take care of that while we're here. We should have plenty of time."

It was Sean's turn to shrug. "I'm sure your commander won't mind if we return three minutes later than anticipated."

"Right- HEY!!!"

An evil grin crossed Sean's face. "Your twin brother was right. You are too damn easy."

* * * * *


Schala and WhiteBlade exited the south end of a valley and continued their journey south.

Cecil seemed to be looking up at the sky as they trekked. "My brother-in-law can be such an idiot at times."

Oi, mate! Kid said. What the bloody 'ell is that bloke talking 'bout?

"Pardon me, Sir Knight?" Schala asked of WhiteBlade.

WhiteBlade redirected his attention to Schala. "Wha-? Oh, nothing important."

Is it just me, or do these blokes from the other world seem a might' strange?

"What are we going to this Arni Village for?" WhiteBlade asked as they approached a small village with thatched huts.

"I have a promise to keep," came her response.

* * * * *

The White Dragoon hovered in one of the upstairs bedrooms as he was reading a book. "I wonder if they remember that I can hear them from off scene?" He turned the page in the book. "Oddly enough, for a civilization as un-advanced as this, Lucca's journals, the ones that survived anyway, do make for excellent reading material. Some of her theories are simply amazing."

He closed the book and placed it on the floor with the others he had read. He turned to peruse the other books that were on the shelves. He took a thick book off of one of the shelves. He opened the book and read the first couple of pages. "This looks interesting." He concentrated his energy for a moment, then used it to boost is supernatural speed. He began reading it at twenty pages per second. A minute later he closed the book. "Not exactly what I was looking for, but this could be even better." He hovered to the stairs. "It says that she stored it in the cellar."

* * * * *

A young man of nineteen stood on beach staring out at the waves. He stood five feet and seven inches tall and had an ordinary build. His ragged blue hair, which hung past his ears, was cover with a red bandana. He had big blue eyes. He wore a light blue vest with brown leather shoulders over a black T-shirt. He also wore loose fitting blue shorts and loose brown leather gloves.

As the boy continued to stare at the waves he heard as sweet feminine voice call out, "Serge...."

"Who's there?" the boy asked as he turned around. No one was there.

"Serge...." the voice called again.

The boy began looking around frantically, wondering who was calling his name. He turned again to the sea, and what he saw filled him with fear.

Day turned to night. Walking on the water toward him was a creature that appeared to be half man and half panther. It stood six feet and four inches tall and had a very muscular build. It wore tight black robes with cold trim. Its cape flowed from its shoulders past its buttocks and was black on one side and gold on the other. On its head was a black cap that was curved in the front a triangular in the back.

The creature stepped onto the shore and approached Serge. "Serge," the creature said in a growl.
Serge started to back away. "L-L-Lynx!"

The creature grabbed Serge by his vest with both hands. "What do you want most from this world, Serge? Why was it that, although Schala meant to erase everyone's memory, that yours remained intact? She promised to search for you. Where is she?"


Lynx growled. "You've scorned Leena's love for you because of this! Why do you waste your energy on this fruitless love?"

There was a bright flash above them. They both looked up at the statuette that had appeared. It was a crystal orb supported by what appeared to be frozen blue licks of flame. Serge was once again filled with fear.

Lynx grinned as he returned his attention to Serge. "Tell me, Serge. What is it that you want most from this world?"

Serge awoke on the beach. He quickly stood and examined himself. "It was only a dream."

* * * * *


"Do you have another?" the White Dragoon asked Gaspar.

"I do, but why-"

"I owe some friends a favor. Also, a friend's got a promise to keep, and I need to help her keep it."

"It must be important, or else it won't work.," Gaspar informed him as he handed the Dragon Knight a small object.

"I understand." The White Dragoon looked back to the Epoch. "I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it up there while I'm so weak."

"Go into that room back there and see what Spekkio can do for you." The White Dragoon nodded and started for the room behind Gaspar lamppost. "Hey!"

The White Dragoon stopped and turned to him. "What?"

"I almost forgot." Gaspar held out a scroll. "This appeared here shortly before you arrived. How it got here, I do not know, but it is addressed to you."

The White Dragoon took the scroll from him. "It's a Decree from Odin. How on earth did he get it here?" He unrolled it and began to read:

Most favored among my children:
Stop speaking to the audience.
Odin, the All-Father

"That guy can be so anal-retentive about the Fourth Wall," the White Dragoon grumbled.

* * * * *

2015 AD; YEOLDE B9-14PS2

Sleipnir landed in front of a small fortress on the planet's surface. The side hatch opened and Chris and Sean walked out.

Chris whistled as they approached the fortress. "It still amazes me how little this world has changed since we were here over two thousand years ago."

"It's amazing," Sean mused. "This planet's technology has advanced enough to encompass interplanetary travel, yet its people cling closely to the old styles of battle and civilization."
"Maybe when me an' Lorivette get hitched I'll mo- OOF!" Chris was tackled by a sender woman with pale blue skin and shoulder length pink hair.

Sean snickered. "Looks like you should've kept that damn armor on, dip-shit."

The woman got up and glared at Sean. "Lay off my man! Speaking of which," she turned to glare to Chris, "where the hell have you been?!"

"L-L-Lorivette!" Chris stuttered as he gracelessly got up. "W-we've been in the other universe helping our friends."

Lorivette lan Cylgoi rested her hands on her hips. "And why didn't you tell me?"

"Well, do you really expect me to call and ask you every time if I can go and save the universe?"
Lorivette sighed as she let her arms drop. "No, I guess not."

Chris grinned. "C'mere baby," he told her and he gently grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to him. They embraced and kissed each other.

Sean decided to turn away from the tender moment, but when did he saw a man wearing a full suit of black plate armor standing at the fortress' entrance. He stood seven feet tall and five feet wide at the shoulders. The helm had a bull's horn on each side, and the helm completely covered his head, with only a thin slit for the eyes to see through. A long sword forged of black-tinted steel hung on his back. He stood there with his arms crossed.

Sean started to back away. "Uh, Chris...."

Chris managed to pull away from his lip-lock with his fiancé to see the object of Sean's concern. "K-K-Cylgoi!"

Cylgoi's stance remained adamant. "Greetings, Child of Poseidon." His voice seemed otherworldly.
Lorivette turned her and Chris so that they both could face the apparently menacing man. "Daddy, behave." She looked at Chris. "Come inside. I want to 'talk' to you."

Chris smiled at the thought and Lorivette started to lead him inside, until he stopped her, saying, "Oh, jes' a sec, little darlin'." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the gold coin. He flipped it to Sean. "Why don't you take care of our business."

Sean caught the coin. "Oh, just leave me deal with the damn Dark Knight who has enough fuckin' power to level entire villages while you go and have your damn fun."

Chris grinned. "We'll make stop by earth before we head back to the other universe to make it up to ya."

Sean shrugged. "My dad's pretty damn weird. You can spend some damn time with him to fuckin' make up for it."

"Shouldn't we be getting back to the important part of the story-line?" Cylgoi asked.

"Uh, right," Chris answered. "Let's go babe." He and Lorivette went inside.

Sean sighed. He turned to Cylgoi. "Don't you ever show your face?"

"You should know that the only one allowed to see a Dark Knight's face is his wife, not even the audience. Now, why is it that you have come here?"

Sean showed Cylgoi the coin. "The White Dragoon told us to give you this in return for the Orange and Green Somony Orbs."

Cylgoi took the coin. "If all the Grand Master Sacred White Dragon Knight needed was the Orbs, then why did he give you the gold coin?"

"I dun-" Sean started.

A "Yee-haaawww!" from inside the fortress interrupted him. Both Sean and Cylgoi turned in the direction of the yell.

Cylgoi turned back to Sean. "Go get your friend so that we can go. If I go I'll kill him."

* * * * *

2322 AD; R0-9SNES

A guard stopped the White Dragoon from entering a laboratory compound. "What's your business here?"

The White Dragoon had not anticipated being questioned upon his arrival at the compound. He was accustomed to being welcomed, either as Jeremiah or the White Dragoon, as an honored guest in any non-enemy territory. The fact that he was in another universe had slipped his mind. Fortunately, he arrived at a quick explanation. "I am a new type of android, code named White Dragoon. My creator sent me here for an analysis to be performed by Robo."

The guard looked at him curiously. "One moment." He went back inside his booth and called someone. After a few moments he hung up and came back out. "It'll be out shortly. Wait here."

"Thank you."

After several moments a stout, golden-colored android came out of the compound. Its right arm was humanoid, whereas its left had a long cylinder in place of the hand. Its legs appeared to be too short for its body. It had small green orbs for eyes over its vocal emitter.

"Ah, the White Dragoon prototype is here," it said in a robotic voice. "Come this way. We have much work to do."

The White Dragoon joined the android and they entered the compound. "You're Robo?" the White Dragoon asked.


"Weren't you bigger when you came to my world?"
They rounded a corner. "Affirmative. That was another body. To be honest I cared very little for it. Thus I had my programming returned to this body."

"I see," the White Dragoon said with a nod.

"What brings you to see me?" Robo asked.

"I need a guide."

* * * * *

"No offense, Princess," WhiteBlade said as he and Schala exited a small cape and headed to the nearby beach, "but this is not the best time to be doing this. I am certain there are better things we can be doing. I am certain that Captain Fargo and his pirates do not wish to be waiting for us back at Arni."

"Trust me on this, Sir Cecil."

The path they were on brought them to small beach. Schala saw Serge sitting near the water holding his knees to his chest, deep in thought. "Serge!" she called out.

Serge, torn from his thoughts, quickly stood and spun around to them, grabbing the swallow weapon that laid next to him in the process. Cecil instinctively drew and readied his sword as well. "Who goes there?" was Serge's inquiry

Schala slowly moved toward Serge. "Serge, I know that you might not remem-"

"Schala!" Serge interrupted. He dropped the swallow, ran to her and embraced her. Schala was shocked, but passionately returned the embrace. Cecil sheathed his sword.

Serge and Schala release each other. "But, how do you remember?" she asked him.

"I-I don't know," Serge responded. "When I woke up here on the beach I remembered everything. Leena was here and I asked her about it, but she didn't know what I was talking about. Maybe the Mastermune protected me from it."

"Princess, I hate to interrupt this scientific debate," Cecil interrupted, "but Captain Fargo is waiting for us, as I am sure the others are at Hermit's Hideaway."

* * * * *


The Black Dragoon watched the three young women from inside his bubble prison. "Can't I at least get some food around here?"

"Do not be silly, Fallen Son of Odin," one of the young women said.

"We know that you do not need solid sustenance."

"Only the power of Earth."

The Black Dragoon crossed his arms. "Damn women!" He looked down at the ground, only to notice white energy building up beneath him. He grinned at looked up at the women. "Foolish Norns. Not even the Well of Fate can control the connection between Jeremiah and I." The energy shot up in a flash of light. "Later, suckers!" When the energy had disappated, the Black Dragoon was gone.


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